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How I’ll End Our Longest War

Finbarr O'Reilly/Reuters

An American military officer leaving on one of the last deployments to Afghanistan before the war ends, writes about his experiences in a new feature for The Daily Beast.

Editor’s Note:Here is an American military officer’s first hand account of war, how it’s fought and how it ends.Nick Willard is the pen name of a service member heading to Afghanistan on one of the final deployments in the closing days of America’s longest war. He will write what he sees in an ongoing feature for The Daily Beast that will appear as regularly as his schedule allows.To speak openly and freely, to tell the American people and the world of readers on the web about the truth as he finds it, he has chosen not to use his real name.


Bishops Behaving Badly

Boston Globe/Getty

Atlanta’s Archbishop is the latest member of the clergy to come under fire and apologize for extravagant spending.

Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Atlanta is really sorry that he used money donated to his parish by the nephew of Gone With the Wind author Margaret Mitchell to build himself a $2.2 million house.“I am disappointed that, while my advisors and I were able to justify this project fiscally, logistically and practically, I personally failed to project the cost in terms of my own integrity and pastoral credibility with the people of God of north and central Georgia,” Gregory wrote in the Georgia Bulletin, a Catholic newspaper.

March Madness

Rip the Money From the NCAA

David E. Klutho /Sports Illustrated, via Getty

The indentured servitude of college sports must end. If the schools don’t want to pay their athletes, take the profits away from the schools.

We’re days away from the Final Four, the conclusion and the giddy, madness-inducing ride that is the NCAA Division I men’s championship. Even if you’re not a college basketball fan, it’s hard to deny how much fun it all is.Sixty-three televised games jam-packed into a scant two weeks. Your cubicle mates pouring over their brackets with all of the serious intent and fevered diligence of Talmudic scholars. Highly touted soon-to-be-professionals and stacked squads from perennial powers going toe-to-toe with upset-minded scrappy seniors from unheralded mid-major or off-brand schools.


‘Mr. Putin, Heroes Do Not Die’

Konstantin Grishin/Reuters

New Jersey’s defiant Ukrainian population marked the death of the fallen in Maidan square with a stark warning for the Russian president.

On Sunday evening, six seminarians were up on the stage at the Ukrainian Orthodox Church cultural center in New Jersey, singing in their native tongue what has become known as the Hymn of the Maidan.  Oh bury me, then rise ye up And break your heavy chains And water with the tyrants’ blood The freedom you have gained. And in the great new family, The family of the free, With softly spoken, kindly word Remember also me.Along the walls were photos of “The Heavenly Hundred,” as the protestors killed during the protests in Ukraine in February are called.

The Next McVeigh?

Far-Right Terrorists for ‘Liberty’


Recruiting militants via Facebook is an amateur move, but the arrest of a right-wing extremist is a reminder that most terror plots in the U.S. have nothing to do with al Qaeda.

Robert James Talbot, Jr. woke up on the morning of March 27 ready to carry out the plan he’d allegedly been concocting for months. He drove to a storage facility in Houston, Texas where he met the three other members of “Operation Liberty.” According to a criminal complaint filed against him, Talbot had recruited his teammates via a Facebook group called the American Insurgent Movement to help him rob armored cars; the first phase of his larger scheme to kill police officers and blow up mosques and government buildings.

Kim Kardashian Isn’t Aspirational


The editor who invented high/low media says the Vogue cover is no scandal but, on the eve of the Women in the World Summit, she has a few ideas about women who really are cool.

It was fun watching the festival of media umbrage over April’s Vogue cover—you know, that Annie Leibovitz portrait of a sloe-eyed Kim Kardashian in a white ruched wedding bustier, nuzzled by her equally spiffy baby daddy, Kanye West.It’s not entirely clear why a fashion shot of the reigning queen of trash television—whose 2007 “leaked“ sex tape lifted her from the status of Paris Hilton’s B-list BFF to the star of her own little reality-TV empire—should prompt so much punditry bewailing the decline of Western civilization.

Conservatives vs Climate Change

Steven Kazlowski/Barcroft Media, via Getty

There’s another ‘inconvenient truth’ in the IPCC’s new climate report: Forget warnings, change has already come and it’s time for adaptation.

Reading the summary of findings from a worldwide panel of scientists about the impact of climate change and the looming threat that manmade greenhouse gases pose to the planet is pretty disturbing. Oceans rising, coral reefs dying, ice caps melting, heavy rains and Biblical floods, the world’s food supply threatened. The existential danger posed by climate change is so overwhelming that most people shake their head in dismay and then go back to what they were doing.

Fueling the Future

Make the U.S. an Energy Powerhouse

David McNew/Getty

With Europe’s dependence on Russian gas impeding diplomatic efforts, it’s time to reconsider outdated policies that are keeping the U.S. from becoming an energy exporter.

U.S. lawmakers don’t drive around in 1970s-era cars, yet they don’t seem to mind energy policies that are equally out of date. Attempts to export shale oil and gas, for example, have run smack into legal and regulatory barriers as old as a Gran Torino.Energy companies have been urging Congress to lift the lid on exports and start treating oil and gas again like any other commodity that’s freely traded in world markets. Tapping global demand for U.


The Worst Affluenza Case Yet?

Delaware Sex Offender Central Registry

A DuPont family scion was convicted of sexually assaulting his daughter but received no jail time. Don't blame the judge: Blame the justice-for-hire system.

The blogosphere is afire with outrage: A rich do-nothing given probation for raping his three-year-old daughter! Judge says he “wouldn’t fare well in prison!”  What injustice!Hold on a sec. The case of Robert Richards IV, the aforementioned do-nothing, is a miscarriage of justice, but not for the reasons bloggers, and some journalists, are screaming about. First, just to clarify, the crime took place in 2005, and sentencing happened in 2009.  We’re learning about it now because Richards’s ex-wife has filed a civil suit based on the rape.


Chief Keef: The Neighbor from Hell

via Instagram

The teenage rapper who once got booted from Instagram for explicitly sexual content is back with a bang and causing ruckus in his quiet Chicago suburb.

When the rising rap star Chief Keef posted a photo of himself having oral sex in 2012, he was immediately booted off Instagram.Now, the 18-year-old Keef is back on the photo sharing web site positing photos of himself and a friend brandishing semi-automatic weapons in a ritzy marble bathroom.It seems that guns trump porn—despite the fact that his criminal record includes pointing a gun at a police officer.“Ballout Bathroom I Jus Like Takin Pics In It!,” he writes under the photo that shows him clutching a Mac while his pal brandishes an AK-47.

Who Is Frazier Glenn Miller?

Daily Beast editor-in-chief John Avlon dissects the story of Miller, a 'nightmare image' of 'hate groups nestled in the heartland' who went on a Kansas killing spree on Sunday.

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Russian Spy Planes in U.S. Skies

Russian Spy Planes in U.S. Skies

Russian surveillance planes already fly over America, thanks to a long-standing treaty. But a new, ultra-sophisticated spy plane has U.S. military and intelligence bosses spooked.


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