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Big Job

Kate Hires Spanish Nanny

Kate has struggled on for eight months without a nanny, but now she has cracked and hired a Spanish supernanny

British society parents are frequently scathing about English nannies, the usual complaints being that they are lazy will not do any tidying up around the house.

So, they tend to hire foreign nannies for their young kids instead, and it appears that William and Kate are no exception.



For they have reportedly hired a Spanish, "super Nanny" to look after young Prince George.

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Naked Pregnant British Heiress!!

Tamara Ecclestone - heiress to a multi-billion dollar fortune - posts images of her body in the final weeks of pregnancy

Even if she could be accused of over-sharing, Tamara Ecclestone - heir to the multi-billion dollar Formula 1 empire built up by her considerably less smooth-skinned dad, Bernie - looks pretty good for 39 weeks pregnant, we are sure you'll agree.


The brunette model and stalwart of the London party scene indulged in an unrivaled bit of self-promotion today, posting a picture of herself naked in the final stages of her pregnancy on her Instagram account, with the caption, "One week to go."

It is not advised for anyone else in the entire world who is 39 weeks pregnant to look at this picture for fear of causing feelings of inadequacy.

We always got the impression the Prince Harry kind of enjoyed not having too much responsibility - and a new book confirms just that.

Prince Harry and Prince William

Mark Richards--Pool/Reuters

Prince Harry told his brother Prince William, "You'll be king and I won't, so I can do what I like," according to a new biography of the boisterous young royal.

In a new biography, serialised in the Mirror at the weekend, royal correspondent Marcia Moody writes: “William often received the lion’s-share of attention from some senior members of the family and some of the staff.

Ding Dong?

Odds Slashed On New Royal Wedding

Bookmakers slash odds of new royal wedding after Prince Harry and his girlfriend were photographed in public together for the second time in three days on Sunday.

Prince Harry and his girlfriend Cressida Bonas were photographed in public together for the second time in three days yesterday at a rugby match.



The couple, who have previously taken great care to make sure they are not photographed together, can be in little doubt that their sudden spate of public appearances and PDAs will do little to dampen down speculation that the UK could be on the verge of another royal wedding.

Cressida was casually dressed with her nails painted black.

First Pics!

Cressida And Harry Together!

Cressida and Harry appear together at an official event for the first time and allow themselves to be photographed. Does this mean engagement is forthcoming?

Engagement rumors are back in overdrive today after Prince Harry was accompanied by his girlfriend Cressida Bonas on a public engagement for the first time today.


Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment, via Press Association

Harry was guest of honour at youth empowerment charity We Day, and sat with his girlfriend Cressida in the audience.

Cressida wore skinny jeans, a simple top and seqin Converse and was happy to be snapped by photographers with Harry as they snuggled up together in the crowd.

Royal Holiday

Will & Kate Holiday Without Baby!

Shock greets William and Kate's decision to jet off on long-haul holiday without their baby

When the first reports started filtering back from  the Indian Ocean on Wednesday evening that William and Kate had slipped off for a week's vacation to a five-star resort in the Maldives, to say that  the corps of British royal correspondents was wrong footed would be an understatement.


Will and Kate on a previous holiday (Splash News / Newscom)

There was a combined sense of shock and grudging admiration that once again the young royals had managed to keep their plans entirely secret, with the first news that William and Kate were indeed on holiday - again - coming not from a leak, but from a local newspaper which observed them arriving in Male.

irritatingly for the royal press team, the news completely overshadowed Prince Harry's launch of the Invictus Games, a paralympic-style event for wounded servicemen.


Harry Launches UK 'Warrior Games'

Harry continues his work with disabled servicemen and women, launching a paralympic-style event for disabled servicemen

Last time Prince Harry was in America, he witnessed the Warrior Games, a paralympic-style event for wounded servicemen, and he said at the time that he hoped to bring a similar event to the UK.


Chris Jackson/Getty for Invictus Games

Today he made good on that promise, and  launched a sporting championship for injured members of the armed forces in the UK, the Invictus Games, which will see servicemen and women take part in sports like wheelchair basketball, indoor rowing and sitting volleyball.

The launch of the Invictus Games is a major part of the reason why Harry gave up his active duty army career and moved to a London desk-job.

Spring Must Be Here

Queen Elizabeth Bursts Into Song

Proving definitively once and for all that reports of her grumpiness are  much overstated, the Queen is reported to have launched into song while chatting to a young singer, trilling out a few bars by British popster Gary Barlow.

Laura Wright, 23, who will perform 'God Save the Queen' at Twickenham this weekend told the Daily Mail: “When I was talking to her, she sang a little bit of a track from Gary’s Sing EP..It sounded like she had a lovely voice. I did offer her some singing lessons, but I think she might be quite busy...She said Gary Barlow had told her that anyone can sing; it’s just a matter of learning, which I totally agree with.”

Barlow was chosen to compose the Queen’s official Diamond Jubilee single, Sing, with Andrew Lloyd Webber.


Royal Playboy

Prince Andrew Dating George Clooney's Ex

Before there was Prince Harry, there was Prince Andrew.

And the elder royal playboy of his generation  has clearly lost none of his pulling power as his new squeeze is none other than George Clooney's ex, the Croatian model Monika Jakisic.

The new couple are said to have celebrated Andrew's birthday together at Cecconi's restaurant just off Savile Row in London.

A witness told “They sat next to each other at an intimate table by the front of the restaurant and were cuddling up to each other. Andrew was making Monika laugh and kissing her hand.”

The eyewitness added during the dinner “Monika gave him a birthday card and the server brought out a white birthday cake for dessert.”

