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Royal Chopper Scare

Emergency landing made with Charles and Camilla on board

We've often wondered about the advisability of the Royal family constantly flying around the country in helicopters (they are all devoted fans and the Queen has been known to joke to friends that the chopper has changed her life more than it ever changed Anne Boleyn's) and now an aviation authority report has been published into a helicopter scare that forced Charles and Camilla to make an emergency landing.

The incident happened in May last year as Charles and Camilla were on their way to the Hay-on-Wye Festival in Wales, but the details have only recently been published.

The Sikorsky S-76C helicopter was carrying the royal pair and four other passengers when it began to veer - or yaw - to the right as it approached Denham aerodrome in Buckinghamshire in May last year, a report by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) said.

The AAIB report said: "The crew performed an uneventful running landing and ground-taxied to dispersal with the yaw control abnormality still apparent.

In the doghouse?

Is Lupo Jealous of George?

James spotted walking Lupo in London

Poor old Lupo. They all seemed so chummy in those first photos.

First Kate Middleton's dog was disinvited from spending Christmas with the Queen at Sandringham – possibly after fears that there would be a repeat of the incident when the Queens corgis savaged Princess Beatrice's terrier Max – and now it appears he is being kicked out of his own home as well.

Although William and Kate are believed to have specifically acquired Lupo a good few months before getting pregnant in order to encourage the dog to believe that it was a much loved member of the Windsor Wolfpack and thereby avoid jealousy of the new infant, it appears the dog has been cut out of the family circle of trust, for now at least.



Maybe Not

Prince Harry Break-Up Rumors

Reports say Harry and Cressida may be about to split. We are not so sure.

The Royalist feels the need to start this post with a disclaimer: we feel the same about these reports as we did about the ones in Us Weekly that Pippa Middleton was engaged.

And we don't want to give the Harry hunters false hope.

However we would be remiss in our duties if we did not tell you that the Mirror newspaper in the UK did report at the weekend that Prince Harry's romance with Cressida Bonas was on the rocks as the couple had, "drifted apart".

A source told the paper: “Talk of Harry and Cressida getting married could not be further from the truth. Indeed it wouldn’t be a surprise if they go their separate ways soon.

Baby Boom

Charles Cashes in On Kate's Popularity

Charles sees profits soar on baby-related products

The Kate effect has been credited with boosting the bottom line of many businesses including Zara, Top Shop  and Reiss, who have all seen their sales soar after their clothes were worn by Kate.

Now, it appears, a similar Kate-inspired boost is happening to her father-in-law's business.

For Prince Charles's company has cashed in on the popularity of Kate Middleton and baby George by selling a range of baby goods including organic baby food and baby clothes which has increased a turnover in his company by almost £1m in the past year.

"The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's popularity has given the royal family a lift in general," a courtier tells the Daily Telegraph. But Charles, in particular, has capitalized on this by selling a range of souvenirs at his shops including the one at his Highgrove estate in Gloucestershire, commemorating George's birth.

Breaking Beard

Harry: Keeping The Beard

Breaking Harry news - the beard is not going anywhere!

The Royalist has important news to share  - Prince Harry has defied granny and has NOT repeat NOT shaved off his dashing ginger beard! 

Yes, despite the fact that the young royal's grandmother has such a hatred of beards that her staff are forbidden to sport them, and despite the fact that there was apparently much frostiness at Sandringham on the subject over the Christmas holidays, and despite the fact that she reportedly let it be known that she wanted Harry's chin to be more cue ball than fuzzy-wuzzy the next time she saw him, Harry was instagrammed at the weekend with his beard not only still intact, but bigger, bushier and more retro-hetero manly than ever before.

We're just hoping his head doesn't end up on a spike.

Harry, who was just back from a ski holiday with his girlfriend Cressida Bonas (you'd have thought he would have seen enough snow by now, right?) was snapped with his ever-growing beard by a punter at Mayfair bar Jak's with Princess Eugenie in the background, perched at a bar. Cressida was apparently at the venue too (although not in the picture - that really would be too much to hope for).

New Nanny Neeeded

Kate Seeks New Nanny For George

Jessie Webb, 71, William's old nurse, not expected to travel to Australasia

There are few people who at 71 years of age would contemplate taking on one of the most stressful child care jobs in the world – looking after Prince George.

So it is perhaps no surprise that Jessie Webb, who looked after Prince William when he was a child and came out of retirement to mind baby George, has told William and Kate that she will not be able to accompany them on their month-long tour of Australia and New Zealand in March.

While William and Kate are said to be keen to retain the services fo Mrs Webb,  they are quielty looking for extra help for the month-long tour down under in the spring.

A source told the Daily Mail: "It took a lot of persuading to get Jessie to take the job in the first place, but she loves William and wanted to help out.


Skarsgaard Naked At Pole

Alexander Skarsgard gets his kit off, despite the cold

If you had to place a bet on who would get photographed naked on the crapper  at the South Pole on the recent expedition there by wounded soldiers and celebrity mascots, I think we can safely assume most money would have been on our beloved and bearded Prince Henry of Wales.


Alexander Skarsgard (via Instagram)

In fact, Alexander Skarsgard has now been exposed as the team member most likely to get his kit off, in a shot posted on instagram which recalls his full frontal nude scene from True Blood.

Wearing sunglasses and his pants rolled down to his snow boots, the buff blonde reads a book while relieving himself in the antarctic landscape.

Slightly Odd?

Pippa's Crush on Di's Man

Pippa says she 'pined' for Diana's ex, Will Carling

Pippa Middleton has revealed that she had a teenage crush on English rugby player Will Carling, who once dated Princess Diana, in her latest column for Vanity Fair, which is about rugby, the British answer to American football (as we call football).

