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KEDIRI, EAST JAVA, INDONESIA - 2013/09/10: Soybean farmers in Nganjuk, northern district of Kediri. Nganjuk is one of the largest soybean producing areas in Indonesia. Producers of a snack made from tofu called ‘tempe’ in Indonesia have gone on strike to protest the high price of soybeans. But in Kediri the local factories kept up production of the popular fried bean product while in Jakarta and other big cities factories went on strike in early September. The strike was called to protest the high price of soybean in Indonesia caused by the increase in soybean prices due to the decline in the Indonesian Rupiah against the U.S. Dollar. Tofu and tempe are staple foods for many Indonesians who like the fact that the price is much cheaper than meat. Indonesia is unable to produce enough soybeans for local consumption meaning a reliance on imports from the United States. From January to July 2013, the Indonesian soybean imports reached 1.1 million tons, worth U.S. $ 670 million.. (Photo by Arief Priyono/LightRocket via Getty Images),Soybean plants grow in a growth chamber at the Monsanto Chesterfield Village facility in Chesterfield, Missouri, U.S., on Thursday, April 15, 2010. Monsanto Co., the world's biggest seed company, plans to complete most of its $800 million stock buyback plan more than a year ahead of schedule after the shares dropped to the lowest since 2007. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images The Daily Beast