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Leaky Gut

Is Ibuprofen Making Us Sick?

Shelley Dennis/Getty

Popping an ibuprofen after a workout or for a headache seems safe enough, right? Recent research shows the OTC drug could be contributing to leaky gut syndrome and celiac disease.

Anyone who suffers from gluten sensitivity, intolerance, or celiac disease knows how troublesome the problem is. Unlike some immediately life-threatening allergies, such as peanut or seafood, gluten allergies don’t send their sufferers into anaphylactic shock. Rather, those who suffer from gluten sensitivities and celiac disease have a myriad of potential problems to deal with, including gastro-intestinal problems, hives, pain, arthritis, and even cloudy thinking and depression.

Hold Up

Not So Fast on the ‘Female Penis’

Hand Out/Current Biology,Yoshizawa

Scientists discovered a cave-dwelling insect whose females have a penis and males have a vagina—or so the headlines say. But the ‘female penis’ isn’t really that at all.

When is a penis not a penis? When it belongs to a female insect, say scientists investigating the animal kingdom’s first documented instance of an evolutionary genital swap. The Brazilian cave-dwelling male, Neotrogla, has been found to possess a vagina and vice versa, making this an historic case of sex organ switcheroo. Where the discovery is truly unique is that the species’ females take on both the traditionally male role in copulation—using an “elaborate, penis-like structure.


Hollywood’s Worst Medical Errors


From doctors doing surgery without masks on to Wolverine’s true love dying via diuretic, TV and film are full of medical errors.

Oh, “Scandal,” you frothy mess of a show. Between your increasingly despicable characters and your ludicrous, often contradictory plotlines, I don’t know why I watch you. (That is not technically true. I watch you because my husband makes me.) That finale had me rolling my eyes so hard I think I pulled a muscle.[SPOILER ALERT: I will not only be discussing the big reveal of the “Scandal” season finale, I will also be giving away plot points of an old episode of “Sherlock” and a particularly silly “X-Men” movie, as well as grousing about “ER.


Another U.S. Mumps Outbreak


This week, New Jersey joined New York and Ohio as the third U.S. location to have a mumps outbreak this year—and it probably won’t be the last. Is it time for mandatory vaccines?

Ready for more mumps? The U.S. has had at least three outbreaks thus far in 2014, including ongoing problems in Ohio, where more than 200 cases have been identified, New York City with many cases as well, and New Jersey, with eight cases diagnosed just this week. All three of these outbreaks share the basics: college students who were vaccinated appropriately as kids but nevertheless come down with aches, fever, and sufficiently swollen salivary glands.

Far Out

The Search for Another Earth


On Thursday, researchers announced the discovery of Kepler-186f, an Earth-like exoplanet orbiting in a “habitable zone.” Could this bring us closer to discovering life in the cosmos?

Not so terribly long ago, the only planets we knew about for certain orbited our Sun. Within the last 20 years, though, astronomers have identified more than a thousand exoplanets: worlds orbiting other stars. And when you consider that all of those are within our galactic neighborhood, it’s pretty clear our galaxy alone is host to billions of planets.The news of an exoplanet discovery is hardly earthshaking anymore, which is disappointing in a way.

Wrap It Up

Trojan’s ‘STD Month’ Scheme

April is STI Awareness month—a month that Trojan has swooped in and taken ownership of. Using these four weeks to promote condom use is a good thing, right? Not exactly.

America sure does love its national commemorative months (PDF), especially health-related ones. Take April, for example. Right now we are celebrating, or at least acknowledging, Youth Sports Safety Month, National Poetry Month, Confederate History Month (Southern states only), and Sexually Transmitted Infection Awareness Month.Happy Sexually Transmitted Infections Awareness Month, dear! Though Hallmark has not yet signed in with a series of cards and e-grams, other commercial enterprises surely have.


‘Parent Martyr’ Must Die


Did you see that “world’s toughest job” video that went viral? Yeah, it’s a bunch of bull.

You’ve probably seen this viral ad posted on one of your friends’ Facebook feeds. Maybe you even shared it on yours. It announces itself as a hoax wherein the perpetrators have convinced some poor saps that they are participating in a job interview via Skype; but it doesn’t reveal exactly what else the pranksters are up to besides advertising a fake opening.The actor playing the interviewer lays out the responsibilities of the “job,” called “Director of Operations,” to the would-be applicants, and it becomes evident that he is describing the worst working environment this side of The Jungle.


When Mothers Kill


The case of Megan Huntsman, a Utah mother who killed six of her babies and hid the bodies in a garage, isn’t the first of its kind. What happens in a mother’s brain to make her do such a thing?

