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Tony Soprano, Bill Clinton, and More: The Return of the Power Paunch

From Tony Soprano to Bill Clinton, the power paunch reigns supreme.

Prince Albert, Tony Soprano, and Bill Clinton were all known for their charisma and what some may argue was one of their best assets: the power paunch. See other politicians and celebrities modeling that most exquisite of all male accessories.

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No Gut, No Glory

Southern Comfort’s award-winning “Whatever’s Comfortable” campaign features a beach stroller who owns his paunch so completely, he’s become a global cult hero.

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Under My Tum

Skinny and pale was the dominant look for rock gods for decades, but Keith Richards has recently made the switch from riff to midriff. 

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Oval Office

During Bill Clinton's tenure in office, the White House boasted its finest paunch since the days of George Washington. Health issues have since forced Bubba to go vegan and settle for more a modest silhouette. 

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The Dictator Paunch

Any tyrant worth his salt knows a tauntingly well-fed belly is essential to complete the Bond-villain aesthetic. When North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-il got ill and lost weight, newspapers wondered if it his days were numbered. (Correctly, as it turned out.)

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The Transitioned Paunch

Chaz Bono can happily confirm that one of the great privileges about transitioning to maledom is the shame-free paunch—and the admirers it attracts.

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Too Much of a Good Thing

BBC Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson is proof of the clear line between exquisite paunch and just plain gross. That’s not a paunch, that’s a belly.

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Buddha Bing

Crime boss Tony Soprano was a proud adherent to the tradition of menacingly rotund mafiosi that dates back to Al Capone. He snacked constantly to keep up his intimidating physique.

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Baldwin Bloat

Alec Baldwin’s weight has fluctuated wildly over the years, but he’s at his grandiose best and funniest when packing a Jack Donaghy paunch.

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The Power Paunch Mascot

George Clooney’s pet of choice for his Hollywood bachelor pad was not a designer dog with six-pack abs, it was a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig.