Arnold Fisher Is Mad As Hell at the Government Shutdown

He’s not going to wait for the shutdown to end. The New York real estate mogul's family foundation is paying the death benefits to the families of fallen soldiers.

Arnold Fisher is outraged.

The New York real estate mogul and philanthropist's family foundation, The Fisher House Foundation is paying the death benefits to the families of soldiers who have died on duty since the government shutdown began on midnight on October 1.

In an interview with ABC’s Martha Raddatz as part of The Daily Beast’s Hero Summit, Fisher talked about his decision to step up for military families, asking elected officials, “Where are you? Shame on you?”

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Condemning the government shutdown, Arnold Fisher said, "This is not my America!"

Fisher said shortly after the government shutdown, he received a phone call from a member of Congress asking him to attend a fundraiser. Fisher responded with indignation: “You closed this government down and you ask me for money to get you re-elected?” Instead of attending, Fisher is going to Camp Lejeune and opening a center funded by his family to help Marines coming back to the United States with traumatic brain injuries.

While Fisher was trying to deal with the damage of the government shutdown, he was continually befuddled about why elected officials were neglecting those who served. “They took care of you” said Fisher. Elected official just “don’t seem to feel the pain that the families do.” He cited that when a Fisher House opened in Bethesda, just a few minutes from downtown Washington D.C., not one senator or congressman showed up for the opening.

Fisher ended by issuing a call to the audience and the American people to share their outrage. He said that “if you’re anything like me, call your congressman or senator and say not going to give you any money until you start voting the proper way—until you start helping this country, not helping your party. He emphasized that we need to “let our voices be heard by the legislators and let the president know.”

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Arnold Fisher exhorted the audience to vote what's best for America, not what's best for your party.