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The Internet Reacts to Obamacare: Best of the Memes

As soon as the court said the law would stand, the Internet lit up with clever illustrations of the news.

As soon as the Supreme Court said the law would stand, the Web lit up with clever illustrations of the news. A look at the Affordable Care Cat, Canada, and Obama’s ‘Dewey’ moment.

In a modern-day “Dewey Beats Truman,” a clever Photoshopper released an image of a smiling President Obama holding up an iPad featuring CNN’s erroneous report that his signature legislative achievement had been overturned. (The underlying photograph is the real deal—an Associated Press photo by Byron Rollins originally taken of President Harry S. Truman holding the infamous November 3, 1948, copy of the Chicago Tribune.

Admiral Ackbar, still reeling from the trap set by enemy warships in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, learns the individual mandate is constitutional not because of the Commerce Clause, but because—surprise!—it’s a tax!

Affordable Care Cat is upheld! Literally. Just one typo and you have a whole new meaning of today’s news.

Furious conservatives took to Twitter to announce they were moving to Canada in the wake of today’s decision. That’s great. We’re sure they’ll find our northern neighbor’s health-care system much more amenable to free-market ideals. (Some of them, it later turned out, were joking. Phew.)

Playing off the iconic HOPE graphic by Shepard Fairey (itself drawn from an Associated Press photograph), this image praises John Roberts, liberal icon.

You only live once, John Roberts! YOLO!

Game of Thrones's Eddard Stark warns us of the incoming—and now certainly ongoing—Facebook onslaught of amateur constitutional scholars. Brace yourselves.

In an adaptation of the popular “deal with it” meme, here we see the five justices in the majority sporting 8-bit sunglasses, challenging haters to just, well, deal with it.