Tom & Lorenzo’s 12 Fashion Week Essentials

In preparation for fashion week, the hilariously fabulous and opinionated blogging duo share their must-haves for surviving the mad dash of the shows…and the threat posed by carbs.

Lorenzo Marquez

Lorenzo Marquez

New York Fashion Week! The biggest, craziest, most attention-seeking trade show in the world! Hard-working fashion bloggers need to strike a balance between fabulous and practical in order to own the week. Here’s what fashion-blogging duo T Lo find absolutely essential for surviving a week of going from show to show.

Lorenzo Marquez

1. Coffee

Forgive us for stating the obvious, but little paper cups full of piping hot liquid life are the only thing that’s going to keep you upright for 14 hours without the benefit of eating.

Lorenzo Marquez

2. To-Die-For Outerwear

Because even if you wear a pretty outfit underneath, you’re unlikely to take your coat off in most venues when you’re assigned a seating area the size of a Post-It note. Your coat is your outfit. Make it count.

(Pictured: Outerwear by Prada, Burberry, and Marc Jacobs)

Lorenzo Marquez

3. Kiehl’s Lip Balm

Going from cab to tent to cab to chic industrial space to cab to hotel in arctic temperatures will eventually cause your lips to crack so much they fall off your face and shatter on the sidewalk. Plus, the delicious flavors take the place of the food you’re denying yourself.

Lorenzo Marquez

4. Fabulous Notebooks

One for each of us. Because even with all our gadgets and tablets, we need good old-fashioned pen and paper to organize our thoughts after a show. If we’re going to be scribbling away in public, we might as well do it in something that’s nice to look at.

Lorenzo Marquez

5. A Good Man Bag

This must-have is not just for practical reasons (because half the items on this list need somewhere to go), but for stylish ones as well. Everyone at NYFW wants to have that “put together” look, so having a killer bag is just as big a deal for the fashionistos as it is for the fashionistas.

(Pictured: Bags by Prada, Jack Spade, DKNY, Burberry, Jack Spade)

Lorenzo Marquez

6. iPad Calendar

Because you need something simple, bright, and easy to warn you way ahead of time that there’s no way you can make it to the Meatpacking District from Lincoln Center in five minutes.

Lorenzo Marquez

7. A Scented Candle

We could say it’s to keep us calm and centered or to provide us inspiration, but it’s really because you’re going to inevitably break down and eat something smelly in your hotel room at 11 p.m. when you’re trying to stay up and write the next day’s posts.

(Pictured: Orange scented Pop Candle from Jonathan Adler)

Lorenzo Marquez

8. Drop-Dead Shades

Because we love accessories, but hate to wear jewelry. And also because we’re the Walking (But Chic) Dead by about Day 4 and need something to cover the dark circles blooming under our eyes.

(Pictured: Sunglasses by Tom Ford, John Varvatos, DSquared2, Ray Ban, Alexandre Herchcovich)

Lorenzo Marquez

9. Killer (and Occasionally Comfortable) Shoes

Once again, in February, the only parts of your outfit that make an impression are the parts you wear outside. Not pictured: The hideous snow boots we’ll likely be forced to wear.

(Pictured: Shoes from Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Duckie Brown)

Lorenzo Marquez

10. Kickass Camera Phone

Because you don’t want to be the jerk in the front row holding up an iPad to take pictures. You want something small to perch on your knee that gives you the option to tweet out the pics immediately and won’t garner you dirty looks because you’re blocking some editor’s view.

(Pictured: Nokia Lumia 1020)

Lorenzo Marquez

11. Power Strips

Because four laptops, two iPads, four phones, one steamer, one iron, two Sonicare toothbrushes, a hair dryer, and a beard trimmer don’t run on love, darling. We’ve yet to see a hotel room that had enough outlets to handle our Fashion Week power needs.

Lorenzo Marquez

12. Carbs

Oh, go ahead. You’re going to break down eventually. God wants you to have them.