Sex Stats

An hour of sex burns 346 calories—the equivalent of a morning jog, weight-lifting session, or even four hours of writing. See which other activities offer the same caloric benefit as a roll in the hay.


1 hour of sex = 36 minutes of jogging

Running at an easy pace for 36 minutes will burn the same number of calories as that hour-long session between the sheets; a full hour of jogging uses up 572 calories.

*All equations based on a 180-pound person, according to the calorie counter on

Lifting Weights

1 hour of sex = 1 hour, 14 minutes of lifting weights

For one hour and 14 extra minutes, you can burn the same number of calories lifting weights (and not vigorously) as you can having sex for an hour.

Yoga, Skiing, or Football

1 hour of sex = 28 minutes of skiing, yoga, or football

To get the burn time under half an hour, try Vinyasa yoga, downhill skiing, or a game of touch football. Each would knock out 346 calories in just 28 minutes.

Packing a Suitcase

1 hour of sex = 2 hours of packing a suitcase

If it takes you two hours to fill a suitcase, then perhaps you’re overpacking, but it would burn the same number of calories as just one hour of sex. Good to know, come vacation time.


1 hour of sex = 4 hours of writing

Though mental energy may not be so quantifiable, you actually do use up some physical fuel while writing, about 87 calories per hour. So instead of spending a little over four hours hunched over at a desk, you could have had one hour of sex.


1 hour of sex = 1 hour, 53 minutes of ironing

Remember this the next time you take an armful of shirts to the dry cleaner for pressing: In one hour and 53 minutes, you will have burned off the same number of calories as an hour of sex.

Brushing Your Teeth

1 hour of sex = 1 hour, 41 minutes

Brush-a, brush-a, brush-a for an hour and 41 minutes will shave off 346 calories.

Carrying a Baby

1 hour of sex = 1 hour, 9 minutes of carrying a baby

An hour of sex might result in the thing that could help you burn even more: a baby. Walking around with an infant in your arms for an hour and nine minutes will burn 346 calories.


1 hour of sex = 47 minutes of dancing

Just 47 minutes of vertical dancing—modern, jazz, ballet, or hip-hop (alas, not ballroom)—will squelch as many calories as would an hour of the horizontal mambo.

Tennis (Singles)

1 hour of sex = 42 minutes of singles tennis

Forty-two minutes of love-love is equal to one hour of…love.

Climbing Stairs

1 hour of sex = 31 minutes of climbing stairs

Climbing stairs for 31 minutes burns 346 calories.

Rock Climbing

1 hour of sex = 23 minutes of rock climbing

Twenty-three minutes of rock climbing takes care of 346 calories.


1 hour of sex = 21 minutes of boxing

At 21 minutes for 346 calories burned, boxing is the most effective way to burn the same calories you would after an hour in bed.