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Cloak: The New Anti-Social Media

Fox Searchlight/Courtesy Everett Collection

The turf war for social media top dog has never been more ferocious, with new apps encouraging us to update the world on our lives’ minutiae being launched daily. But, mercifully, there’s a new creation willing us to embrace our anti-social sides: Cloak, the app that tells you where your friends are so that you can avoid them at all costs.Cloak works by pulling in geo-data from people’s Instagram and Foursquare accounts, pinning users down to whichever street they’re posting from (and thereby enabling you to dodge them completely).

Going Viral

Ebola's Back: Here are the Facts


The rampant deaths in Guinea have Westerners on high alert about Ebola, but Dr. Kent Sepkowtiz says contracting it in the U.S. is unlikely as the uncontrollable outbreak stems from the absent health care systems in resource-strapped foreign countries.

Ebola virus is back. In the last few weeks, reports from Guinea, a small country in West Africa (formerly French Guinea and not to be confused with either nearby Guinea-Bissau or New Guinea, the large island north of Australia) have identified at least 80 cases of Ebola resulting in 59 deaths. This is the first large outbreak since 2012 when the virus killed several persons in Uganda and the first natural outbreak of the disease in West Africa.

Now You See It…

The Best Stealth Fighter


The U.S. military likes to think it makes the world’s most sophisticated combat aircraft. Think again.

In 2005, Lockheed Martin labeled the F-35, the stealthy new jet they were building for the Pentagon, as a “fifth-generation” fighter. Ironically, it was a term that they had borrowed from Russia to describe a different stealthy fighter, the F-22. But the term caught on. Some of Lockheed’s rivals tumbled into this rhetorical trap and tried to argue that “fourth-generation” was just as capable—whether it is true or not, making such a case is an uphill struggle.

Something’s Fishy

Seafood’s Dirty Secret

Fiona Ayerst/Oceana

A new report by Oceana exposes nine U.S. fisheries that throw away half of what they catch, and kill dolphins, sea turtles, whales, and more in the process.

These fisheries are even fishier than they smell.A new study released this week called Wasted Catch: Unsolved Bycatch Problems in U.S. Fisheries reveals the nine dirtiest fisheries in the United States. It’s a dirty bunch indeed, the waste between them accounting for nearly half a billion wasted seafood meals in the U.S. alone.Culled by Oceana, the largest international organization for ocean conservation, the fisheries are ranked based on bycatch—the amount of unwanted creatures caught while commercial fishing.

Get Your Zzzzs

6 Sleep Myths to Put to Bed

Jessica Peterson

By Diana Kelly for Life by DailyBurn The real reason you can’t fall asleep might not be as simple as you think. If you’ve ever said, “I need to catch up on sleep,” or cranked up the radio while driving to offset fatigue, you’ve been letting some of these myths creep into your life. Quit believing in these six misconceptions and instead take our experts’ advice on how to kick that tired feeling to the curb—for good.1. “If I miss sleep during the week, I can make up for it on the weekend.

Bedside Manner

How to Tell Someone They're Dying


Many doctors receive no formal training in how to deliver bad news to patients, though it’s a critical part of the profession.

I never dress up for Halloween in my office. As a pediatrician, you’d think it would be the holiday I most looked forward to, with its potential for goofy fun. But other than an easily-removed item like a funny hat or silly pin, I don’t wear a costume. The reason I don’t is summed up in a little pearl of wisdom someone told me during medical school, after I had settled on pediatrics as a specialty: “You never want to tell someone their child has cancer when you’re wearing clown make-up.


How the FDA Blew Birth Control

Mark Wilson/Getty

Contraceptives like Plan B don’t prevent fertilized eggs from implanting in a woman’s body. But their labels still say they do—and they’ve become a tool for conservative activists.

On March 25, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in cases brought by for-profit companies that object to covering certain kinds of FDA-approved birth control for their employees, as mandated by the Affordable Care Act. Both corporations—Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties—say the contraception demand conflicts with their sincerely held religious beliefs. Namely, they believe life is sacred, that life begins when an egg is fertilized, and that some contraceptive pills and devices could endanger that life.

Pow Pow

Video Games Make You (More) Racist

Wikimedia Commons

Gamers are used to defending their hobby against claims of violence. Now they have something else to contend with: racism.

Academics are quick to debunk the conservative idea—repeatedly offered in the wake of school shootings—that Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty can turn someone into a mass murderer. Not only are video games unlikely to drive you to kill, new research shows that they might even be good for you. Several studies in 2012 found gamers to be more creative and better at decision-making. Last year, the American Psychological Association released a massive review of existing research showing that video games (even the violent shooter ones) “boost[ed] children’s learning, health and social skills.

