Violent Clowns

On Halloween a clown violently dragged an Emmy-winning reporter, severely injuring his face. From a child-porn enthusiast to a mass-murderer, VIEW OUR GALLERY of out-of-control clowns.

Pedro Artega Velazquez

Pedro Artega Velazquez was caught in the act. While juggling on a Juarez, Mexico, street corner, in full-clown regalia (face-paint included) police nabbed him for allegedly sexually assaulting his teenage stepdaughter. Velazquez sported his clown makeup for the mug shot.

John Wayne Gacy

The most infamous of the world’s evil clowns, John Wayne Gacy, was a pioneer of the genre. A building contractor active in local politics, Gacy also performed as a clown at children’s parties. When police finally caught up with Gacy, they found 29 bodies of young boys buried around his house, and four more bodies in a nearby river.

Thomas Allen Riccio

Why did his stage name have to be Spanky? After an international sting operation, Spanky, a circus clown of some renown with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, was arrested for being a paid subscriber to child-porn sites. "Behind the clown nose…this man appears to have been supporting an industry that trades in the exploitation of children,” said an FBI agent.

The Halloween Parade Attacker

An unidentified man dressed as a clown took his reveling too far in the 2010 NYC Halloween parade. Emmy-winning WPIX reporter Arthur Chi’en was pulled from a parade float by the clown, falling face-first into the street and suffering multiple facial fractures. “He was trying to scale the float and he grabbed my arm,” said Chi’en.

Tony Pete

This clown doesn’t seem to understand how a disguise works. Happy the Clown was wanted on burglary charges when police found him hiding under blankets in a house where they were searching for someone else. Happy has clown makeup tattooed on his face – good for clown job, bad for thief job.

Patricia Ingalls

Patricia Ingalls broke a lot of tiny hearts when she was arrested drunk at a party where she was entertaining children. Police said her blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit when they collared her for drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident. “They were all hanging on me saying, ‘Don’t take the clown,’” Ingalls reported.

Spencer Taylor

Spencer Taylor, 20, decided to dress the part when he went on a thieving rampage at the Three Rivers Cinema multiplex in Michigan. The cops caught him trying to steal movie posters and collectibles from The Dark Knight, with his face done up like that of Batman’s nemesis, the Joker. This, Spencer, is what happens when a stoppable force meets a movable object.

Luis Romero / AP Photo

The Great Clown March

After an attack on a bus in El Salvador, in which two men dressed as clowns shot and killed a man, the country’s clowns converged on the capital city to defend themselves. 'The people who did this are not clowns,” said one protester. By big shoe and tiny bike, the gathering of some 100 clowns “marched” through the streets, entertaining passersby and reclaiming their proud title from the criminals.