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The 11 Best-Dressed Dogs of Instagram (PHOTOS)

From the dapper Menswear Dog to the pipe-smoking Trotter, see our nominations for 2013’s most stylish dogs.

Most Fashionable Dogs

From the dapper Menswear Dog to the pipe-smoking Trotter, see our nominations for the most stylish pups of 2013 on the photo-sharing social-networking site.

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Menswear Dog

Handle: @mensweardog

Who He Is: A 3-year-old Shiba Inu who lives in New York. His interests include “never washing selvage denim, lurking around Soho for someone to notice his steez, and sniffing fine a$$ bitches.”

Number of  Followers: 52,000

Menswear Dog, otherwise known as MWD, shot to fame overnight, with an impeccably tailored wardrobe and a knack for layering. Since then, he’s collaborated with American Apparel, become the unofficial mascot of GQ, appeared in Breaking Bad memes, and counts Ryan Gosling as a style influence.

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Handle: @montjiro

Number of Followers: 4,926

Who He Is: A Japanese Chihuahua

Widely known as “the best dressed dog on the planet,” the Japanese Chihuahua Montjiro puts other dogs to shame. These are not your terrier’s outfits: Montjiro wears elaborate miniature Burberry vests and jaunty berets, intricate embroidered kimonos, scarves and necklaces, and even paramilitary wear. He is a dandy and a bohemian, a lover of life and all things fashion—whether that means out on the town in a trench coat and sweater or in a vest and bow tie posing in front of the cover of Time. And, of course, Montjiro has his own clothing line.

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Handle: @TrotterPup

Number of Followers: 168,057

Who He Is: A San Francisco–based French bulldog

Trotter is the perfect model, perhaps, because of the size of his head relative to his body. The French bulldog models a range of accessories—even human shoes and wigs—with unflappable ease, showing off his outfits with a mix of boredom and detachment. He celebrated the Supreme Court’s striking down of DOMA in a pair of snakeskin pumps and a pillbox hat with a veil, he favors pipes and top hats, and he’s even—on occasion—a soccer fan. 

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Digby Van Winkle

Handle: @DigbyVanWinkle

Number of Followers: 145,148

Who He Is: A Brussels Griffon living in Wellington, New Zealand

When they’re not going to their weekly Griffon meet-ups in Worser Bay Beach—or taking trips to SmoochPooch grooming salon—Digby and his brother Aloysius are busy dressing up. Their style can be described best as hipster: they prefer big, plastic-framed glasses, bandannas, hoodies, bow ties and checkered suits, and—sometimes when all else fails—just a plain piece of bread crust as a headpiece. Digby, the better-known of the pair, has even spawned a line of merchandise, most notably a $40 “Gangsta Digby” iPhone case.

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Gus and Travis McCombie

Handle: @IfItWags

Number of Followers: 3,514

Who They Are: Vancouver-based German shorthaired pointer brothers

Gus and Travis are, by nature, minimalists—with coats as patterned as theirs, there’s no need to overaccessorize. Under the Instagram account @IfitWags, their dog-lover owner Stephanie McCombie takes beautiful portraits of the dapper brothers in any assortment of accent pieces—glasses, hats, shoes, headphones—but most often they’re in matching bow ties.

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Handle: @TunaMeltsMyHeart

Number of Followers: 491,204

Who He Is: A Chiweenie with an epic overbite

Tuna was discovered abandoned by the side of a road in San Diego and taken to an adoption center at a local farmers’ market, where he was picked out by Courtney Dasher—who turned Tuna into an Internet celebrity. Thanks to an extreme overbite and a penchant for bow ties and Halloween costumes, Tuna now boasts close to 500,000 Instagram followers—and his own line of merchandise.

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Marni and Cubby Beckerman

Handle: @beckermanblog

Followers: 71,077

Who They Are: Toronto-based Pomeranians belonging to fashion-blogger twins Cailli and Sam Beckerman.

These two are the video stars of the Instagram style game. The offspring of Canadian style bloggers Cailli and Sam Beckerman, Marni and Cubby star in a series of brilliant videos—dressed as Chiquita Banana, Harry Potter, “Wayne’s World,” or best yet, a “Chanel bandit.”

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Handle: @ginny_jrt

Number of Followers: 224,928

Who She Is: A British Jack Russell terrier who loves bacon

Ginny is an active girl: she loves skateboarding, bike riding, snorkeling—and, probably, long walk/runs on the beach. Here, Ginny is dolled up for a night out on Valentine’s Day. But she says she “needs a Valentine’s date to share it with … but when I say share I really mean someone who will let [me] eat it all.”


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Pepito “Pepi” Alfonso

Handle: @hellopepi

Number of Followers: 42

Who He Is: One good-looking 2-year-old Chihuahua

Relative to the other names on this list, Pepito “Pepi” Alfonso isn’t well known. But judging from the beautiful images and perfect outfits on his Instagram account, that will likely change soon. The diminutive Chihuahua dresses like Pope Benedict and “Snoop Dogg”—and even drives mini-convertibles.

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Handle: @kintai_the_yorkshireterrier

Number of Followers: 8,691

Who He Is: An 8-year-old Yorkie with an adventurous side

This Yorkie is an outdoorsman at heart—scaling mountains and taking beach walks. Of course, every nature walk is an excuse for a selfie … and his hike in overalls and a work shirt was no exception.


Beast Zuckerberg

Handle: Facebook Only, of Course

Number of Followers: 1.5 million

Who He Is: Son of Mark and Priscilla Zuckerberg, first child of Facebook

Like his father and his famous penchant for flip-flops, you’d never guess Beast was next in line for the Facebook throne by the way he dresses. The wild-haired Puli prefers simple accessories, such as a bright blue Spandex jumpsuit.