Superhero Newark Mayor Cory Booker: Meme of the Week (PHOTOS)

After running into a burning building to save a woman’s life, the super mayor gets the meme treatment.

After running into a burning building to save a woman from certain death, Newark’s super mayor gets the meme treatment. From an imagined inclusion in ‘The Avengers’ to a pairing with Ryan Gosling, see the best.

1. Cory Booker, Soother of Nightmares

Twitter was overjoyed Friday at the heroism of Mayor Cory Booker, who the night before dashed into a neighbor’s burning house to rescue a woman. So site did what only Twitter does best—joke about it. Inspired Twitter users rallied around the hashtag #CoryBookerStories to share mythical tales of Cory Booker’s faux-roics—like how he’s really a secret member of Seal Team 6, or that he’s responsible for the return of Arrested Development. Or, as this screenshot shows, did you know Cory Booker soothes Chuck Norris’s nightmares so the action star can drift back to sleep? It’s true. Because Twitter said.

2. Cory Booker Vs. Ryan Gosling

The actor Ryan Gosling, whose popularity on the Internet is a phenomenon in itself, was most recently heralded for saving a hapless British journalist from a speeding New York City cab. But Cory Booker’s not to be outdone. While Gosling’s a hero on the streets of New York City, Booker’s back in Newark, where he saved a woman from a burning building. This image compares the superhuman power of the two men, suggesting they’re two heroes in a pod.

3. Cory Booker, <em>Missing Avenger</em>

Can you guess who was missing from The Avengers? Yup, Cory Booker. A Photoshopped movie poster fixes that little oversight, as there he is, Newark’s own super-mayor, peeking out from behind his fellow caped crusaders.

4. Don’t Call 911, Call Cory!

You want to call 911, person in need of emergency services? Not if you’ll follow the advice of this submission to the world of Cory Booker memes! “Call 911?” the text superimposed over the image—called an image macro, in Internet-speak—ponders. “Nah, call Cory, Super mayor!”

5. Steel-Jawed Cory Booker Vs. Vin Diesel

This graphic shared by a Twitter user pits the steel-jawed Mayor Cory Booker next to his Hollywood look-alike, action star Vin Diesel. While Vin’s busy saving Private Ryan in World War II, Booker’s saving innocent women from fire. Who’s your movie star now, America?!

6. ‘Newark,’ a Cory Booker Production

Opening soon on Broadway, if this spoof of a Broadway advertisement is to believed, is ‘Newark,’ a new musical about an American hero, written by Cory Booker, directed by Cory Booker, and, yes, starring Mayor Cory Booker. Luckily, this fake advertisement wasn’t designed by Cory Booker, too, or we might’ve been fooled.

7. Cory Booker, Super-Mayor!

The body is Superman. The head? Mayor Cory Booker! A Twitter user edited in super-mayor Cory Booker’s head over a cartoon of Superman to convey the message that Newark’s mayor is indeed a man of steel.

8. Booker, a Hero Every Day

Oh, you think running into buildings to save neighbors is unusual for Mayor Cory Booker? Nope. It’s just another day in the life, says this image created with an internet picture generator.

9. Let’s Move…This Snow

Human snow machine Cory Booker says, “Let’s Move...this snow,” in this photo generated by a quickmeme user. The reference is to Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” health initiative, juxtaposed with the Newark mayor’s ambitious snow shoveling effort for elderly citizens during last year’s blizzard.

10. Cory Booker, Stealing Chris Christie’s Thunder

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is shocked...shocked...that Cory Booker would run into a building to save a woman’s life. Of course that’s what he would do. In this photograph selected by a Twitter user, the look on the governor’s face conveys his complex emotions about the very ambitious mayor of his state’s biggest city.

11. Booker Gets Texts From Hillary

This is what it’s like when memes collide! The infamous “Texts From Hillary” photograph is tweaked to reveal the true recipient of her messages: Mayor Cory Booker. The “Hillary” meme used a photograph—now very viral—by the award-winning photographer Diana Walker to express the sheer awesomeness of the secretary of State. Combined with the meme of the moment in Cory Booker, this image is one for the Internet’s history books—er, pages.