The Best Herman Cain Memes (PHOTOS)

From his history with pizza to the endless sexual allegations, nothing is off limits on the internet—and no one provides material like Herman Cain.

From his history with pizza to the endless sexual allegations, nothing is off limits on the Internet—and no one provides material like Herman Cain. The Daily Beast round up the best memes featuring the embattled former pizza man.

By Nina Strochlic

After the first sexual-harassment allegation against Herman Cain surfaced at the end of October, the allegations haven’t stopped rolling in. While the pizza mogul-turned-GOP frontrunner was once top of the polls, a recent fourth accusation is embroiling his campaign in denials and press conferences. Bloggers quickly took up the cause, and the Internet is a hotbed of Cain memes. The Daily Beast rounded up some of the best.

A Pizza in Every Oven

Taking a line from Herbert Hoover's famous promise of “a chicken in every pot and two cars in every garage,” actually isn’t a bad idea. But despite similar economic times, “a pizza in every oven” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Hoover swept that 1928 campaign, but 83 years later, it doesn’t look like Cain will be doing the same.

Dave Martin

Cain Style

As political talk-show host Bill Maher announced earlier this week, “Only Herman Cain can pull of the pimp hat with a mustache combo while running for president.” It must be his Southern style, but for some reason Georgia-raised Cain can rock the look like no other GOP candidates has … or should. (Looking at you, Michele Bachmann.)

Resume Enclosed

Cain’s pizza past has been meme gold on Tumblrs across the web. This one pokes fun at his lack of political experience, suggesting that perhaps Cain submitted a box of pizza as his presidential resume.

9-9-9 Problems

Cain’s 9-9-9 plan proved more problematic than he expected after the Tax Policy Center found it would increase taxes for everyone except the wealthiest Americans. At a GOP debate soon after, candidates attacked the idea. This meme points out that, like Jay-Z, at least Cain doesn’t have a problem with the ladies—up until now, that is.


While the Tea Party favorite doesn’t have anything in common politically with Obama, bloggers were quick to draft up a Cain 2012 campaign poster using a slightly tweaked version of Obama’s famous “Hope” sign.

Why Vote for Cain?

Sexual allegations aside, the reasons Cain isn’t a wise choice for the GOP are beginning to form a long, long list.

Rock You Like a Herman Cain

Will the Scorpions be proud that their 1984 hit has been adapted to overlay a picture of an angry Cain? If they have a sense of humor, they will.

Cain’s Gestures

Some of Cain’s more notorious gestures now include the hand-up-the-skirt move, but he’s probably wishing he could practice flipping off the close-following media who have been quick to latch onto the sexual-allegation stories.

Who Wants Sausage?

Meat jokes and sexual-harassment jokes combine to produce an inside look at how not-at-all awkward his employee interactions must be now.