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(NYT43) NEW YORK -- March 14, 2007 -- FILM-TATUM-ONEAL-ADV18 -- Tatum O'Neal in New York in March. Instead of going into real estate, O'Neal, now 43, began to revive her long-moribund career with a guerrillalike zeal. The obstacles she faced were formidable: Her career had pretty much evaporated after her marriage to the tennis champion John McEnroe in 1986, and her reputation took a hit after they split up in 1992 and she lost custody of their three children because of drug abuse. (She says she is now sober and in a 12-step program, and that she is in a relationship with Ron Castellano, a New York architect.) (Michael Nagle/The New York Times) Michael Nagle, The New York Times / Redux