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Kate Is Stronger Than Di


British singer George Michael on May 11, 2011. (Alastair Grant/AP)

"William has met and fallen in love with someone who has the strength of character to be able to deal with the sort of things that she couldn't"

Singer George Michael has declared what few of us doubted - that Kate Middleton is stronger than her late mother-in-law Princess Diana.

The 50-year-old singer, who is on the promotional trail as he is promoting a new album, Symphonica, said that Kate was better able to take on the constant scrutiny and media attention that came with marrying into royalty.

"I think she would have been incredibly happy for William and Kate," he told Entertainmentwise.

"And I think she'd also be really, really pleased that William has met and fallen in love with someone who has the strength of character to be able to deal with the sort of things that she couldn't.

"I know just how challenging and exacting that level of fame can be. It's like living in a goldfish bowl," he said.

"Sometimes, especially during the Faith years, I felt close to lunacy."

Last year, Michael fell out of a car doing 70mph on a motorway after, he said, attempting to open and close a door that was not properly shut.

Harry Health Scare

"Antarctica Bit Me On The Ass."

Prince Harry suffered a dramatic health scare during his trek to the South Pole, it was revealed today, after coming down with altitude sickness and being forced to rest for 36 hours.

He was left weakened, dehydrated and in pain by altitude sickness and exhaustion.

Dramatic scenes of him groaning and suffering will be screened on Sunday in British TV channel ITV's second episode of his documentary about the challenge, Harry's South Pole Heroes.

The Prince can be heard groaning loudly as he is being checked by a medic, and he admits, "Antarctica jumped up and bit me on the ass."

Phone Hacking Trial

Prince Harry's Drunk-Dials

Prince Harry made drunken phone calls to his girlfriend Chelsy Davy, the London phone hacking trial heard today, on another day of evidence that will make uncomfortable reading for the royals

The phone hacking trial in London today heard that Prince Harry would make drunken phone calls to his then girlfriend, Chelsy Davy during 'piss-ups' with his army colleagues.


Mark Cuthbert

In an email sent in March 2006 and read to the court today, former News of the World royal correspondent Clive Goodman said "She gets calls from him and he's completely not in a good condition... piss ups".

He would apparently 'shout affections to her down the phone,' Goodman added.

Hat's All Folks

Anne Recycles Hat 45 Years On

Princess Anne cements her status as the ultimate fashion recycler

Thought Kate Middleton was the reigning queen of recycling royals?

Think again!

Princess Anne

Princess Anne wears the same hat in 1969 and again at Cheltenham last week (Press Association; Reuters)

Princess Anne, the Queen's thrifty daughter, wore the slightly battered, black Homberg-style hat to Cheltenham - which she first sported 45 years ago in 1969.


Who Wants To See Real People In Vogue?

Alexandra Shulman

David M. Benett/Getty

"Readers don't want to see 'real' people on the covers of glossy mags, "because they can look in the mirror and see that for free."

The editor of British Vogue has waded into the ever-heated debate over the idealized representations of women in fashion magazines by declaring that readers don't want to see 'real' people on the covers of glossy mags, "because they can look in the mirror and see that for free."

Alexandra Shulman, the editor of British Vogue since 1992, made the forthright comments in an interview with singer Lily Allen on Radio 2.

Mrs. Shulman said she was 'bored' with the discussion about why models are so thin and said she was "fed up" of having to deal with such questions.

When asked about her favorite Vogue covers, she told Allen: "Quite often the ones I really like are the creative, arty ones. But they don't sell as well."

Baby Plans

"One Child is Enough At The Moment"

William seeks to dampen down new baby speculation

Prince William hinted today that he and his wife are in no rush to have another kid, perhaps seeking to damp down new baby speculation ahead of their visit to Australia in two weeks time.

The young royals were attending a St Patrick's Day event at the 1st Battalion Irish Guards today, and after the event, William told a soldier who asked if they were planning more kids, "Maybe one day. One is enough at the 
moment", according to a report in today's Evening Standard.

The Duke of Cambridge made the comment to a former regimental sergeant major, Ray Collister, 56, after the formalities.

The royal couple guardsman Glenn Tierney the little prince is "very busy crawling and eating".

Fergie's Weight Loss

"I Was Drowning In Food"

Sarah Ferguson reveals she lost three stone in new interview after being shocked to realise she had hit her full-term pregnancy weight

Anyone else feel a Christmas fitness video coming on?

Sarah Ferguson

Getty (2)

Sarah Ferguson has told Hello! magazine how she lost three stone after being horrified to realise she was close to the weight she had reached while pregnant, she has said.

In an interview with HELLO! magazine she also talked about how she felt she was “drowning in food”.

Fergie, who was at one stage a Weight Watchers ambassador, said she was prompted to take action when she stood on the scales and realised she was nearly as heavy as when she was pregnant with the first of her two daughters, Princess Beatrice, who is now 25.

“That really frightened me,” said the 54-year-old Duchess. “Beatrice was an 8lb 8oz baby and I was only 6lb off my full-blown pregnancy weight. I decided to make a change.”

“I used to be so angry – I believed that I had lost control. I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes.

“I was just drowning in eating, drowning in food.

“It took courage to go out in public in all the years I have been overweight. Every time there was a 'Duchess of Pork’ or 'Fat Frumpy Fergie’ headline, they didn’t have any idea they were reaching to the depths of my soul.”

She has now been appointed as an ambassador for the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College London.

