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 'Dirty Dancing' is a 1987 American romance film set in the Catskills Mountains of Upstate New York in 1963. The movie, which starred Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in the lead roles, took place at a fictitious resort called Kellerman's, which was modeled after popular real life Borsht Belt retreats like Grossinger's and the Pines Hotel. The Borscht Belt is a term for a band of hotels, resorts, and spas, patronized largely by Jewish New Yorkers, which were spread across the Catskills in the middle of Twentieth Century. Before airfare became affordable to working and middle class families, the Catskills represented one of the most accessible vacation areas for New Yorkers. Sadly, it is the end of an era for the lost resorts that so inspired the film. Today, 50 years after the heyday of these getaways, most of the biggest resorts of the Belt are in ruins, abandone --- Image by © Weird NJ/Splash News/Corbis Corbis