Senate Intel Committee Dem Wants Public Sessions Hearing

A Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee is calling for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ testimony before the panel on Tuesday to be public. “I urge that the committee hold a hearing with the attorney general in the open so that the American people can hear from themselves what he has to say with regard to connections to the Russians and the president’s abuse of power,” Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon wrote in a letter to the committee’s Republican chairman, Richard Burr, and Democratic vice chairman, Mark Warner. Last week, former FBI Director James Comey hinted in his testimony that Sessions may have had a third undisclosed meeting with Russia’s U.S. ambassador. The attorney general recused himself from matters relating to the federal Russian meddling probe after it was reported that he had two undisclosed meetings with the ambassador. Sessions is also under scrutiny from Democrats over allegations that he did not do enough to shield the FBI from political interference when President Donald Trump, according to Comey, asked him to lay off of the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.