Twistin' My Melon Man

Bez to Stand for Parliament

Happy Mondays mascot announces plan to run in British elections

He was, in his day, one of the great totems of Manchester's 'Madchester' rave scene.

But now Mark Berry, aka Bez, the official mascot of Shaun Ryder's band the Happy Mondays, who became a celebrated icon of the eighties despite the fact he did nothing but stand on stage dancing (if you can call walking jauntily backwards and forwards whilst playing the maraccas 'dancing') is planning to stand for election as an MP.

Yes, it’s possible that winning Celebrity Big Brother has gone to his head.


Jim Dyson

Kate's Spanish Hire

Why Kate Chose a Spanish Nanny

Kate and William will have the sympathy of British parents after they opted not to hire an English nanny

William and Kate have hired a Spanish ‘supernanny’ to look after Prince George – the holder of the most pressurized childcare job in the world was seen pushing her charge around Kensington Gardens recently, accompanied by an impressive security detail – and certain sections of British society are up in arms at their unpatriotic hire.

Not parents though. We parents know the truth about English nannies.

There was a time, of course, when the English nanny represented the pinnacle of the child-care profession – thanks largely to Mary Poppins, and the well-turned out graduates of the celebrated Norland nanny school.


They don't make them like that anymore: William and Harry with their beloved childhood nanny Olga Powell (Tim Graham / Getty Images)


Diana Leaked Royal Secrets


Tim Graham/Getty

The jury at the phone hacking trial in London hears that Princess Diana sought allies to ‘take on’ Prince Charles in the media.

Princess Diana leaked information to the press in an effort to ‘take on’ her husband, Clive Goodman, a former royal reporter at the shuttered tabloid News of The World said in court today.

Diana was sensationally named by Clive Goodman, a defendant, as the source of a 1992 internal royal phone directory found in his possession.

At the phone hacking trial in London today, Goodman said that the high-level phone directory, known as the Green Book, which contained the personal phone numbers of senior royals, was sent under plain cover to his office in an envelope with his name on it. Princess Diana called him in person later that day, asking Goodman whether he received it. 

Goodman said, “She was going through a very, very difficult time. She told me she wanted me to see the scale of her husband’s staff and household, compared with others.

A court yesterday ruled that Prince Charles's letters to government ministers should be revealed. Predictable, there's yet another appeal, but in the meantime, our pals at British comedy website The Poke have had a go at dreaming some up themselves.

This one is my favourite:



Mr Popular

Richard III Burial Battle Begins

High Court battle over where the remains of Richard III should be buried is to get under way on Thursday.,

For a monarch who was so extraordinarily unpopular in life, it's ironic that now everyone wants a piece of Richard III.

A High Court battle over where the remains of Richard III should be buried is to get under way on Thursday, and will examine the British government's decision to authorise the exhumation and reinterment of the monarch’s remains in Leicester.

It has been brought by a group of Richard III’s distant relatives, the Plantagenet Alliance Limited, who are campaigning to see the former king reburied in his native city of York.

King Richard III

The complete skeleton of King Richard III showing the curvature of the spine. (University of Leicester/Corbis)

The Black Spider Memos

Charles's 'Meddling' Letters

Nine year battle by the Guardian newspaper to view controversial letters receives major boost in court of appeal

Prince Charles has often been accused of being a 'meddling' prince, and finally the British public might get a chance to see just how far his efforts to influene government policy have gone.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles

Chris Jackson/Getty

For a nine-year battle by the Guardian newspaper journalist Rob Evans to be allowed to publish lobbying letters written by Prince Charles to government ministers received a major boost today after the Court of Appeal said that the Attorney General acted unlawfully when he blocked the publication of the letters.

The letters, sometimes referred to as the 'black spider memos" are said to contain the prince's, "most deeply held personal views and beliefs".

Everybody Dance

Charles is "Main Man" DJs Say

Prince Charles visits London youth radio station to promote Prince's Trust awards

Prince Charles was hailed as, "the main man" when he appeared in the studios of London dance radio station Kiss FM today.

Charles is touring media today to promote The Prince's Trust & Samsung Celebrate Success Awards which will be held at The Odeon, Leicester Square, London tonight.


Although he was appearing on one of London's most popular youth radio stations, complete with video feed, Charles stuck to his traditional outfit of a double-breasted suit complete with pocket square.

Cold Out There

Prince Harry's Polar Trek Fears

Prince Harry

Andrea Dixon/National Science Foundation

Prince Harry was "terrified" that he would not be able to keep up with his team mates on his south pole trek, and was nervous about letting his side down, it is being reported today.

This is probably a good moment to remind ourselves that on that trip, he grew a beard, and looked smashing with it.

Harry, who was filmed for an ITV documentary - Harry's South Pole Heroes - about the Antarctic adventure, which will be broadcast in the UK this Sunday, was recorded before the trip saying, "I don't want to let the side down through fitness or injuries or anything like that.There's a lot of pressure on everybody involved, so I've just got to get it right... It's not just about fitness, it's about knowing exactly what you can and can't do. For me, it's bigger than just these guys.We're trying to raise money but also to raise awareness for the fact that the injuries they've sustained they're going to carry for the rest of their lives."


The Royalist



Dissecting Cressida's Style

Dissecting Cressida's Style

Prince Harry’s girlfriend is the opposite of Kate Middleton in every way. Tom Sykes examines the evidence: a pair of Doc Martens, some dungarees, and that infamous scrunchie.

Sibling Rivalry

Mad About Pippa

Not A Stretch

Kate Flashes Tummy on First Solo Engagement Since Birth