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Highest Honor

Military Heroes Past and Future

Mike McGregor/Contour by Getty

On Tuesday President Obama presents the Medal of Honor to 24 veterans of past wars. Later this year an Afghanistan veteran will join them in receiving the nation’s highest honor.

President Obama will award the Medal of Honor to twenty-four veterans from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam in a ceremony at the White House today. These veterans of past American wars, only three among them still living to receive their medals in person, will be joined later this year by the newest recipient of the nation’s highest award for valor, marine veteran Kyle Carpenter.   The Marine Corps Times first reported that retired U.S. Marine Corporal William Kyle Carpenter will receive the Medal of Honor in a ceremony to be held later this year.

Candid Camera

Miss Teen's 'Sextortionist' Jailed


The California computer hack that threatened women, including Miss Teen USA, will get jail time for his sneaky sexploits.

It’s more pernicious than revenge porn—and it only takes one malware-infected email, instant message, or download to ruin lives.Twenty-year-old Jared James Abrahams of Temecula, California was sentenced on Monday to 18 months in prison for “sextortion”—hacking into the computers of dozens of women, furtively snapping nude photos of them and threatening to leak the images if they didn’t send him more naked pics or strip down during Skype sessions.


Tips from ESPN’s Bracket Champ

Scott Cunningham/Getty

40-year-old Virginia hoops nut discloses his strategies for picking a winning bracket. (Hint: Start with your winner, go with your gut and don’t overanalyze.)

The man who’s better at picking a March Madness bracket than anyone else in America is not Nate Silver, President Obama, or Dick Vitale. It’s Craig Gilmore, a 40-year-old business analyst from Amissville, Virginia who likes a pint (or four) of Guinness and Pac-12 college hoops.Last year, Gilmore won ESPN’s Tournament Challenge, beating out 8.15 million other entries with a bracket named after Lennay Kekua, Manti Te’o’s nonexistent girlfriend.

The Law

Darren Sharper’s Kobe Defense

Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

Claiming sex with accusers was consensual worked for other athletes, but the ex-football star may not be so lucky.

Last week a Los Angeles County judge revoked the $1 million dollar bail that was tied to the release of Darren Sharper while he awaits trial on a slew of felony charges.  The charges against Sharper include two counts of rape by use of drugs, four counts of furnishing a controlled substance (morphine and zolpidem/Ambien) and one count of possession of a controlled substance. The revocation is a direct result of Sharper’s most recent criminal indictment.


Why I Heart Generation Selfie


There is suddenly much panic about the rise of the “selfie” generation. But millennials are simply rejecting the worn-out trappings and organizations of the Establishment—and quite right too.

That discomfort you’re sensing all around you? It’s the American Establishment loading its Depends diapers over the prospect of a younger generation that is turning its back on political parties and other zombified artifacts of our glorious past.On the heels of the Pew Research report titled “Millennials in Adulthood,” two leading New York Times columnists have penned anxious articles sweating it out over the “The Self(ie) Generation” and “The Age of Individualism.

Reporter Stays Honest, Loses Job


By Antonia Marrero and Adam Grannick for the Moral Courage Project How much does your job matter to you? Would you stand up to your supervisors and refuse to do what they told you? Well, Jane Akre did. Jane Akre was at the top of her game. Her news show on Fox's Florida station WTVT earned higher ratings than ever before, she was satisfied that her reporting was without distortion or slant of any kind, and her family life was thriving.

Haboob Tube

Texans Attack ‘Muslim Weather’

Ladislav Pavliha/Getty

The use of the Arabic word for wind created a tornado amongst bigots on Facebook, but for every Negative Nancy there were 10 Tolerant Toms, which is something to be proud of as America continues the fight against racisim.

If I say the word “haboob,” are you outraged? Does that word make you want to post angry comments on Facebook? If not, then apparently you aren't from Texas.The term “Haboob” is the Arabic word for wind—try saying it a few times, it’s fun!—and American meteorologists have been using it since the 1950’s to describe a huge sandstorm. Most recently, however, the word inspired a mini-firestorm. Shortly after KCBD News Channel 11 in Lubbock, Texas posted a photo on its Facebook page with the caption “Haboob headed toward Lubbock”  Texans begun to freak out, taking to Facebook to make it clear they aren’t fond of Arabs or Muslims therefore don’t want to hear no, “meddle [sic] eastern term.

Bossy Pants

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is


She means well but should quit it with the wordplay and help fight inequality for women—especially those who are underprivileged—by using her money not her mouth.

There’s been so much written about Sheryl Sandberg’s new  campaign to “Ban Bossy,” or specifically the word bossy, that Time magazine has done a roundup of the coverage itself. But while others are focused on the debate over the b-word, I’m more interested in a larger controversy: Why does it seem so hard for a privileged woman like Sheryl Sandberg, who clearly means well, to find meaningful ways to help women and girls who are less privileged?I’ve previously written about Sandberg’s missteps in her efforts to help other women “lean in.


Douchebag Christmas

Paul Warner/Getty

While Irish eyes might be smiling today, the rest of ours aren't. What used to be a celebration of the resiliency of the Irish diaspora has become a drunken festival of idiots dressed in green. We report from St. Patrick’s Day’s Ground Zero.

It was only eleven in the morning when the relative calm of East 7th Street was washed away by a cascade of green vomit. Once the puddle’s progenitor, a young man wearing a green foam tophat and a green New York Jets hoodie, was finished staining the asphalt with what looked to be about $18 worth of beer, he threw back his shoulders, eyes watery, and rejoined his friends behind the police barricades. There were many high-fives. Welcome to St.

Go Green

Meet the Original 'Fighting Irish’

Army Public Affairs

The 69th Infantry Regiment will lead New York’s St. Patrick’s Day parade as they have for over a century. Dubbed the “Fighting 69th” in the Civil War the unit maintains its traditions.

Legend has it that when the 69th Infantry Regiment first led New York’s St. Patrick’s day parade in the 1850s, soldiers marched with bayonets fixed to their loaded rifles. The militiamen of the “Fighting Irish,” as the 69th came to be known, were ready to protect their fellow marchers from the know nothings (think Bill the Butcher from Gangs of New York), violent nativists who vilified the Irish as an immigrant plague.A lot has changed since those days.

Who Is Frazier Glenn Miller?

Daily Beast editor-in-chief John Avlon dissects the story of Miller, a 'nightmare image' of 'hate groups nestled in the heartland' who went on a Kansas killing spree on Sunday.

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White folks Can Talk About Race

White folks Can Talk About Race

Brit Hume is wrong. Of course white people can talk about race without being called racist. They just need to be smarter about it.

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