The Week’s Best of the Internet: From #OccupyPeople to Cats on Glass

From #OccupyPeople to Cats on Glass, The Daily Beast brings you the Best of the Internet.

“With major developments in a few very, very, very serious--and non-meme'd--stories this week (Penn State, Occupy protests, Syria),” BuzzFeed’s Mike Hayes says, “It felt like shenanigans on the Internet were down roughly 22 percent.” As a result, quality meme production was lower than usual. Facing this adversity, The Daily Beast pushes on, teaming up with BuzzFeed and Know Your Meme to bring you the best of the Internet--from Cats on Glass to Socially Awkward Penguins.

Watch the Crib

On their new album, Watch the Throne, Jay-Z and Kayne West rap about fame and money, two subjects the stars of Watch the Crib are blissfully unaware of. Matching baby pictures with the album’s appropriate lyrics turns out to work surprisingly well. For example, an ecstatic passport-holding baby fits quite well with the line, “Everything’s for sale. I got five passports, I’m never going to jail.” It’s perfect.

pl1602 / Flickr

Cats on Glass

From never-before-seen angles, Buzzfeed presents: Cats on Glass. It’s every type of cat you can imagine, but from the vantage point under a glass table, making for a very unusual view.

Lazy College Senior

What started as a stock photo of a young man drinking a pint of beer quickly spiraled into the embodiment of a disheveled, burnt-out college senior who says things like “Sorority girl leans in for kiss. Takes off pants,” and “Last year was senior year. This is the victory lap.” Ahh, college.

The Fluffington Post

Billed as “Your number one source for fluffy animals,” this may be the greatest all-star cute compilation yet. From goats and giraffes to pandas and puppies, no species is unrepresented. Prepare for this to occupy most of your time from here on out.

Rage-Faced Cop

A far cry from Occupy Wall Street’s famous hipster cop, emerged rage face cop, an angry police officer who helped evict protesters from their two-month long encampment at Zuccotti Park. With a priceless expression of fury captured in this picture, it’s easy to imagine him in a variety of situations, from coming ashore on a deserted island to wrestling away from a bear.

Friend-Zone Fiona

Friend Zone Fiona totally wants you…to meet the right girl some day. But it ain't her. As Know Your Meme explains the joke, "the top refers to something a girl would say romantically followed by the bottom text confirming that she is just a friend." Sorry guys, but with Friend Zone Fiona, you’re permanently banished to the buddy bin. 

Socially Awkward Penguin

As if penguins aren’t awkward enough, this little feller walks through the bra section of Target with his eyes glued forward, and can't look uncomfortably the other way when you type in your password. Get a grip, buddy, relax! Socially Awkward Penguin: “the meme that reflects sadly on our lives.” 

Thai Flood Hacks

With catastrophe comes great innovation, and despite being flooded under feet of water, the Thai have kicked their inventiveness into gear. We have no idea how they re-purposed a motorcycle to ride 10 feet above ground but it’s truly awe-inspiring, and the water bottle pet life-jackets are pure genius.

<a href=" " target="_blank">Unhate</a>

The scandalous debut of United Colors of Benetton’s new campaign has stirred up some controversy. From Obama kissing Venezuela's president, to Angela Merkel in a locked embrace with Nicolas Sarkozy, no politician can keep their hands to themselves. The ads mark Benetton’s partnership with the Unhate Foundation, an organization creating tolerance-building initiatives.

BuzzFeed's #OccupyPeople movement

Immediately after People magazine announced Bradley Cooper as their 2011 Sexiest Man Alive, Buzzfeed launched an all-out campaign for their sensitive hero, Ryan Gosling. First came the 63 Reasons Bradley Cooper Definitely Isn’t the Sexiest Man Alive post, which consisted solely of Ryan Gosling pictures. Next, Buzzfeed took the crusade outside People’s offices in Manhattan, clad in Gosling masks and hoisting signs like “Ryan was robbed” and “Did you even see Drive?!

Herman Cain’s Pizza

We know Herman Cain talks about pizza a lot and we’re pretty sure he eats it a lot, but we were not prepared for him to wear it. Thanks to this meme, Cain looks through pizza-tinted glasses and wouldn’t be caught without his pizza tie, or a slice hanging from his mouth. We don’t think Michele Bachmann even loves working moms as much as Herman Cain loves pizza.