White House Crashers

The embarrassed mom of the White House gate crashers talks to The Daily Beast about her son's reckless behavior. Plus, former White House staffers weigh in on the breach—and dish about Desiree Rogers surprising behavior that night.

Michaele Salahi posted these photos to her Facebook account after she and her husband Tareq allegedly crashed President Obama's first state dinner on Tuesday night. The following captions are pulled from their Facebook account:

Tareq, Vice President Biden & Michaele.

Vice President Biden & Michaele!

The White House Marines welcome Michaele to the State Dinner.

President of Pepsi World Wide Indra Nooyi with Michaele.

Ambassador Singh, Michaele & Tareq Salahi

Congressman Ed Royce of California with Michaele at the White House.

AR Rahman ( who sings JAI HO from Slum Dog Millionaire) & Michaele & Tareq Salahi

Michaele & Robin Roberts at the White House

CBS News Anchor Katie Couric with Michaele at the White House State Dinner

Tareq, Michaele & Mayor Fenty of DC with his lovely wife inside the White House Ball Room (Lincoln used to celebrate the state dinners in this room)

Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff at the United States White House with Michaele & Tareq at the State Dinner at the White House.