This Is Why You're Fat

The hit blog This is Why You’re Fat, a showcase of the world’s unhealthiest cuisine, is now a svelte little book. Author Jessica Amason talks to Rachel Syme about the Gross-Food Movement.

Stephen Dietz

Stephen Dietz

Monster Sandwich Pie

The recipe for this atrocity was submitted by blog reader Stephen Dietz. It includes half a roast ham and half a roast turkey, a tub of sour cream, a tub of cream cheese, and a full pound of cheddar and Swiss cheeses, all stuffed inside a King’s Hawaiian original round bread loaf. As This Is Why You’re Fat co-creator Jessica Amason says, “It's a brilliant idea. Why would you want to just eat a sandwich when you can eat it…in a pie?”

Clarence F. Jacobs

Quadruple Bypass Burger

“This is an actual menu item at the Heart Attack Grill in Chandler, Arizona,” says Amason. “The best part is all the waitresses and cooks serve you the bypass burger dressed up as sexy nurses, and if you finish it, you get a T-shirt, and get wheeled to your car in a wheelchair by the staff.”

Edward Shen and Michael Ybarra

Bacon Beeritos

“This is another inspirational user creation,” says Amason. “We had a tough time figuring out how to feature it, as there are so many steps. Every time you think it can't get any fattier, it does.” The recipe’s many steps include cooking bacon and tortillas directly in beer, stuffing the tortillas with more bacon and beef cooked in beer, wrapping them in more bacon, and then deep-frying until golden. Hungry yet?

Leah Hardstack


The McNuggetini, a chocolate milkshake mixed with vodka, rimmed with barbeque sauce, and garnished with half a chicken nugget, is the creation of two female friends of Amason’s. “This one is near and dear to my heart, no pun intended,” she says. “We worked with them to get this featured in the book as well as blog, and now they have a book deal of their own, highlighting the world’s fattiest cocktails.” It’s one big, jiggly family.

Stephen Witherden

Deep-Fried Coke

“This recipe won a prize at a state fair in the Midwest,” says Amason. Stephen Witherden’s recipe involves making a batter of flour, baking powder, and freezing Coca-Cola, which is then fried and topped with whipped cream.

Superlocal (Flickr)

Pizza Cone

“This is a real thing, and it is really popular in Seoul,” says Amason. “They serve pizza in these little boxes and it comes cone-shaped, like a glorified calzone.”

Keith and Corie Rein

Elvis Donut

A doughnut-adaptation of chubby-era Elvis’ favorite meal was created by the owners of the Ike and Jane Café in Athens, Georgia. The doughnuts are peanut-butter glazed, then topped with bacon and bananas.

Tom Coates

Hot Beef Sundae

Amason says, “This is actually a street fair item. It’s mashed potatoes smothered in brown gravy and cheddar cheese, with a cherry tomato on top.”

Marah Anderson and Gus Straub

Country Breakfast Parfait

Another real menu item, this winner “contains all the elements of a country breakfast shoved into a cup as a parfait would be.” Those elements include tater tots, fried eggs, chicken-fried steak bites, buttermilk biscuit chunks, sausage gravy, and bacon.

Kerryn Findlay

Deep-Fried Cadbury Creme Egg

“This was also submitted by a user,” says Amason. “ We think these might exist at street fairs because we've received more than one. Cadbury Creme Eggs are already so rich and indulgent, can you imagine a fried one?” Amason adds that though as the blog founders she and Richard Blakeley see many pictures of fattening food, they rarely eat it. ”But we’ve been known to eat deep-fried Oreos. Most of the deep-fried stuff on site I would probably eat. But we do have a deep-fried cheeseburger that I think goes too far. It’s like…why?”

Bryan S. Thompson

The Fat Tuesday

This “next level sandwich” comes from a reader in New Orleans, who decided to open up a traditional Mardi Gras king cake, and shove sausages, bacon, and cheeseburgers inside.

Jessica Amason

Twinkie Weiner Sandwich

“We made this on CNN, and it was definitely gross,” says Amason. “We had to eat it after we made it, but it looks so much better than it tastes. This was inspired by something Weird Al Yankovic ate in the movie UHF, and there’s almost no cooking involved. It was easy to do on air.”

Catherine Schon and Zach Spier


The pièce de résistance of the gross-foods movement, the Porkgasm, submitted by readers Zach Spier and Catherine Schon, consists of a “pig” made out of eight different types of pork (from sausage to bacon to ham to pork belly), reconstructed into a porcine shape and smoked for three hours.