Twilight Tattoos: Breaking Dawn, Edward, Bella, Jacob & More (Photos)

As ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 1’ hits theaters, see photos of Twilight body art inspired by the franchise.

Courtesy of Fran Richards

Once, Twice, Three Times a Twi-Hard

True fans of Edward, Bella, Jacob and all of the characters in the Stephenie Meyer series have shown their devotion with ink that will live as long as the series’ immortal hero. As Breaking Dawn: Part 1 hits theaters, see photos of the top Twilight body art inspired by the franchise.

By Jaimie Etkin

For her 50th birthday, Fran Richards decided to get a tattoo of the Cullen Crest (not pictured), representing vampire Edward’s (Robert Pattinson) family, in 2009. “I was so wrapped in this tattoo and loved the whole Twilight Saga so I decided to get more,” the Australia native explains. Richards’s next tattoo (left) was a portrait of Edward and Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) because, she explains, “I'm definitely Team Edward.” Finally, she got a combination of the saga’s book covers (right).  “My obsession with Twilight is simply because I love the whole idea of such an all consuming passionate/pure love, which is expressed between Edward and Bella,” Richards says. “And of course, I love a vampire—the ultimate bad boy!”

Courtesy of Kellie McGinnity

When Shakespeare Met Cullen

Kelly McGinnity just finished her Twilight tattoo down her side about a month ago. “I waited till just before Breaking Dawn: Part 1 was to be released in New Zealand,” she explained. “This tattoo to me means everything. I can’t begin to describe in words how much Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga books have changed how I look at love and what it all means.” McGinnity says her tattoo, which combines a quote from William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream and the four images from the book series’ covers, “represents love, respect, family, and friends and that if you try and love hard enough, you can succeed in life and love.” McGinnity added, “My tattoo is big bold and beautiful just like the Twilight empire and Edward Cullen. Team Edward all the way!”

Courtesy of Shawna Jimenez

Forever Is Never Enough

Shawna Jimenez got her tattoo about three months ago, after being inspired the first time she saw the Breaking Dawn trailer and heard Edward say to Bella, “No measure of time with you will be long enough, but we’ll start with forever.” “The words hit me right in the heart,” Jimenez says. “It is the exact way I feel about my husband, Christian. I could not imagine my world without him in it and I want to spend forever with him.” The Californian loves Twilight for the same reasons she thinks everyone would: “The Twilight Saga to me is everyone’s dream whirlwind romance where you should get that amazing feeling that you can’t live in a world without that special someone and wouldn’t want to either.”

Megan Moran

Being Bella

Fresh to the Twilight tattoo scene, Megan Moran got inked this week in San Diego. “The story has become such a large part of my life and was what would make me smile when I was going through a really hard deployment when my husband was sent out,” Moran explained her connection to Twilight. Her tattoo, which is on her upper arm, includes a quote from Bella from the first book of the saga: “Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.” “That phrase just struck so close to home for me and reminded me that even in the darkest times, only then do we really see the brighter things in life,” Moran, whose husband calls her Vampire Bella, added. Of the design, she said, “The chess piece is to me the symbol of the strong woman that Bella had become, and the woman I am as well.”

Courtesy of Brittany Burgos

Tattoo for Mom: <em>Twilight</em> Style

Brittany Burgos got a tattoo on her shoulder, which reads, “For the first time [in almost a century,] I felt hope," in March of 2010, just before her mother’s birthday. “I got it because in 2009, my mom had not one, but two cancer scares,” says Burgos, who was inspired while reading Eclipse. “When I read the quote, it reminded me of my mom. She was so full of hope that she was going to be okay and I wanted to get the tattoo to remind myself to never lose hope, no matter what the circumstances.” Burgos first picked up Twilight in 2008 and read all four books in the span of one week. “I didn't fall in love with the books because of the love story,” she explains. “I fell in love with them because they reminded me that absolutely anything is possible.”

For Twi-Hards Only

Aussie Hayley runs the Twilight Inspired Tattoos blog as hobby and she loves it. “The response I have received from people emailing me their tattoos has been wonderful,” the mom of two explains. “Almost all of the tattoos on my blog, over 300 of them, mean something other than Twilight to the owner… Mine relate to my children and husband… Mine are subtle; you wouldn't know they were ‘twi-tatts’ unless you were a fellow Twi yourself. This was important to me.” Hayley has two Twilight tattoos. The first, on her lower back, was done after Eclipse, the film franchise’s third installment. It’s the quote, “Plus Que Ma Propre Vie,” which translates to “More than my own life.” Hayley explained, “I have two daughters. This is for them, as much as it is for Twilight.” Her second tattoo is a quote from the Breaking Dawn: Part 1 trailer. The words, “No measure of time with you will be long enough, but we'll start with forever,” are written down the side of her body. "This not only symbolizes my love for the series, but for my husband,” Hayley explained. “It’s perfect.”

