Syrian Military Connected to More Than 300 Chemical Attacks, Report Claims

The Syrian military and its allies have carried out more than 300 attacks involving chemical weapons throughout the country’s eight-year war, according to a report detailed by the Washington Post. Berlin-based Global Public Policy Institute’s report, released Sunday, provides the most extensive record of possible chemical weapon use during the conflict in Syria, which some say may be “winding down,” per The Post. The report claims to have uncovered 336 “credibly substantiated” deployments of chemical weapons, including chlorine bombs and nerve agents.  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s military, as well as some affiliates backed by Russia, are behind 98 percent of these attacks. ISIS carried out the remainder, the report claims. If a war Assad faced an international war crimes case, data in this report could be used against him. “The Assad regime did not merely ‘get away’ with its use of these banned weapons,” the report stated. “It succeeded in using them for strategic ends.”