The New Good Girls

With Twilight emphasizing virginity, role models like Taylor Swift, and new books about girls gone mild, nice girls are finishing first. Plus: VIEW OUR GALLERY of the new good girls.

Zak Brian, SIPA / AP Photo

Zak Brian, SIPA / AP Photo

Taylor Swift

Swift has managed to capture America's heart as a 19-year-old country singer—without having smoked a single cigarette or had a drop of alcohol. "I have no interest in drinking," she told Rolling Stone. "I always want to be responsible for the things I say and do." She added: "Also, I would have a problem lying to my parents about that."

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Emma Watson

She portrays the good girl Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, and Emma Watson appears just as good offscreen. Bound for Brown next fall, Watson has stayed away from the debauchery of her peers—even though the media may impose it upon her. "[At my 18th birthday party] they laid down on the pavement and took pictures up my skirt," she told Teen Vogue. "Now I'm going to wear cycling shorts whenever I get out of cars."

Chris Pizzello / AP Photo

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning is on the junior varsity cheerleading squad in her North Hollywood high school. She's starred in several cuddly good-girl roles, like Charlotte's Web and, more recently, The Secret Lives of Bees. She's recently filmed the Twilight sequel, New Moon, and, at 15 is still a good girl. Up next, Fanning may explore he bad-girl side a bit onscreen: She is set to play Cherie Currie, lead singer of The Runaways in a Joan Jett biopic.

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Demi Lovato

The 16-year-old Texan had a breakout role as a good girl in the Jonas Brothers' movie Camp Rock, and, despite rumors that she's been cutting herself, there's nothing bad about Demi Lovato. She's BFF with fellow Disney star Selena Gomez, and has great role models in past Disney stars. "I'm also a huge fan of Christina Aguilera," Lovado told The Telegraph. "She is very credible, there's something very special about her because of her voice. She is a great career role model."

Chris Pizzello / Getty Images

Selena Gomez

Like her good friends the Jonas Brothers, Disney star Selena Gomez has vowed to save herself for marriage. "My mother had me at 16," she has said. But she is going a different route as "a promise to myself, to my family, and to God." She continued, "People say, 'she's trying too hard.' I'm not trying to be anybody but myself." When she's not filming, Gomez also finds time to feed stray puppies in Puerto Rico.

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Julianne Hough

An award-winning country singer and two-time Dancing With the Stars champion, Hough recently landed a role in the remake of Footloose. Just 21, Hough is a self-proclaimed "goody-two-shoes." She explains: "I grew up really fast in London. And I feel like my 20s were actually when I was in my teens. And so I went through things that made me become who I am today... and decided on the fact that I do want to be a goody-two-shoes."

Jim Cooper / AP Photo

Jordin Sparks

American Idol winner Jordin Sparks, 19, dons a purity ring symbolizing her commitment to stay a virgin until marriage. She's a committed Christian, appearing on the cover of the Evangelical World magazine, and has twice sung at an Arizona Right to Life rally.

Summit Entertainment / Courtesy Everett Collection

Bella Swan

She's the hero to young girls everywhere: Bella Swan, protagonist of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, is the wide-eyed out-of-towner who lands innocently in the town of Forks. Bella tries to make friends, protect her father, stay out of trouble—and still capture the heart of that sexy teen vampire Edward Cullen. Bella’s real-life alter ego, Kristen Stewart, however, is not quite so squeaky clean: The 19-year-old was recently caught drinking on the set of Runaways, in which she plays Joan Jett.

Dawn Bauer

Carlene Bauer

Carlene Bauer, author of the new book Not That Kind of Girl was raised a skeptical Evangelical, but when she moved to New York and witnessed the vices of city life, she decided, at age 27, to convert to Catholicism. But then, however, Bauer writes that she fell in love—and lost her religion, which caused her to reexamine what being good meant in the first place.

Evan Agostini / AP Photo

Shailene Woodley

In The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Shailene Woodley plays Amy Juergens, an ambitious 15-year-old who discovers she's pregnant. Offscreen, Woodley’s done public-service announcements on preventing teenage pregnancy. "I think it’s definitely really amazing that we focus on the positive things on teenagers, because the public right now kind of have a negative outlook on teens and myself being a teenager, I want to change that and be able to show that we have just as much power to change this world as anyone does," she has said.

Michael Caulfield / Getty Images

Ashley Tisdale

She's plays the scheming Sharpay Evans in High School Musical, but offscreen, the 24-year-old star is a classic good girl. She may, however, be eager to erase her squeaky-clean image, recently releasing an album, Headstrong, on which she croons in "Acting Out:" "Up above the surface I was just a perfect child/ But underneath it wall I was craving to be wild." Wrote The New York Times of Tisdale's concerted effort to become bad: "For a young woman eager to repudiate her pearly white past, songs like this no longer qualify as radical. Coming out as an adult is as unimaginative as remaining a child."

Vera Anderson / Getty Images

Abigail Breslin

The star of Little Miss Sunshine, Abigail Breslin stole everyone's heart as an aspiring beauty queen in a dysfunctional family. Offscreen, she's home-schooled, has a close-knit family, and loves to read. And unlike the extravagance of young Hollywood, Breslin says she gets $12 a week in allowance. "We have a rule in our family that we can't gossip about other people," she has said.

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Miranda Cosgrove

As one of the faces of Nickelodeon, Miranda Cosgrove has given the Disney crew a run for its money. The 16-year-old actress first came to prominence as the sassy little sister in Drake and Josh and then went on to star in her own tween sitcom iCarly. (She also had a memorable role in Jack Black’s School of Rock.) Offscreen, she's dedicated to family and friends, and is homeschooled.