Pippa Middleton and Will Carling

Reuters, Rex

In her article, Middleton says that she used to "pine" after the now 48-year-old Carling.

"We'd plan our weekends around the big matches," she says of her family's enthusiasm for the game.

To The Rescue!

William's RAF Success

Unit scrambled 323 times in 2013 helping 298 people

Is there nothing Prince William cannot do?

New figures published today by the RAF have shown that the search and rescue helicopter unit which he was a member of until the middle of last year was the busiest unit in the UK for the second year running. It was scrambled 323 times in 2013, helping 298 people in danger or distress.

Flt Lt William Wales qualifies as Search and Rescue operational

SAC Faye Storer

RAF search and rescue force commander, group Capt. Sarah Mackmin, said she was, "incredibly proud". Group Capt. Mackmin, the first female to command the RAF search and rescue operation, said, "The harsh, protracted winter that lasted from January through to early April saw C Flight complete not only a higher than average number of rescues, but was also accomplished in some of the worst weather conditions Snowdonia has seen for many years."


Will's Birthday Dash To Kate

William managed to catch a fast train back to London to be by Kate's side last night

As sources had told the Royalist, Prince William raced home from Cambridge University last night, to be with his wife Kate Middleton, for a quiet night in to celebrate her 32nd birthday.

On William's first day at the ancient University he had been photographed smartly dressed in a Savile Row suit and tie but by yesterday he had clearly got more used to typical student  sartorial standards and was wearing a pair of trainers, a quilted black body warmer to keep out the cold and a baseball cap pulled down low over his eyes. He carried his books ina  rucksack.

Prince William

Geoffrey Robinson/Rex

William was photographed rushing to catch the 1645 departure from Cambridge to London, a far service which takes just 53 minutes to reach King's Cross station in London.

Happy Birthday, Kate!

Kate's Next Year - Pregnancy?

Kate turns 32 today. What will next year hold?

Kate Middleton turns 32 today, and is expected to celebrate quietly and privately with a dinner at her new home, Kensington Palace, for family and close friends.

No doubt she will be reflecting on what has been a momentous year for her and William personally, but it has also been a year in which William’s wisdom in rejecting the royal norms and marrying a commoner has been utterly vindicated in terms of the Royal family’s brand.

It should not be forgotten how brave a decision that was of William to make, and for the Queen to allow. There was significant opposition to the idea of Queen Kate – the daughter of an airline pilot and an air hostess with a token black sheep uncle – from the old guard in the establishment and the palace, but almost all of that aversion has now quietly melted away in the face of Kate's success.


Pool photo by John Stillwell

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Will William Eat Swan?

Fellows at St John's - and Royals - are allowed to eat swan

It's tough being a royal. Isolating. No-one can do half the things you do.


Britain's Queen Elizabeth II smiles as she is shown an orphaned cygnet at Oakley Court, on the River Thames, west of London, on July 20, 2009, during a swan counting census. (ANG TAN/AFP/Getty Images)

But at least Prince William, who is today experiencing day two of student life, now has some pals he can eat a swan with.

For William is having some of his tutorials at St John's,  the poshest of the Cambridge colleges, and fellows of the college are the only people outside the Royal Family legally allowed to chow down on unmarked mute swans in the UK.


Are Students Stalking William?

Student editors vow to continue blog tracking William at Cambridge

The editors of a student website at Cambridge University, has said that the publication will continue with a controversial blog tracking the movements of Prince William at the University.

The editors of the Tab student website had been warned that running the #where'swilly blog could constitute harassment, however they seem determined to continue with the project, saying today that they were "intending to continue with #where'swilly this term. We must stress that we are not encouraging any harassment of Wills and … will not be offering any T-shirts as prizes."

William is attending Cambridge University on a 10 week "bespoke" course focused on agricultural management, designed to fit him for his future role as CEO of the Duchy of Cornwall, the vast private estate which provides an income to the heir to the throne.

Prince William traveled to Cambridge for his first day at the University yesterday and was greeted by university worthies.

New Boy

Wills Urged To Mingle With Hoi Polloi

Prince William starts his new course at Cambridge next week, and is being urged to take the opportunity to get to know some poorer students

Prince William has come under fire for being given the chance to study at Cambridge University despite the fact his grades aren't nearly up to scratch ("Normally students need A*AA at A-level to gain entry to Cambridge University, whilst the Prince only achieved a mediocre ABC," wrote a student newspaper).

We think it's a bit unfair on the lad, after all he could be sitting at home playing playstation, but now he is being urged by one of the university's most high profile academics to make use of his time there to talk to less well-off students.

Mary Beard, the University’s Professor of Classics, who is something of a national treasure in the UK, has  said that the Duke could use his ten week course to meet ordinary students who are worried for their future after University.

Professor Beard, who rose to fame presenting BBC history documentaries, told the Daily Mail: “I very much hope that he will take the opportunity to meet some of our more "ordinary" students, struggling with making ends meet, worried about careers, future and debt.”

Happy Birthday, Kate

Kate's Party Planning

Kate may have to spend the day without Prince William by her side

Kate Middleton celebrates her 32nd birthday on Thursday and insiders say that the Duchess will as usual the marking the occasion quietly with her family and a few close friends, but this year she will be at her new home at Kensington Palace rather than with her parents.


Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty

Kate may have to spend the day without Prince William by her side, but he is expected to celebrate with her on Thursday evening. Today, Tuesday, he starts his new course at Cambridge University and is expected to be knuckling down with his studies for a few days this week, but it’s only an hour’s drive back to London.

Undoubtedly however, this has been another extraordinary year for Kate. She gave birth to her first child Prince George in July and since then has been seen only a few times in public since then.


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