Courtesy of Teresa Welbourn

Taylor Approved

Teresa Welbourn has not one, but two Twilight tattoos and is working on a third. First, she got the Cullen Crest with the quote “Be Safe” beneath it on her right forearm. On her left forearm, Welbourn got inked with the wolf pack symbol, which Jacob and his fellow werewolves wear in the films. Beneath it is “Kwop Kilawtley,” which means “I love you,” as Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob in the franchise, told her. “I got Taylor to sign my wolf pack tattoo when me and my daughters met him and Kristen [Stewart] in Sydney,” Welbourn says. “I was just going to get a photo with him when I thought, ‘Hey! Why not get my tattoo signed?’” The Twi-hard asked Lautner to sign and he obliged, asking if her ink was real. When she said yes, he said, “Oh my god. That is so cool!” The following day, Welbourn went and got his signature tattooed on her arm, beneath the wolf pack tattoo. When Robert Pattinson came to town for Water for Elephants, the Aussie tried to get him to sign near the Cullen Crest. “Some girl grabbed him and was taken away by security so I missed out on the signature,” Welbourn says. “But hopefully I’ll get it one day.” In the meanwhile, she’s staying occupied with a tattoo in progress of the Twilight book covers on the bottom half of her left leg, which should be done in the next month. “I love Twilight and I love my tattoos,” Welbourn adds. “I would never regret getting them and they are so special to me.”

Courtesy of Bobbi Sicaju

Tattoos Before “I Do’s”

Bobbie Sicaju and her fiancé decided to get their first tattoos together for their sixth anniversary in May 2010. “Since we have been together our motto had always been, ‘True love last forever,’” she explains. After reading Eclipse and seeing what Edward said to Bella when he was proposing—“I promise to love you forever. Every single day of forever”—Sicaju decided that was what she wanted to get inked on her side. “It just was like how we felt about each other times 1,000,” she explained.

Courtesy of Rochelle Angevine

Keep on Truckin’

Rochelle Angevine considers all things Twilight to be her hobby. “I don't sew or quilt or scrapbook,” she explains. “I Twilight!”  She says her friends and family are very supportive of her admitted obsession— Angevine has a Facebook group called Montana Twilighters, where she posts pictures of her Twilight room and all of her Twilight collections, and another called Bella Truck Project, where she documents refurbishing a 1963 Chevy pickup truck with her husband to look just like Bella’s in the film franchise. Angevine, whose license plate reads “TWILIGHT MOM,” also vacations in Forks, Washington, where the story is set. “I am completely and utterly obsessed with everything Twilight and Forks,” she admits. While she was there last summer, Angevine got a tattoo— “Be Safe,” a quote from the first book— which is what she always tells her children. The ink includes a star for each of them.

Courtesy of Sandy Willie

Covered in Twilight

Sandy Willie has an entire sleeve of Twilight tattoos, a project that was completed in October 2009—just in time for the release of New Moon. After reading all four books in five days, the mother of three said she was “in love” and knew she wanted to ink something on her skin. Willie searched for the tattoos of other Twi-hards and knew she wanted one big enough to see all the beauty and the detail. Her tattoo artist, Maria Tolo, drew up the design, which includes a combination of the Twilight and Breaking Dawn covers and “Believe” tattooed in Edward Cullen’s handwriting. After converting her then-11-year-old daughter into a Twilight fan, Willie also insisted her husband, who is in the U.S. Army, read the series that inspired her devotion. Daughter Aeris loves her mom’s tattoos: “She brags about it to all her friends,” Willie says. “When we're out on the soccer fields she's always wanting me to show them my tattoo or I'll hear her say, ‘See? I told you my mom has a Twilight tattoo.’” The preteen fan still has a few more years before she can head to a parlor, but her mom says “she thinks she might get one once she’s old enough.”

Courtesy of Rachel Schroer


For Rachel Schroer, the meaning of her “Be safe” tattoo goes far deeper than adoration for Edward and Bella’s immortal romance. When she was 11, Schroer was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which results in infertility. Heartbroken by the idea that she may never have a child—“the one thing I wanted most in this world”—Schroer was moved when Edward and Bella were blessed with their daughter Renesme in Breaking Dawn, even though they were not supposed to be able to have children either. “I know this is all a story, that it’s not real, but I want the opportunity. I want the opportunity to do anything for my child,” says Schroer. “My tattoo is the best medicine I’ve ever had. Every time I look at it, it gives me hope that one day I will be a mom, one way or another.”

Courtesy of Liz Maslen

The Cullen Crest

Somehow, Liz Maslen had avoided the Twilight hype until a group of coworkers coerced her into checking out the movie. “It immediately captured my imagination and I was caught up in the story,” she says, and eventually saw the film 14 times in the theater. Maslen decided she wanted a Twilight tattoo and opted for the Cullen crest and a line from the third book, Eclipse, because of the romance it conjures up: “Look after my heart. I’ve left it with you,” (in Edward’s handwriting, of course). “I guess deep down, all the girls and women around the world want to be Bella,” Maslen says. “We all want our Edward and we dream of being wanted by someone so obviously out of our league.” For Maslen, her tattoo means Edward might be out there. “I’m not delusional, I don’t expect to meet my very own vampire. It’s the idea of it that inspires me,” she says. And this fan has no regrets, saying, “It was worth every minute of the three-and-half hour ordeal to get it!”

