U.S. Troops to Return From Iraq

Khalid Mohammed / AP

A U.S. army soldier walks past military armored vehicles are ready to be shipped out of Iraq at a staging yard at Camp Sather, part of the sprawling U.S. military Victory Base Complex that is set to close in Baghdad, Iraq, Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011. The U.S. has promised to withdraw from Iraq by the end of the year as required by a 2008 security agreement between Washington and Baghdad. Some 41,000 U.S. troops are scheduled to clear out along with their equipment. It's still unclear if the U.S. military will keep several thousand troops in Iraq as leaders weigh whether staunch political opposition in both nations is worth the risk. The uncertainty has been a logistical nightmare for American commanders, who could be asked at the last minute to keep some equipment and manpower back but for now must push ahead in case the withdrawal plan stands. (AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed)

The White House announced that it will no longer be keeping U.S. troops in Iraq past a year-end withdrawal deadline, as previously planned. A senior official in the Obama administration confirmed that all American troops will return except for roughly 160 who are affiliated with the U.S. Embassy in Iraq. The U.S. military was planning on leaving up to 5,000 troops in the region to train security forces and thwart potential Iranian terror plots. However, the Pentagon was forced to reconsider after Iraqi political leaders refused to give legal immunity to U.S. troops.