Days later they were spotted at The Arts Club in Mayfair.

Date Night

Harry Out With Cressida

Prince Harry making most of his redeployment to London

Prince Harry and his girlfriend Cressida Bonas were pictured together in public last night for just the second time as they went to dinner at The Ivy restaurant in London with Sam Branson, Richard's son, who is married to Cressida's sister Isabella.

The elite youngsters were photographed walking into the exclusive London eatery yesterday evening.

Harry kept a few paces ahead of Cressida to try and prevent a picture of them together surfacing, but photographers managed to get the moth in the same frame.

Harry was casually dressed, wearing a pair of dark blue jeans with a navy fleece, a white polo top and a black cap (the Ivy has no dress code) and Cressida wore a simple black dress.

King Stuff

Maori King Snubs William

Maori king, King Tuheitia, declines to meet William in New Zealand

When it comes to a quiet chat between a serving king and a future king, ninety minutes just isn't long enough to impart the secrets of how to rule.
That, at least, seems to be the position of New Zealand’s Maori king,  King Tuheitia, who has rejected a meeting with Prince William when the young British royal visits New Zealand next month.
Prime minister John Key said King Tuheitia had turned down a visit from Prince William because the 90-minute time slot offered was too short, according to a report in The Guardian today.
On Tuesday, King Tuheitia’s office issued a statement confirming the royals would not meet, despite Prince William and his wife visiting the Waikato.

“The king was never asked anything. He was simply told,” the statement said.

The government’s delegation of the organisation of such an important visit to “faceless bureaucrats” was attacked as a grave error of judgment, repeating history that had seen the king’s position continually diminished and undermined.

A personal letter explaining the king’s reason for declining the visit had been couriered to the royal couple several weeks ago, the statement said.

The statement said 60 to 90 minutes was not considered long enough to look after the royal couple and the Maori leaders who would gather to pay them homage.

“The king wanted to give his best to this couple to reflect their status. He was being prevented from doing that.”

Desmond Tutu quielty attacks British and American hostility to Mandela

Prince Harry this morning attended a memorial for Nelson Mandela in London.

Harry, representing the Queen, joined senior politicians including David Cameron at the service in Westminster Abbey celebrating the life and work of Nelson Mandela, who died on December 5 aged 95.

The service heard South African singing and drumming and an address to the congregation by Kgalema Motlanthe, South African deputy president, and Peter Hain MP, the veteran anti-apartheid campaigner.

In an address to the congregation, Desmond Tutu, the former Archbishop of Cape Town thanked "splendid" and "amazing" anti-apartheid campaigners for their efforts in changing the "moral climate" over apartheid.


Yes, George Has A New Nanny

The royals have hired a new nanny for Prince George

Slipped into yesterday's announcement of the three-week mega-tour of Australia and New Zealand to be undertaken by the young royal family next month and over Easter was confirmation of a rumor that has been doing the rounds for some time now—that Kate has hired a nanny for George.

The identity of the nanny has still not been discovered, although she is believed to be English, in her twenties and already well-established with the family at Kensington Palace. We're on it.

Will and Kate's secretary Miguel Head slipped the news out when discussing the size of the royal party travelling to Australia, saying, "The party is similar in size to recent overseas visits undertaken by Their Royal Highnesses. It consists of me and the Duchess's Private Secretary, Rebecca Deacon, three press officers, a Tour Secretary, a Personal Assistant, a Hairdresser and an Orderly to help manage the logistics. Sir David Manning will also accompany Their Royal Highnesses throughout. A new addition to the party is, of course, Prince George’s nanny."

Sources have told the Royalist that William and Kate are believed to be 'gearing up' for a second child and the hiring of a nanny may be part of that plan.

Baby Boom

George's Debut Public Appearance

Palace confirm that Prince George will make public appearance on New Zealand tour, assuring worldwide coverage

There had been some debate among news organizations whether they would go to the expense and trouble of sending full crews to cover the forthcoming tour of William and Kate to Australia and New Zealand.

But now that Kensington Palace has announced that Prince George will take part in his debut public engagement when he accompanies the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to a nursery in New Zealand, a scramble for media places and plane tickets is underway.

The decision, announced yesterday afternoon, that George will make his first public appearance in Australia will ensure massive media attention on Will and Kate's trip down under, and may go some way to explaining why the baby has been kept so totally under wraps so far.

He has only been photographed three times by press photographers - once at his Christening and once at the hospital, and he was also photographed from a distance by a paparazzi when Kate changed planes in the Carribbean en route to Mustique.


Camilla Backs FGM Eradication Campaign

Duchess to support anti-FGM campaign

Camilla has given her backing to efforts to stamp out female genital mutilation (FGM), according to a leading campaigner.

Anti-FGM charity founder Nimco Ali told the Daily Telegraph that Camilla gave the "royal seal of approval" during a reception for the Southbank Centre's Women of the World (WOW) festival, which starts on March 5.

The co-founder of the charity Daughters of Eve, created in 2010, said: "Camilla said she thinks the campaign is terrific and she heard about the stuff we're doing. She said she was impressed with the work and wanted more information about the campaign.

"I want to build the momentum. We're starting a conversation and we're breaking the cycle. My ultimate aim is that by the time my niece is eight - she's three now - there won't be a risk of FGM. I want to break that cycle and for her to say later: 'You had to actually do that [fight against FGM]?' She's the first person not to be cut in the family."


The Royalist



Dissecting Cressida's Style

Dissecting Cressida's Style

Prince Harry’s girlfriend is the opposite of Kate Middleton in every way. Tom Sykes examines the evidence: a pair of Doc Martens, some dungarees, and that infamous scrunchie.

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