Steve Bannon Developing an Alt-Right Catholic Compound Near Rome

Former Trump White House strategist Steve Bannon is collaborating with conservative Catholic organization Dignitatis Humanae Institute to develop an alt-right compound in the foothills around Rome. Bannon, who was in Rome last weekend meeting with Benjamin Harnwell, director of the Dignitatis Humanae, confirmed to The Daily Beast that the purpose was to focus on “Christendom” across Europe and invite leaders with similar priorities to attend seminars and events. The Daily Beast first reported the plans last June, when Harnwell’s group took over the 800-year-old Trisulti monastery where the compound will be based. Conservative U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke is also involved in the endeavor. “Trisulti will be the home of a number of projects that underscore the fact that man is made in the image and likeness of God, and that recognition of the imago Dei is the cornerstone of the Judeo-Christian foundations of Western Civilization,” Harnwell is quoted as saying on the group’s website.

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