San Francisco Giants Copy Brian Wilson’s Capacious Beard (Photos)

Giants closer Brian Wilson may be sidelined for this World Series, but his teammates have made his facial hair a dugout fad.

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Inspired by injured Giants pitcher Brian Wilson, San Francisco players and fans are making the World Series a very hairy experience for the Detroit Tigers.

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Brian Wilson

In 2010, San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Brian Wilson became the spiritual leader of the World Series–winning team with his intimidating facial hair. Sporting a dyed-black beard worthy of ZZ Top, Wilson (and his woolly chin) soon became a media sensation: ESPN made an hilarious SportsCenter commercial about it, a Twitter feed named @BeardofBrian has more than 16,000 followers, and a “Fear the beard” battle cry was born. This season, Wilson is on the disabled list, but the power of his beard has not been forgotten. Several teammates and fans are sporting solidarity beards (and fake beards) to remind the Detroit Tigers that chin music comes in many forms.

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Sergio Romo

With Brian Wilson on the DL for most of the 2012 season, Sergio Romo became the Giants’ bullpen ace. And he came prepared—with a beard. While not quite as glorious as Wilson’s, Romo’s facial hair already has a cult following: @RomosBeard has nearly 5,000 followers on Twitter.

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Angel Pagán

Not all San Francisco players go for the giant Giant beard. Center fielder Angel Pagán’s is neatly trimmed, but he’s been letting his bat do the talking: Pagan has two home runs in the 2012 postseason.

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Hunter Pence

Normally cleanshaven, Giants right fielder Hunter Pence has opted for a much scruffier look in the postseason. But even Pence acknowledged that his facial is really nothing to fear. “My beard is not movie quality,” he tweeted modestly in 2010.

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Brian Sabean

It’s not only Giants players who can let their facial hair down. General manager Brian Sabean has long had a neat gray goatee. But when asked recently about grooming tips for his hairy team, Sabean said wisely, “I’m not going to get into other people’s beards.”

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Baby Beards

Since 2010, Giants fans have been spreading the fear with opposing teams by wearing Brian Wilson-worthy facial hair to games. Some grow it naturally while others are a few years away from having the real thing. But that hasn’t stopped them from trying.

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Santiago Casilla

Although teammate Santiago Casilla is a fan of Brian Wilson’s fearsome beard—“He hasn’t cut it in three years,” Casilla recently revealed—he opts for the cleanshaven look. But in 2011 the relief pitcher sported a fake beard worthy of Wilson’s during a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. It was scary. But not in a good way.