• On a night when his former Nirvana band mates were being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Jason Everman just wanted to drink in a quiet bar.

  • Before he leaves on another deployment to Afghanistan, a military officer has to break the news to his family.

  • On average, military bases are safer than similarly sized American cities. The violence at Fort Hood may best be explained as a workplace shooting, not a uniquely military tragedy.

News & Opinion

    Bombs Away

    Thank Goodness for Perpetual War

    We’ve finally got a plan. We need plans and everyone like them, they put as at ease and it feels good to be at ease. Now let’s get on with the bombing and war.

    VA Scandal

    Obama Ducking Scandalous Deaths at VA

    Democrats can dismiss Benghazi and the IRS as pseudo-scandals, maybe, but 40 veterans have died, and where has Obama been? Totally absent.


    You’re Safer on an Army Base

    On average, military bases are safer than similarly sized American cities. The violence at Fort Hood may best be explained as a workplace shooting, not a uniquely military tragedy.


    The Army vs. The Hero of Ft. Hood

    Kimberly Munley was shot three times taking down Nidal Hasan in 2009. Then she got laid off. Yet she’s never stopped fighting for the victims the military ‘betrayed.’


    ‘Clean Record’ for Ft Hood Shooter

    While the gunman’s motive is still unclear in Wednesday’s deadly incident at the Texas Army base, military officials say he had "mental-health issues."


    Six Taliban Killed With One Bullet

    The British military said it believes a lance corporal surpassed all previous records with one pull of the trigger.


    Cleaning House at Nuke Command

    The recent firings at a Montana Air Force base address cheating, but not the real issue, says a retired officer: the lack of leadership within the nuclear missile group.


    Women Don’t Shy Away From Combat

    A news report errs when it says that not many women in the military are interested in combat roles. The statistics tell a different story.

    Sex & the Military

    How Did the General Get Off?

    A top Army officer faced life imprisonment on sexual assault charges and other crimes but walked away Thursday with a minor reprimand. How did that happen?

    Highest Honor

    Military Heroes Past and Future

    On Tuesday President Obama presents the Medal of Honor to 24 veterans of past wars. Later this year an Afghanistan veteran will join them in receiving the nation’s highest honor.


    They Killed Our Brothers

    On September 11, 2001, Jimmy’s brother was killed in the north tower. Years later he writes a letter to his friend Tommy whose own brother was killed in Iraq.


    Beast Fiction: Your Worst Day in Iraq

    A short story from an army veteran about the last time U.S. soldiers were in Iraq and the impossible choices they faced there.


    The $600 Million GI Bill Racket

    For-profit colleges are treating veterans like cash cows, collecting millions in GI bill dollars for worthless diplomas while lobbying Washington to keep the money flowing.

    Desert Winds

    Watching Iraq Burn From Afghanistan

    The recent Afghan elections should have been the big news, but even troops deployed to Afghanistan are distracted by the spiraling chaos in Iraq.


    Mosul's Civilization and Its Discontents

    An Army veteran looks at the fall of Mosul and recalls his own time there trying to civilize the land with guns and money.


    How I’ll End the War

    An officer in Afghanistan volunteers to help teach English to Afghan students and ends up making art with them.


    The Women Who Died in the Wars

    A former Army journalist remembers a memorial service for “Butter-Cup,” a soldier killed in Iraq, and the untold sacrifices of female service members who died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Heroes and Victims

    Enough With the ‘Veteran as Victim’ Myth

    Our understanding of PTSD has become so broadly applied and focused on victimhood that it ignores the ways that surviving trauma can actually help some people.

    Dying War

    My First Week Back in Afghanistan

    A military officer chronicles his first week back in Afghanistan readjusting to the strange rhythm of life on an overseas military base.

Art & Culture


    When I Met Robin Williams in Afghanistan

    Robin Williams had his demons but it never stopped him from making troops laugh on the numerous standup tours he did in Iraq and Afghanistan.


    Why These Marines Are Hot for ‘Frozen’

    When a video of Marines singing along to a Disney song went viral, most viewers thought it was cute. It was really a lesson in how the military treats sex and violence.

    War Stories

    The Surreal Terror of Iraq

    A surreal and haunting collection of stories about the spectacle of violence and how war worms its way into daily life by Iraqi author, Hassan Blasim.

    Aim True

    The Profanity of War

    With his new collection of short stories Redeployment, Marine Corps veteran Phil Klay has written brilliant, true, and winning fiction on the Iraq War, writes Brian Castner.


    Between Boredom and Terror

    From the frontlines of America’s war in Afghanistan a Yale graduate turned Army warrior reflected on his experience in letters home. Now he’s put those letters together and they reveal a man comforted by the trivial and questioning why he is there.


    Veteran Exorcisms

    A new book about a veteran undergoing exorcisms to purge himself of demons struggles with important questions about the costs of war and the nature of PTSD.

    Unremarried Widow

    In War, What Remains

    Before he died, he wrote me a letter that I would find among the boot blousers and carabiners and thumbed-through magazines that the military shipped home.


    Who Should Kill?

    The founder and CEO of controversial military contractor Blackwater is out to defend his record and celebrate his success in his new memoir, but veteran and military contractor Brian Castner says that the book misses the big questions here.

    The Hero Project

    Through the Gunner’s Lens

    While deployed to Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, Ed Drew created images using the tintype process, a documentary method last used in a combat zone in the Civil War. See photos.

    Creating Art After War

    Art isn’t only a form of therapy for veterans; some just want to express themselves. Expanding opportunities for veterans in creative fields would benefit them and the art world.