The mug shots have gone viral: wide-eyed, scared-looking Megan Huntsman, 39. The speculation is rife: how could this 39-year-old from Pleasant Grove, Utah, have allegedly killed six of her babies soon after their birth without anyone noticing she was even pregnant?But the bigger question is what emotional drivers pushed her to do such a thing, one she has reportedly admitted.So far, the details in Huntsman’s case, which emerged this weekend, remain murky.

Baby Blues

Antidepressant-Autism Link

Emiliano Rodriguez/Shutterstock

New research shows SSRI use during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, may elevate the risk of autism spectrum disorders. But mothers-to-be shouldn’t panic just yet.

It’s standard for doctors to tell pregnant women that to take care of their unborn children, they must take proper care of themselves. However, new evidence showing an association between selective serotonin inhibitors (SSRI) use during pregnancy and having a child with autism may complicate that seemingly straightforward advice for women who suffer from depression.Published this week in Pediatrics, the study examined whether prenatal exposure to SSRI medicines—which are commonly used to treat depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders—increased an infant's chance of having autism spectrum disorders.


Dude, Weed Won’t Rot Your Brain

The Daily Beast

Can casual marijuana use damage the brains of young adults? A new study says yes—but its participants suggest otherwise.

All across the Internet, headlines are screaming Buzzkill and Marijuana Makes Young Brains Go to Pot. But a new study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, does not in any way prove that casual marijuana use is bad for your brain.In order to understand why, all you need to do is actually read the research—and be able to think a bit critically. You don’t need to know anything particular about fMRI or any other scary acronyms and you don’t need to know your amygdala from your Shatner’s Bassoon.


A Prenup for Digital Privacy


Celebrities and power couples are asking for digital protection in their pre- and post-nup marriage agreements, but having something to hide isn’t necessarily the reason.

The breakup, makeup, and alleged breakup again of figure skater Johnny Weir and his husband, Victor Voronov, has captivated media and skating fans alike. The flamboyance Weir has long brought to his performances on the ice colored this story as well, from accusations of high-fashion theft to a brewing custody battle for the couple’s dog, Tema. Then there are the more serious mutual allegations of domestic violence. But the contents of a post-nuptial agreement reported to be a last-ditch effort to save the union proved to be even more eyebrow-raising than many of the allegations Weir and Voronov hurled back and forth at each other in the media and in court.


Just Plane Weird


From accidental plane porno to “prank” terrorism—this week’s slate of airline-related incidents suggests air travel has hit a new altitude of bizarre.

According to the latest news in aviation, the world of air travel has gone a little wonky. US Airways inadvertently tweeted an—ahem—racy photo involving a lady and a toy plane. A traveler attempted to jump from their flight midair while another spat on fellow passengers in a fit of rage. A wave of “joke” bomb threats on Twitter indicates some teens feel prank terrorism is the new cool thing to do.We’ve all been there; a delayed flight can be more frustrating than a fee for a bag of airline peanuts.


The Rise of the Stealth Drone

U.S. Navy/Getty

Forget the Predators, the iconic unmanned aircraft of the last war. The next generation of robot planes will be deadly, and very, very difficult to find.

The Predator drone has become the symbol for America’s unmanned war, zooming over the heads of low-tech foes like the Taliban. But the battles to come are likely to be against more sophisticated, better-equipped foes—especially with a newly-aggressive Russia on the march. And in those conflicts, the Predator would be all-but-useless. The drone is too easy for an advanced military to spot and shoot down.That’s why the Pentagon—and about every country capable of building combat airplanes—is working on advanced, speedy, stealthy, next-gen drones.


When TB Was a Death Sentence

Spencer Platt/Getty

Dr. Robert Koch’s celebrated discovery of the tuberculosis bacterium was the first step in taming a ferocious killer. An excerpt from Thomas Goetz’s ‘The Remedy,’ about the quest for a cure.

On a brisk spring evening in March 1882, Robert Koch walked into the library at the University of Berlin, and prepared to change the course of medicine for all time.There were about 100 men gathered in the room, the greatest scientists in Germany. Koch barely acknowledged them as he began his demonstration. He showed his test tubes and cultures. He explained how he had tested and retested his work. There was no grandstanding, no theater. There was only evidence and explanation—and finally, a declaration.


Eyerolling at ‘American Blogger’

First-time filmmaker Chris Wiegand recently debuted the trailer of his documentary ‘American Blogger,” and was met with ridicule. (Rightly so.)

Most objects of Internet derision only remain interesting for a day or two, tops. The outrage and mockery come fast and furious, and then we move on to the next opportunity for cathartic Schadenfreude, satisfied that the perpetrators have been duly chastened. But a blog post announcing the impending arrival of a movie about blogging, called American Blogger, has inspired a week of steady disdain in the blogosphere and on social media, including countless posts, multiple hashtags, parody Twitter accounts, and spoof videos.

Better. Faster. Stronger.


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