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The Week’s Best of the Internet: Memes, Tweets, More

From a creepy cat to the Oblivious Suburban Mom—this week’s best of the Internet.

Whether it's a photoshop meme or a particularly clever Tumblr blog, we're watching the Web to bring you the best of the Internet. This week, feast your eyes on a strangely placed cat sitting on stairs, the Toronto mayor kicking a ball, and the same photograph of Dave Coulier every single day.

Just a Cat Sitting on the Stairs

The title says it all for this popular photo, first shared on Reddit. It's a cat sitting on the stairs. But it's so much more—the dark eyes, the crossed legs, the casual stare seemingly asking all of humanity, "S'up?"

Toronto Mayor Kicking A Football Meme

Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford thought a quick photo op at a local football game would do no harm—but then Reddit found the photo. Soon, Mayor Ford was figure-skating with glee, marching with the Hitler Youth, and busting up protesters with the sole of his shoe.

Every Tweet Ever

From that first "Just trying Twitter out! LOL" to "test," this clever Twitter account is tweeting every tweet we've ever sent, like a chronicle of the expected and mundane.

The Oblivious Suburban Mom Meme

Oblivious Suburban Mom just doesn't get it when her son is up to no good—but it's probably for the best. In her clueless eyes, her helpful son is always looking out for what's best—like spraying air freshener (to cover up that suspicious smell), using a whole box of tissues, and tending to his in-home garden.

Texts From Bennett

Bennett is 17 years old with a job at Amoco and a girlfriend named Mercedes who thinks he's a gangster—a Crip to be specific. And Bennett sends lots of funny text messages to his cousin, who, naturally, is sharing them on Tumblr. Bennett doesn't know the blog exists. But its creator promises he's "one of the most unintentionally funny and brilliant souls on the planet."


A natural extension of Teebowing, a meme inspired by Tim Teebow's infamous pose, peebowing is that sneaky tactic used for public urination for decades—only now it's got a classy name.

Disaster Girl ("Four years ago today ...")

Hard to believe it's been four years, but this week marks the anniversary of the appearance of Disaster Girl, one of the original über-popular Photoshop memes on the Web, which features a devilish girl smirking at the forefront of a burning house. She's been known to appear in many a terrible situation.

The Same Picture of Dave Coulier Every Day

Just as advertised, this Tumblr blog offers up the very same picture of the actor who played Full House's Joey Gladstone every … single … day. Nothing more, nothing less.