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Your Phone or Your Wife

Justin Guariglia/Getty

A new study suggests ignoring someone to check a digital device may actually damage your relationship. When did technology start trumping respect?

“I’m sitting on a toilet talking to you right now,” says Joseph Grenny co-author of four New York Times bestsellers: Crucial Conversations, Crucial Confrontations, Influencer, and Change Anything. Laughter, his own, shatters the silence that follows. “OK don’t worry, I’m joking.”“Every single time I’m in an airport bathroom I hear someone talking on the phone from their stall,” Grenny says of his quip. But there is a more serious point to the potty humor.


How to Hack Your Head


From changing the way you taste, see, feel, hear, or smell something, you learn a lot about yourself and gain a heightened awareness of your senses—prepare to invest in some Miracle Berries.

The term biohacking has become a bit of a broad concept. If you do a Google image search you’ll see lot of pictures of the human body melded with machinery of one sort or another like the Borg from Star Trek. However, most people accept it to mean any modifications to yourself or your environment to augment or sometimes, shortcut mother nature for enhanced outcome.Biohacking is really fascinating because through the process of experimentation you really learn a lot about yourself and gain a heightened awareness of your senses.

A-List Apps

Tinder’s Celebrity VIP Club

The Daily Beast

As if celebrities needed further glorification, Tinder will now help them verify their VIP status when looking for love. Swipe left for lame, say the dating app’s users.

Social media sites have long been lauded for bridging the gap between A-listers and mere mortals, but yet another app has just decided to introduce special treatment for celebrities: Tinder. Yep, your trusty assistant for local pump ‘n’ dumps recently announced that, as a result of its famous users complaining that they weren’t recognizable enough on the app, something akin to Twitter’s little blue tick is on the cards.Tinder’s CEO Sean Rad explains that the planned verification program will enable “celebrities to enter [it] in a different way.

The View From London

London’s Own Badass SoulCycle

Colin Anderson/Getty

Brits are hooked on Psycle, which combines hardcore spinning with pouding music and flashing neon lights—all based on the latest in sports psychology.

Is it a nightclub? Is it a spa? No, it’s London hottest new fitness craze: Psycle. And I’m just a little bit hooked.While researching my latest book, The Ministry of Thin, last year, I began to notice how hard-core exercise had become. It’s no longer enough to swim 30 lengths of the pool or do a gentle aerobics class, and those friendly Jane Fonda DVDs are for wimps. These days, fit women and men get sculpted, ripped, chizzled. Go Hard or Go Home.

Rabbit Hole

How to Make Frenemies on LinkedIn


We’re all told how important it is that we join LinkedIn, even if no one can tell us exactly why it’s so important. But if it upends your life, don’t say you weren’t warned.

Hello, and welcome to LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking site that you have absolutely no idea what to do with. We’re so glad you’ve begun this remarkable journey into something that you know could be super-useful, but you will never, ever be able to actually figure out.Our mission is simple: to make you think that without us you are unemployable. Everyone has been told they must be here, from the dewy-eyed college grad to the laid-off-in-a-way-that-almost-but-doesn’t-quite-qualify-for-an-age-discrimination-lawsuit seasoned job seeker.

Red Star

US Spy Satellites, Russian Rockets

Shamil Zhumatov/Reuters

The space-launch business shows just how difficult it is to make sense of sanctions aimed at Putin’s actions in Ukraine.

When a Soyuz space capsule touched down in Kazakhstan this week with two Russians and American Astronaut Mike Hopkins aboard after 166 days in orbit on the International Space Station, a small irony was obvious. While they’d been floating around in a gravity-free model of international cooperation, their governments had been plunging toward a major confrontation over the future of Ukraine.But the even greater irony evident out there in space is the extent to which America’s satellites—including the super-secret birds sent aloft by the National Reconnaissance Office—depend on Russian-built engines to get into orbit in the first place.


Women’s New War Against HIV


New developments in the field of HIV prevention mean women will no longer be dependent on men to protect their sexual health.

We may soon have the Plan B of HIV prevention. A study published this week shows promise for women being able to successfully combat HIV transmission even after a sexual encounter.This time, hope comes in the form of a vaginal gel. In the first step towards its clinical development, when the gel was applied to macaque monkeys within three hours after exposure to the virus, five out of six primates remained HIV-free.Unlike previous vaginal gels or microbicides that have been shown to work when applied prior to exposure, this one relies on utilizing a drug from a class that interferes at a later step in the HIV transmission process.


Ashton Kutcher's Big Secret

Chip East/Reuters

Share or be square. An anonymous confessional app landed $10 million in funding this week from a bizarre list of investors ranging from Ashton Kutcher to Joe Montana.

Anonymous confessional app “Secret” got a 6 foot 2 inch present for its 45-day birthday: Ashton Kutcher.Just days after the social secret-sharing app—along with a similar model, Whisper—made headlines for allegedly raking in a combined total of $40 million, the company refuted the claims. “The reports about our funding are all speculative and incorrect,” a spokesperson from Secret told The Daily Beast Wednesday.In an effort to clear the air, the company released a statement early Friday afternoon clarifying the amount they’ve brought in and plugging their new “Series A” (which, ironically, remains a secret).