Courtesy of Karla Dela Cruz


Karla Dela Cruz is admittedly a Robert Pattinson fanatic. “Obsessed is an understatement— in a non-stalkerish way,” she says. She has cut-outs of the Twilight leading man in her room, as well as many items of memorabilia worship—“just about anything and everything R. Pattz-related,” Dela Cruz explains. But her most prized possession is his signature inscribed on her arm, a present she gave herself for her 23rd birthday. “I have adored his autograph and spent so much time researching it,” she said. “It’s still fresh to me and I love it more than words can describe. I have no regrets. And I must emphasize the ‘no.’”

Courtesy of Michele Bonner-Novak

Love in Latin

Upon reading the fourth book in the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn, Michele Bonner-Novak fell in love with the idea of the symbolic gift Edward gave to his daughter Renesme. She had always wanted a tattoo, but could never decide on a design and wanted to be 100 percent sure. “After reading the whole part about the locket, I literally put the book down. It really got to me,” she says. “My husband and I have been trying to conceive for quite some time without any luck. The meaning behind the locket in the book really touched me. I hope to one day feel and experience what the characters in the book felt.” The date on her tattoo is the day she was married, and she says she loves her husband “more than my own life,” alluding to the Latin phrase now inked on her body. Though her husband was hesitant about the tattoo, Bonner-Novak says he was “100 percent supportive” and wound up being fond of the finished product. “I think he was a little surprised about how much he did like it,” she says.

Courtesy of Megan Stacy

Birthday Gift

Megan Stacy repeatedly read the Twilight series. “I love absolutely nothing more,” she says of Stephanie Meyers’ books. She had wanted a tattoo “forever,” and planned what she would get permanently etched on her body long before her 18th birthday. Since New Moon is her favorite book in the series, Stacy decided on a quote about Jacob Black, who is able to transform into a werewolf. Stacy says the shape-shifter is the funniest character and decided to honor him with a “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?” etching on her calf.

Courtesy of Theresa Hayes

Dueling Ink

Unlike most Twi-hards, Theresa Hayes straddles the line on both Team Edward and Team Jacob, both of Bella’s lovers in the saga. The Jacob fan in Hayes decided to tattoo on her inner arm the quote that stood out to her the most: “There are no rules that can bind you when you find your other half” surrounded by a design of red wounds. Hayes says she found the werewolf character’s personality the most relatable. But to satisfy her Twilight devotion to the series’ vegetarian vampire, on her other arm is a heart with wings between the words, “Look after my heart. I left it with you,” which Edward utters to Bella in the saga’s third book, Eclipse.

Courtesy of Helen Todd

Hip Mom

British mom Helen Todd was a devoted fan of the Twilight saga, but became inspired to ink a reference to the series upon reading the fourth and final novel, Breaking Dawn. The feather is a reference to the scene in the saga’s ultimate episode when (spoiler alert!) Bella wakes up covered in feathers while honeymooning with Edward, and the quote written below is a popular one amongst Twi-hards. “Plus que ma proper vie,” meaning “More than my own life,” is engraved on the locket Edward gives to his daughter Renesme. “As a mother, it is a perfect representation of how I feel about my own children,” Todd says.

Courtesy of Mandy Teixeira


Twilight is forever,” says Mandy Teixeira of her devotion to the saga. “Everyone will know the story no matter what and I just wanted that piece with me always.” She already has a Harry Potter tattoo and since she says Twilight is equally as important to her, she decided to get a tattoo dedicated to the movie after the first film came out in her home country of Brazil. Bella was someone Teixeira could relate to. “Knowing that someone, even a fictional character, is like you,” she explains, “you know that you are not alone.” Because the second chapter in the series New Moon forged a bond between Teixeira and her sister, they decided to get matching “Be safe” tattoos.

Courtesy of Ashley James

The Lion & the Lamb

Ashley James read all four books of the Twilight saga five times before realizing she wanted to make her devotion permanent. “I realized how much I loved these books, so what better way to show that than by getting a tattoo?” James says. After two months of developing an idea and collecting the necessary funds, James went to Key West to show her undying Twilight loyalty. “I wanted to figure out how to incorporate all of the books into one tattoo,” she explains of the design, which was created after she showed the four book covers to her artist. To complete the unique design, she added her favorite phrase from the series, “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.”

Courtesy of Allie Sanfilippo


Allie Sanfilippo and Joshua Bastian Cole met in North Carolina and instantly became best friends after bonding over Harry Potter. Later, when Sanfilippo began reading Twilight, to “fill the gap of loss” she felt upon finishing J.K. Rowling’s wizard series, she got Cole hooked too. The pair was particularly fond of the quote from the first book, which referenced Bella and Edward: “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb. What a stupid lamb. What a sick, masochistic lion.” They decided to get Twilight-inspired tattoos when Cole made the decision to move to New York. The apple was an homage to the cover of the first book in the Twilight series, signifying the idea of forbidden fruit. But Sanfilippo notes its double meaning—the friends were inked just a few days before Cole left for “The Big Apple.”