Home Screen

Reddit Founder’s 7 Fave Apps

The Daily Beast

In the third iteration of a new feature called Home Screen, Reddit co-founder, bestselling author, and “mayor of the Internet” Alexis Ohanian shares his iPhone’s home screen.

1.     Mailbox: I probably use Mailbox more than any other app (still not inbox zero—one day!).2.     GoogleVoice: [I use] GoogleVoice for SMS because I love having texts show up in my inbox and loathe unexpected phone calls.3.     Couple: It’s been saving my relationship while I’m on the road for my five-month Without Their Permission book tour.4.     Frontback: It’s my guilty pleasure. Finally an app that combines the selfie with a POV shot that almost makes the former socially acceptable.

Our Bodies, Ourselves

Your Birth Control In Their Hands


Christian-owned businesses face huge fines for refusing to include certain types of contraception in their health plans. And they won’t go down without a fight.

The Affordable Care Act, which the Supreme Court partially upheld in 2012 when it issued one of the most important decisions in decades, has spawned more litigation—topped by two consolidated cases that could become the justices’ biggest ruling on religious liberty in years.The oral arguments regarding the law’s contraception coverage mandate, slated for March 25, will be a rematch between two lawyers who squared off in the first health law challenge—Obama administration Solicitor General Donald B.

Cough, Cough

Got Mumps? Thank Anti-Vaxxers


Thanks in part to anti-vaxxers, preventable diseases like measles and mumps are back in the news for killing people—and this is only the beginning.

During my studies for the pediatric board exams, I learned a lot about diseases I never expected to encounter. Some were incredibly rare. Others were isolated to corners of the globe where I never intended to practice. And some had been so well-controlled by vaccines that it no longer seemed like I would ever actually see a case during my career.Perhaps it is naive, but I still hope that expectation holds true. I hope I never actually see a case of tetanus.


Your Phone or Your Wife

Justin Guariglia/Getty

A new study suggests ignoring someone to check a digital device may actually damage your relationship. When did technology start trumping respect?

“I’m sitting on a toilet talking to you right now,” says Joseph Grenny co-author of four New York Times bestsellers: Crucial Conversations, Crucial Confrontations, Influencer, and Change Anything. Laughter, his own, shatters the silence that follows. “OK don’t worry, I’m joking.”“Every single time I’m in an airport bathroom I hear someone talking on the phone from their stall,” Grenny says of his quip. But there is a more serious point to the potty humor.


How to Hack Your Head


From changing the way you taste, see, feel, hear, or smell something, you learn a lot about yourself and gain a heightened awareness of your senses—prepare to invest in some Miracle Berries.

The term biohacking has become a bit of a broad concept. If you do a Google image search you’ll see lot of pictures of the human body melded with machinery of one sort or another like the Borg from Star Trek. However, most people accept it to mean any modifications to yourself or your environment to augment or sometimes, shortcut mother nature for enhanced outcome.Biohacking is really fascinating because through the process of experimentation you really learn a lot about yourself and gain a heightened awareness of your senses.

A-List Apps

Tinder’s Celebrity VIP Club

The Daily Beast

As if celebrities needed further glorification, Tinder will now help them verify their VIP status when looking for love. Swipe left for lame, say the dating app’s users.

Social media sites have long been lauded for bridging the gap between A-listers and mere mortals, but yet another app has just decided to introduce special treatment for celebrities: Tinder. Yep, your trusty assistant for local pump ‘n’ dumps recently announced that, as a result of its famous users complaining that they weren’t recognizable enough on the app, something akin to Twitter’s little blue tick is on the cards.Tinder’s CEO Sean Rad explains that the planned verification program will enable “celebrities to enter [it] in a different way.

The View From London

London’s Own Badass SoulCycle

Colin Anderson/Getty

Brits are hooked on Psycle, which combines hardcore spinning with pouding music and flashing neon lights—all based on the latest in sports psychology.

Is it a nightclub? Is it a spa? No, it’s London hottest new fitness craze: Psycle. And I’m just a little bit hooked.While researching my latest book, The Ministry of Thin, last year, I began to notice how hard-core exercise had become. It’s no longer enough to swim 30 lengths of the pool or do a gentle aerobics class, and those friendly Jane Fonda DVDs are for wimps. These days, fit women and men get sculpted, ripped, chizzled. Go Hard or Go Home.

Better. Faster. Stronger.


6 Sleep Myths to Put to Bed

6 Sleep Myths to Put to Bed

Cough, Cough

Got Mumps? Thank Anti-Vaxxers

The View From London

London’s Own Badass SoulCycle

Home Screen

Reddit Founder’s 7 Fave Apps

Pow Pow

Video Games Make You (More) Racist



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The Women in the World 2014 Agenda

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