Stars and their Flings: What Were They Thinking?

With Ashton Kutcher and David Beckham under fire, on the heels of Tiger, Jesse James, and Britney, what on earth possesses celebrities to stray with paramours who don't measure up to their spouses? VIEW OUR GALLERY.

AP Photo; Lisa Rose /

AP Photo; Lisa Rose /

Ashton Kutcher & Brittney Jones

They met in Los Angeles at Lucky Strike Lanes back in July. Kutcher was on a date with his wife, Demi Moore. Jones was there. By the end of the night, according to Star, she'd slipped him her phone number on a paper napkin. Moore actually saw it and tweeted a nasty message about girls with loose morals, but if the tabloid is to be believed, the About Last Night star failed to note the loose morals of her husband. Jones is certainly easy on the eyes, but would anyone think, even at 21, that she stacks up to Demi Moore?

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Jesse James & Michelle McGee

If you're a woman a celebrity has cheated on his wife with, there's perhaps no quicker way to capitalize on the situation than to sell your story to a tabloid. The unfortunate part is that this single act more or less establishes you as someone "beneath" the person's wife. Witness Michelle McGee, the swastika-wearing, hilariously tattooed former mistress of Jesse James, ex-husband of Sandra Bullock. A future rehab contestant on Dr. Drew or some such reality show? Perhaps. Future Oscar winner? We think not.

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Jude Law & Daisy Wright

Most celebrity males don't have to look far for willing partners, but Jude Law may be one of the laziest. The actor got his walking papers from then-fiancée Sienna Miller—the two have since reconciled—after the "other woman," Daisy Wright, sold her story to the London tabloids. She'd been the nanny to Law's children and even expressed surprise that she lost her job shortly after rumors surfaced that she and the Alfie star were sleeping together. "What is so hurtful is that, sex aside, I thought that Jude and I had a friendship," Wright told The Daily Mail. "But once the rumors began that we'd been having an affair, he dropped me like a hot potato and terminated my employment with him. I feel very betrayed."

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Tiger Woods & Rachel Uchitel

No star better exemplifies the idea of cheating beneath than Tiger Woods. There he was, married to a Swedish goddess, beautiful and smart and the mother of his children. Yet there he was, lusting after every surgically enhanced woman he came across. Janice Min nailed the irony of the Woods mistresses in an article for The Daily Beast, writing: "Maybe it was the long, overprocessed brown hair, strangely arched eyebrows, hard and tough faces, and orange-hued skin. There was something that made them look like Real Housewives of New Jersey castoffs whose surgical requests to look like Angelina Jolie went horribly wrong." Rachel Uchitel is pretty much the classiest of the bunch—at least the ones we know about. But she's no Elin.

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Bill Clinton & Gennifer Flowers/Paula Jones

Nothing says classy quite like posing nude for Penthouse. That's what Paula Jones did after her sexual-harassment case against Bill Clinton went up in smoke. In the end, she tried to paint herself as a victim of an indifferent world, saying. "I haven't had any help from anybody whatsoever." Of course, she's in good company as an object of the former president's affections. Clinton's former mistress Gennifer Flowers also bared all for Penthouse, and in 2008 put the answering machine tapes of her conversations with Clinton up for auction. Neither of these women, of course, has anything on our secretary of state.

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David Beckham & Irma Nici

So what if you're an internationally famous soccer player who stars in Armani underwear campaigns and is the object of millions of women's affections? So what if your wife is a former member of one of the biggest girl groups of the last 20 years, a fairly successful clothing designer, mother of your three boys, and has a waistline smaller than a Band-Aid? That seemed to be the attitude of David Beckham when he turned to escort Irma Nici—at least according to her and the story she gave to In Touch last week. ( Beckham denies the allegation and is suing, though claims of his infidelity are nothing new.)

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Britney Spears & Wade Robson

Of course, men aren't the only ones who cheat beneath them. Just look at Britney Spears. In 2006, she reportedly two-timed her then-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, stepping out with none other than Wade Robson, the man who served as both their choreographers. Robson has denied the claims, but a slew of songs from Timberlake are all said to address the alleged pair. "You don't have to say what you did / I already know, I found out from him / Now there's just no chance, for you and me, there'll never be / And don't it make you sad about it."

Josh Duhamel & Nicole Forrester

In October, stripper Nicole Forrester claimed she met Duhamel in Atlanta, while he was shooting a movie. As she tells it, he came into the all-nude Tattletales Lounge, where she performs under the stage name "Delilah," and the pair went back to his hotel for a night of play. Duhamel, who's married to Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, denied the allegations up and down, but Forrester reportedly passed a polygraph. She also provided the tabloids with Duhamel's phone number, which he'd apparently given her. Like many semi-famous other-women, she too sold her story to the tabloids. The Enquirer acknowledged she was compensated for the story.