Future Tense

Relax, Robots Won’t Take Every Job

CSA Images/Getty

The co-author of ‘The Second Machine Age’ talks about the possibility that machines will put us all of work and why that is just one of several scenarios of the future.

What is technology doing to us? Between the digital skeptics and the wide-eyed utopians sit the authors of The Second Machine Age, two MIT scholars with an interest in consensus and moderation. Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, both at the university’s Center for Digital Business, realized that things were moving way faster than even they would have predicted. Just as the Industrial Revolution saw machines replacing human brawn, the second machine age sees them replacing our cognitive faculties.

Cough, Cough

Anti-Vaxxers Revive Measles in NYC

Michael Nagle/Getty

Measles was considered eliminated at the turn of the millennium. Now it’s back, thanks to the loons who refuse to vaccinate their children.

Of all the things to be nostalgic for, infectious diseases probably don’t make it onto many lists.However, if you happen to pine for the good old days when measles was an active public health threat, I have good news for you. The anti-vaccine crowd is bringing it back.There is currently an outbreak of measles in New York City.  Considered eliminated in the United States in 2000, last year saw a record number of outbreaks around the country. It’s only three months into 2014, and not only is the nation’s largest city seeing cases in several boroughs, but other major metropolitan areas are warning of new cases as well.


Drone Spies Harlem Rescue

Justin Heiman/Getty

While safety crews were still searching for survivors, a man launched his drone to get a better look, drawing congratulations from some, and criticism for his recklessness from others.

Brian Wilson, a 45-year-old from New Jersey, was just leaving his apartment in New York City for work when his roommate informed him that two buildings at the northwest corner of 116th and Park Avenue in Harlem had collapsed.“[He] said ‘Hey, you should go there with your drone,’” Wilson tells The Daily Beast. “So I grabbed it and ran.”A systems specialist at GAGE Strategies, Wilson spends most of his days developing systems to “help young entrepreneurs” who want to start a drone business.

8 Signs You’re Way Too Stressed


By Diana Kelly for Life by DailyBurn Unless you surround yourself with Tibetan monks, chances are, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone in your life—including you—that wouldn’t say they’re stressed about something. And while stress can sometimes be good—it can help you conquer fears or motivate you to get something done—when you’re constantly in a state of tension and anxiety, it can have an effect on your body’s physical and emotional state.


World Wide Web Turns 25

Despite increased skepticism due to governmental web tracking and probes, the ‘ole tangled Web is still one of the most revolutionary inventions ever created, and worth celebrating.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee isn’t one for self-congratulation. His creation, which is arguably the greatest innovation of the twentieth century, turns 25 today—but he’s the sort of man who celebrates with nothing more than a brisk bicycle ride.The British physics graduate submitted a proposal for a network of computers called the World Wide Web on March 12, 1989. His boss thought the plan was “vague, but exciting,” and, over the next quarter of a century, human interaction was revolutionized.


Micro-Smut Bad For Your Sex Life?

The Daily Beast

GFYs are the latest technology to take off in the online porn industry—but could they be even worse for our attention spans than plain old Internet smut?

In Internet parlance, the use of “GFY” can be an encouraging, if sarcastic, acronym meaning “good for you,” or the more common and less encouraging command, “go f**k yourself.” But to a certain sub-community of porn-loving Reddit users, GFY is a marvel, a giant technological leap forward in the delivery of smut.The GFY (pronounced “jiffy”) is essentially a more technologically advanced version of the ubiquitous GIF. The images still loop like a traditional GIF, but the GFY functions more like a video: you can fast forward, rewind and pause, the quality is better, the files are smaller, and, unlike ordinary GIFs, they incorporate audio.


Now You Can Hunt for Flight 370


With the help of high-res satellite images and altruistic humans, the world's leading earth imagery company has launched a campaign to scan the Gulf of Thailand for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Five days after a plane carrying 239 passengers disappeared into thin air, the international community is desperate for an answer.Any morsel of rationale for why the “supremely safe” Boeing 777 vanished is swallowed like a pill. A brief report claiming the Royal Malaysian Air force had detected the missing plane “hundreds of miles off course” dominated the news cycle Tuesday night, only to be retracted when the air force chief spoke out, denying it.

Better. Faster. Stronger.


6 Sleep Myths to Put to Bed

6 Sleep Myths to Put to Bed

Cough, Cough

Got Mumps? Thank Anti-Vaxxers

The View From London

London’s Own Badass SoulCycle

Home Screen

Reddit Founder’s 7 Fave Apps

Pow Pow

Video Games Make You (More) Racist

Freeze Me to Life

In this short documentary, go behind the scenes of the Cryonics Institute, which preserves frozen human bodies with the pseudo-scientific hope of one day waking them again.

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