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SITTWE, BURMA - MAY 24:  Arafa 27 years old and her five children decided to leave the IDP camps to come to Malaysia where her husband and the father of her children lives and work. Out to sea they were kidnapped by human traffickers who held them capture 3 months. Arafa testify about rape and torture aboard the smuggling ships, May 24, 2015 in Sittwe, Burma. Since 2012, the minority group of the Rohingya people are forced to live in IDP camps, in Rakhaing State in western Burma. They have been denied citizenship in their homeland Burma and are accused of being illegal migrants from neighbouring Bangladesh. Thousands of Rohingays try to escape the misery in the IDP camps across the Andaman Sea on small fishing boats hoping to reach Malaysia. Many of those who embark on the perilous journey by sea fall into the hands of human traffickers who charge high prices in return for their freedom. Jonas Gratzer/ Getty
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