TomKat Divorce

Tabloid Covers That Predicted Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes Split (PHOTOS)

Ten tabloid cover stories that got it right about the end of the Cruise/Holmes marriage.

Tabloids are known for their wildly inaccurate claims, and over the years Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have been the unfortunate subject of many. But now, after five years of speculating about troubles in the couple’s marriage, it looks like some publications got it right. As the divorce papers are processed, here’s a look back at the cover stories that foreshadowed the demise of the couple we once knew as TomKat.

Poor Katie Trapped in Tom’s Prison! (2006)

Before they were even married, Tom Cruise was already being painted as an evil fiancé intent on keeping Katie Holmes locked away, delaying their wedding plans, and destroying her career. A Star magazine cover story laments that Holmes is miserable being controlled by her soon-to-be husband, and speculates about how unhappy she is. The article even claims their Beverly Hills mansion “may seem more like a prison with armed guards, razor-wire fencing and menacing searchlights!”

Scientology Bootcamp for Katie (2008)

Even during TomKat’s courtship, rumors swirled that Cruise was forcing Holmes to practice Scientology—and they continued during the marriage. A 2008 Star article claims that Katie was being shipped off to a Scientology boot camp where she had to undergo lie-detector tests. The magazine even says Cruise is forcing Holmes to turn down acting jobs in order to “go in for a series of intensive auditing sessions, some which have lasted for 36 hours straight—with little sleep or food.”

It’s Over! (2008)

Separation rumors begin in full force in 2008, with magazines like In Touch declaring that the marriage is over because Holmes is “fed up with being the perfect wife.” Apparently, Holmes blames her declining career on her hubby and dreams of starring in a Broadway play to prove herself. It may have been fiction then, but four years later In Touch’s divorce prophecy finally came true.

Suri’s Lonely Life (2008)

Almost immediately after her birth, Suri Cruise became as popular tabloid fodder as her parents. Star reports that little Suri is begging for a sibling, has “200 dolls but no friends,” and spends her days alone with nannies and maids. Holmes, apparently, is willing to get the 2-year-old a dog or cat for companionship, but Cruise is firmly against it because, according to a source, “he doesn’t want pet hair on their nice furniture, or a dog or a cat jumping up on Suri’s nice designer dresses.” Reasonable, right?

At War With Tom (2009)

This 2009 In Touch article combines all the rumors the magazine had generated over the years into one massive war between Holmes and Cruise. Apparently, the couple is fighting over every gossiped-about issue, not limited to Scientology, how to raise Suri, Holmes’s parents’ disapproval, Cruise’s controlling ways, and his pressure on Holmes to have another child. One particularly descriptive line highlights the father’s and son-in-law’s interaction: “Tom’s face falls when he sees Martin. Martin scowls at Tom. He can’t even crack a polite smile.”

Baby #2 Against Her Will (2010)

While Suri apparently is pleading for a baby brother or sister, Holmes isn’t game, according to Star magazine. Pointing out a “baby bump” that was more likely the result of a windy day and a maxi dress, the tabloid declares that Holmes is expecting her second child in 2010. The article claims that Holmes is being forced to have a second baby by Cruise as part of a “marriage deal,” and not only that, but was being subjected to “prenatal Scientology sessions” and “agonizing detox.”

Katie’s Tortured Life (2010)

In 2010 another Star magazine article claims to have an exclusive tell-all interview with Cruise and Holmes’s ex-assistant. The “source” reports that Cruise had Scientologist spies watching Holmes’s every move and monitoring her “smoking, her eating habits and her flirting with co-stars.” The two are allegedly also clashing over how to raise Suri, who “basically runs the house.” In case there were any doubts, Holmes’s rep calls the article “false and ridiculous.”

Broken Home (2010)

By 2010 the rumors that Cruise and Holmes are living separate lives grace just about every tabloid cover. In Touch claims that the couple is fighting because Holmes is “fed up” with Suri being raised as a Scientologist and is planning to move out. Sounds about right, just two years too soon.

FBI Probe Tearing Tom & Katie Apart (2011)

In 2011 a Star article claims that an FBI investigation into Scientology, of all things, is putting TomKat under even more stress. “With her head in her hands, staring glumly out at the crowded restaurant, Katie Holmes looked like she had a lot on her mind during a Feb. 7 dinner with hubby Tom Cruise,” Star reports. “While he played and chatted with daughter Suri, Katie was left alone with her thoughts—and it didn’t appear that they were happy ones. Indeed, sources say that a blockbuster new Scientology exposé has sent Katie reeling and driven a wedge between her and Tom.”

Tom and This Woman (2012)

Cheating rumors have never been the most popular TomKat gossip, but just last May, The National Enquirer proclaims that Cruise has been “found” in bed with another woman. Turns out the “raunchy photos that will tear Cruise’s marriage apart!” were pulled from a recent photo shoot with W magazine. No matter—the tabloid continues with a quote from a “close source,” saying, “Katie will be devastated by the erotic and explicit nature of the pictures. It’s certain to spark a shocking blowup between them!” The article prompts one celebrity website to ask: “Is this the most ridunculous story ever by the Enquirer?”