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Straight-A Anorexics

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A new report claims that the perfectionistic, highly competitive environment of the UK’s top academies are making students prone to teen eating disorders.

Browsing the news stand, the headline in The Times caught my eye: “The silent epidemic hitting top girls’ schools.” I bought the paper and settled down in my favorite Sunday café to read more. The report claimed that eating disorders are sweeping through the UK’s elite educational establishments, affecting thousands of the brightest students. According to leading psychologists, girls from aspirational, middle-class families are the ‘fastest-growing’ group using mental health services as they struggle to cope with the pressure to achieve top grades.

Power Meals: Bring On the Fat!

mark watson (kalimistuk)

Pile on the avocado, blend in those chia seeds and slice up some sardines—these dishes promise a dose of satisfaction all day long.

I live a very active lifestyle as a father, entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, and EMT so my meals must pack a punch. For me, a diet that’s high in fats (the good kinds!) works really well. In addition, I eat between 11a.m. and 7p.m. every day, which lets me take advantage of intermittent fasting, allowing my body and digestive system to get a rest or a reset. Here are four staple meals that keep me performing at optimal levels at all times.

Behold: History's Dumbest Diet


A self-proclaimed ‘Barbie’ believes you don’t need food or water to live. Brains either, it would seem.

The Ukrainians sure have had a rough February. First their eye-poppingly corrupt president, Viktor Yanukovych, goes missing, then armed soldiers appear in the Crimea airport, then their president reappears in Russia acting like nothing happened, and then "Barbie" automaton Valeria Lukyanova, a Ukrainian lass (actually she was born in Moldava but never mind), announces that she was a breatharian. That’s right. Barbie believes you can live without food and water—and exist on air alone.

Modern Family

The Baby with Three Parents

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Forget the slippery slopes and fears of designer babies—we shouldn’t freak out over three-person IVF because it’s going to save lives.

Along with the Food and Drug Administration’s two-day meeting this week to discuss “three-person IVF” came the usual freak-outs about slippery slopes, designer babies, and other science-fiction fantasies (or nightmares) coming to life—magnified  by the strange thought of three people creating a healthy baby instead of the good ol’ two.“What we’re talking about is radical experimentation on future children.  A decision of such profound magnitude should not be made behind the mostly closed doors of this agency,” Marcy Darnovsky, executive director of the Center for Genetics and Society told the panel.

Can You Afford a $1,000 Pill?

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The price tag of the breakthrough Hepatitis C treatment raises questions about the proper costs of life-saving pharmaceuticals.

By Julie Appleby, Kaiser Health News There’s a new drug regimen that’s being touted as a potential cure for a dangerous liver virus that causes hepatitis C. But the regimen costs $84,000—or $1,000 per pill. And that price tag is prompting outrage from some consumers and a scramble by insurers to figure out which patients should get the drug—and who pays for it.Called Sovaldi, the drug is made by California-based Gilead Sciences Inc. and is the latest in handful of new treatments for hepatitis C, a chronic infection that afflicts at least 3 million Americans and is a leading cause of liver failure.

Is Breast Milk Really Best?

Alexander Raths/Shutterstock

Despite conventional wisdom that breastfeeding is the best way to nourish a healthy baby, a new study suggests modern moms have been oversold on its benefits.

When your hungry baby latches to your lactating breast, are you simply nursing your child or making a political statement? If you eschew the boob—either because you are physically incapable of breast feeding, don’t produce enough milk, or merely prefer the convenience of lab-formulated baby sustenance—you are, willingly or not, staking out a position in the battle of the breast.As a colleague recently noted about the home birth wars, both hospital and home birth advocates are impervious to evidence that undermines their position, making it more difficult for moms-to-be to make an informed decision.

Cavity Search

Your Dentist Is Watching You Brush


Oral B scrubbed its way into dentists' hearts this week with a new toothbrush that gives them a front row seat to your clean routine. Here are the hottest new technologies at Barcelona’s Mobile Congress 2014.

A low-battery iPhone got you down? Good news, there’s tons of smarter technology just around the corner. From Google to Samsung, the cool kids of the tech world descended on Barcelona for the holy grail of mobile technology events this week: Mobile Congress 2014. From a NSA-resistant smartphone that self-destructs to a toothbrush that lets your dentist spy on you, here are the hip new gadgets coming soon to an Amazon near you—preferably by drone.


Uber Rigged Surge Pricing

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Passenger heard incriminating text sent to driver.

