Top 10 Craziest Celebrity Face Tattoos

Rapper Yung LA is the latest star to ink his cheek (with a pink duck!), but he’s not the first. From another hip-hop star’s infamous ice cream cone to Mike Tyson’s tribal eye-encroaching symbo, see the stars’ most ridiculous facial features.

Gucci Mane

Fresh out of a mental-health facility, where he’d gone after pleading he was “mentally incompetent” to stand trial for a probation violation, rapper Gucci Mane got a giant three-scoop ice cream cone tattooed on his right cheek, with “Brrrr” written on it and red lightning bolts shooting out of the top. Mane has worked with many fellow face-tattooed friends, from Lil’ Wayne to Soulja, but according to one of his most notorious comrades, Mike Tyson, the ink symbolized the fact that Mane “likes getting liked on.”

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This rapper is serious about getting game face on. The hip-hop artist formerly known The Game, currently known as Game, is best known for his collaboration with 50 Cent, “Hate It or Love It.” And seemingly, that is also his attitude about his facial ink. He first got a butterfly  tattooed on his face, as an homage to his grandmother. But then, the fickle rapper says he “woke up one morning and I was on my shit like I usually be, and I felt like I was the face of L.A. So I went to the tattoo shop and put L.A. on my face." Game changed his mind again and put a red star over the L.A. Word of advice: If you’re indecisive about your tattoos, you probably shouldn’t get them on your face.

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Michelle Bombshell McGee

Being a tattoo model, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, the mistress of Sandra Bullock’s former husband, Jesse James, is covered in ink. But the tattoo you’re likely to notice first is that which covers her forehead with the plea: “Pray for us sinners.” At least, that’s what it currently says. In 40 years, when she’s in her sixties, New York plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Freund believes McGee’s tattoo will blur. “Coupled with wrinkles and gravity, her message will become indecipherable,” explains Freud via StyleList.

Yung LA

Gucci Mane got an ice cream cone tattooed on his cheek, a strangely sweet graphic to accompany an otherwise tough image. This week, fellow rapper Yung LA seemed to follow suit with a pink duck—but the bird is actually wielding some sort of sci-fi canon. “That tattoo just comes from something in the city,” the Atlanta artist told XXL magazine. “I know a lot of people from Zone 6… and their whole movement is called Duct Tape and I just had been really getting up with these guys… There’s so many cliques in Atlanta and I just wanted to be the Robin Hood, I just wanted to be the guy that could have relationships with everybody in the city.” But one of the co-CEOs of Duct Tape Entertainment, Alley Boy, warned he didn’t appreciate the tribute. “[Yung LA] aint’ get the OK from none one of us… He’s gonna have [to get] like a pendant or a star or somethin’ to cover that shit,” Alley Boy said. “It’s like an ex-boyfriend name or somethin’.” Maybe this is why people tend to go for “Mom” instead.

Lil’ Wayne

Lil’ Wayne seems to have taken inspiration for his face art from Lucky Charms—stars and hearts cascade down one side of his face and teardrops fall down the other. The recently incarcerated rapper also inked some veins on his forehead and chin and tattooed his many nicknames elsewhere: A “C” for Carter between his eyes, “Misunderstood,” “Tune,” and “Lucky Me” on his cheek. Weezy, as he is known, even has a smiley face tattooed in the inside of his lip and the modest words “I AM MUSIC” in caps above his eyebrow in red. “That's me. I love music,” he told MTV of the facial décor. “I found a love for music. I owe it all to a lot of people in the game.” He cited T-Pain among those inspirations, who happens to have a “Like” tattoo inspired by Facebook—thankfully, it’s not on his face.

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Kat Von D

Clearly, Jesse James likes his ladies with ink on their faces.  His fiancé, tattoo artist Kat Von D of the TLC reality show LA Ink, opted for relatively discreet stars on her temple because of her favorite song: Motley Crue’s " Starry Eyes.” The face of James’ ex-wife, Oscar winner Sandra Bullock, remains tattoo-less, but she still has more star power.

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Mike Tyson

Due to rape charges and biting an opponent’s ear off, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson had firmly established his fearsome factor. But he truly solidified the image when he got a tattoo inspired by the New Zealand Maori warrior tribe. It’s probably a better fit, as he says, than hearts. Tyson’s simple explanation for his ink? “I like going to war.”

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Soulja Boy

Changing up the ubiquitous rap star teardrop tattoos, Soulja Boy got a cross on his cheek—and a series of crosshatch marks on his eyebrow. Although the “Crank That” singer’s neck is ringed with dollar signs, musical notes and lipstick kisses, he doesn’t want young people following his example. In fact, his tattoos are pretty much the only negative influence he says he has on his “followers.” Apparently, he thinks they do not what it means to “superman that ho,” as his hit song instructs.

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For the Love of Ray J’s Danger

Monica “Danger” Leon, the reality-TV contestant from VH1’s For the Love of Ray J with a history of craziness, has a tattoo of a tiger crawling down the side of her face. When Ray J first saw the image, he said, “Body of a goddess, face from hell.” Perhaps that’s why she didn’t win.

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Jackass pranskter Steve-O literally has a face tattoo—only it’s of his face and on his back. “I never get a tattoo unless I know it will make somebody smile,” he said. And Steve-O might actually be on to something with his interpretation of the “face tattoo” trend. While most of the inked stars on this list will see their tattoos get wrinkled and saggy, reminding them of how much they’ve aged, Steve-O will have a giant picture of his young face on his person as a permanent reminder of his glory days.