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No Choice

America’s Abortion-Free Zone Grows

The Daily Beast

Montana was the only hope for women living 600 miles in any direction to obtain an abortion. Now there’s two clinics left thanks to vandalism. How long can they stay open?

MINNEAPOLIS—There is a nearly 1,200-mile-wide desert of abortion providers stretching from the western border of Idaho to the eastern borders of North and South Dakota. Across this five-state expanse, the total number of cities that offer any form of abortion access can be counted on just two hands. Montana used to be an oasis in that abortion desert, with four clinics in four different cities offering both surgical and medication abortion options, but not anymore.

K.C. Attack

Heartland Killer's Résumé of Hate

Dave Kaup/Reuters; inset: Youtube

The man accused of shooting three at Jewish centers in Kansas has a long résumé as a neo-Nazi and KKK grand wizard who once created a points system for murder.

The sole suspect in a shooting that left three dead at two Jewish community centers outside Kansas City on Sunday is a former Ku Klux Klan “grand dragon,” neo-Nazi, and ex-con named Frazier Glenn Miller.The 73-year-old was caught by TV cameras yelling “Heil Hitler” from the back seat of a police car after he was apprehended in the parking lot of a local elementary school. Rabbi Herbert Mandl, chaplain for the Overland Park Police Department, said the gunman asked people whether they were Jewish before he opened fire.


Hate Crime in the Heartland?

Dave Kaup/Reuters

Yelling ‘Heil Hitler!’ after shooting three people to death on the eve of Passover would seem to say yes, but prosecutors still face a tough task.

UPDATE: Late Sunday night, authorities said they had arrested Frazier Glenn Miller, 73, of Aurora, Mo., a former Ku Klux Klan “grand dragon,” in the shootings. Male, white, bearded, in his 70s, and not from Kansas.That's all we know about the lone suspect in Sunday shootings outside Kansas City that left two people dead at a Jewish community center and one more at a Jewish retirement home.At a press conference Sunday evening, Overland Park Police Chief John Douglass would not release the suspect's name but told reporters that a shotgun was used in the shootings and possibly a handgun and assault rifle.

Late Night Wars

The Silly Con War on Colbert

Scott Wintrow/Getty

Colbert’s rise to replace Letterman on ‘The Late Show’ has sparked hyperbolic outrage from the usual conservative suspects. But the right is wrong.

Will Stephen Colbert be a great network television host, or the greatest network television host?Honestly, it could go either way. Given all the of “can you believe this?” coverage he has received the last few days from the perpetual commotion machine that is cable news, you'd have thought Stephen Colbert was chosen to replace Kathleen Sebelius, not David Letterman. And given the talent Colbert wields, frankly I’d trust him with my medical and dental plan.

Foul Play

Little League’s Big Corruption

The Daily Beast

From manicures to motorcycles, four Little League crooks in three states used team funds for more than baseballs, bats and celebratory ice cream cones. Thanks to community kindness, it’s still game-on this spring.

With the start of a new baseball season comes a disheartening stat that makes you worry not just for the national pastime, but for the nation itself:In less than a year, four little league presidents have been charged with looting their organization's treasury.The thefts left three of the leagues in such sorry financial shape that it seemed the kids might not be able to play this spring.But nobler souls came to the rescue, and in each instance opening day saw a big win for goodness over greed.

Watch This!

Watch the Week in 90 Secs

Steven Senne/AP

From President Obama's call for equal pay to continued unrest in Ukraine to a college basketball player coming out as gay, here are the biggest stories of the last week.


Why Your Cable Bill Keeps Going Up


When networks ask carriers for too much money, they get blocked from your screen—until you’re forced to pay more money to get them back.

So you are a cable TV subscriber in Los Angeles and want to see the Dodgers on TV? Good luck, Time Warner and local cable and satellite carriers are fighting over money, your money, and have not come up with a solution to make Dodgers games available. There are people scattered throughout the country right now who cannot get the Cartoon Network. Why? Another battle over subscribers’ money.The television networks and the television carriers, whether it’s through cable, satellite or phone lines, carriers seeming are always fighting these days over the cost of programming and what rights’ fees should be.


Why the Five-Percenters Hate You

USA Today Sports/Reuters

After Jay-Z wore a medallion linked to the obscure 5 Percenter religion, best known through prison stories and hip hop songs, we give you some background on the group and its beliefs.

Usually Jay Z’s bling simply means ‘I am so rich that conventional taste is out the window’. Not at a Nets game a few weeks ago when the rapper sported a heavy gold medallion engraved with the symbolism of an obscure religious cult that’s well known in hip hop circles and behind the wall, but a mystery to most. To those in the know, Hova’s pendant, an eight-pointed nautical star with the number 7 inside, a crescent and another star close by,  symbolized the Five Percenters.


It’s Time to End Profiling

Robert Nickelsberg/Getty

The attorney general’s new rules cleared the way for more inequity, including tracking whole communities based on ethnicity and religion.

When will the FBI finally stop using religion and ethnicity as a reason to investigate Americans? Well, not any time soon if the New York Times report on Thursday is correct regarding the new rules proposed by Attorney General Eric Holder.  It’s astounding that while this week we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Act, the Department of Justice still operates under rules that treat people differently based on their ethnicity or religion.


FL’s Zombie Apocalypse Gun Bill

Gene Page/AMC

In case of riots, emergencies, or World War Z, the Sunshine State may throw out all rules on guns. This is crazy, even by Florida standards.

How do you take an unstable situation, be it a Hurricane Sandy-ish storm making shore, an accident causing mass casualties or a riot, and make it even more fun (read: awful) for those unlucky enough to be caught in it? Why add in the carte blanche right of amateurs to carry assault weapons and pistols with high-capacity magazines, and that ought to do it. Of course an idea this ridiculous could only happen in one place: Florida.Florida is what you might call a special place.

Who Is Frazier Glenn Miller?

Daily Beast editor-in-chief John Avlon dissects the story of Miller, a 'nightmare image' of 'hate groups nestled in the heartland' who went on a Kansas killing spree on Sunday.

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White folks Can Talk About Race

White folks Can Talk About Race

Brit Hume is wrong. Of course white people can talk about race without being called racist. They just need to be smarter about it.

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