Popular car-service company Uber is under fire after it confirmed it sent a text sent to a driver on Valentine’s Day that read: "UberX is very close to SURGE. It's Valentine's Day! People will be out all night and we didn't activate new drivers to make earnings even higher this weekend." Uber’s surge pricing during periods of higher car demand has been a major source of frustration for customers, but the company always defended the policy by claiming it's determined by a market-based algorithm. Uber claims the text message wasn't trying to manipulate surge prices, but rather intended to increase earnings for drivers. "Best-case scenario it’s fleecing customers to enrich drivers, worst-case scenario it’s fleecing customers to enrich the broker [Uber]," said Andrew Lane, who discovered the text. "That is a slap in the face to customers.” 

Read it at The Verge


Babies Are Having a Skinny Moment


Obesity in children age 2-5 has dropped 43 percent in the last decade, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control. Way to raise the bar, kids.

Finally, good news on the obesity epidemic: Though their parents and older siblings are just as overweight as ever, toddlers around the country are slimming down, and considerably.Obesity in children ages 2-5 has declined 43 percent in the last decade, according to Centers for Disease Control data released today in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Nearly 14 percent of the nation’s young ones were considered obese in 2004 compared to a little over 8 percent in 2012.

Paralyzing Fear

Relax, There’s No Polio Epidemic


News that five California kids developed polio-like paralysis sent shivers down the spine of parents in America. It’s not an epidemic, but if no one finds a vaccine, it could be.

The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) chilled the hearts of parents across California and beyond with their announcement. Sunday that five children there had developed polio-like paralysis over the last year. The AAN press release is derived from a presentation researchers are to give at the annual meeting this May. Among the five, an illness that began like every other infection—fever, some respiratory symptoms, standard-issue kid stuff, i.


The Birth of the Baby Selfie


An absurd new app employs sounds and pictures to con babies into snapping their own headshots. Competitive parents: ready, set, selfie.

Worried that there aren’t enough dribble shots of your friends’ newborns incessantly leaking out of every social media orifice? Well fear not, because new software enabling babies, yes, actual human babies, to take snaps of themselves has just been unleashed into the app-mosphere. Indeed, if you thought that belfies (butt selfies), pelfies (pet selfies) and felfies (farm selfies) were the depths of cell phone snapping depravity, a new contender has emerged in the form of Baby Selfie.


Tech Start-Ups Get Their Sexy On

Julia Wheeler/Getty

From a sex-toy delivery service to an app that finds you someone to hook up with, a growing number of tech start ups are fighting for a piece of the sex-app pie.

By Cadie Thompson | Technology Reporter, CNBC.comProducts and services related to sex are a huge business, and a growing number of start-ups are looking to get a piece of the action.(Read more: Is the porn industry overcoming its bitcoin shyness?)Whether its Bang with Friends, an app that pairs you with someone to "hook up" with, or Unboundbox, a subscription service that delivers sex toys and paraphernalia to customers every month, start-ups are leveraging technology to sell sex.


Doc to Dads: You’re Doing It Wrong


At least some of you, and at least when you come into the doctor’s office, clueless about your kid’s health.

Dads: you’re doing it wrong. At least some of you, and at least when you come into the doctor’s office.Let me back up and explain. I’m a pediatrician. Which means I start almost every visit by talking to people. For all the advances of medical technology and treatment, it’s hard to know which test to order or consultation to arrange if you don’t know which question you’re trying to answer. Increasingly detailed scans and penetrating lab tests are wonderful tools, but all good care starts with information gathered by speaking with people and examining them directly.

new normal

Ukraine Techie Maps New Kiev

© Vasily Fedosenko / Reuters

A 33-year-old social entrepreneur launched a kid’s app about forgiveness just days before the bloodiest day of clashes in Kiev. Why his message could help shape the new Ukraine.

“We’re not fighters—our app is about forgiveness.”Mikhail Stepanskiy, a 33-year-old techie born and raised in Kiev, is still shell-shocked. An app developer, fried egg-lover, and Breaking Bad-enthusiast, he tears up two minutes into our conversation over Skype. “We are a very peaceful nation. I haven’t thought something like this could happen in Ukraine.”We’re talking at 8 p.m. on Thursday (eastern European time), in the middle of a tumultuous and bloody week in the country’s capital when police opened fire on protesters agitating against the government of President Viktor Yanukovych.

F is for Chemo Fashion

Madhulika Sikka/Facebook

In her new book “The Breast Cancer Alphabet,” Madhulika Sikka dissects the pros and cons of post-chemotherapy headscarves, turbans and big shiny earrings.

You have been diagnosed with a terrible disease that for previous generations was almost always a death sentence, so it may seem a little frivolous to devote a whole section to fashion, most especially fashion accessories. But frankly, not enough attention is paid to fashion accessories at the best of times, and this is a moment when they come in useful (see “L Is for Looks”).If you undergo chemotherapy, you will soon come to terms with the fact that you are bald (see “H Is for Hair”).

Better. Faster. Stronger.


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