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Who Should Justin Bieber Date Next? Taylor Swift, Jenner Sisters, Maude Apatow & More (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are no more. Taylor Swift and more girls who Justin could love.

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Baby, listen—Justin just needs somebody to love. Actress Selena Gomez has broken up with Justin Bieber, prompting millions of Beliebers to vie for their chance to stop being lonely girls by dating the singer—despite the rumors that Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin is the reason for the split. From the recently brokenhearted Taylor Swift to the reality stars Kendall and Kylie Jenner to Twitter queen Maude Apatow, The Daily Beast rounds up some ladies who take the Biebs to places he’s never seen before.

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Taylor Swift

We all know how she feels about getting back together with her ex-boyfriends. Coming off the success her new album, Red, which sold more than 1 million copies in one week, Taylor Swift is brokenhearted once again after her breakup with Conor Kennedy. For those detractors who say Swift is too old for Bieber, she’s a known cougarette—and Bieber has dated older women before (Gomez is 20 to his 18). Cue the sound of another Swift album.

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Ariel Winter

For those who think Modern Family star Ariel Winter is too young for Justin, keep in mind that he is the same age as her current boyfriend, Cameron Palatas. Besides, Winter could use a stabilizing influence in her life these days—the 14-year-old has alleged her mother, Chris Workman, is guilty of “physical and emotional abuse,” and Winter has moved in with her older sister. Workman, however, has claimed that she caught her daughter having sex with her 18-year-old boyfriend, although police say Workman didn’t come forward with the allegations until after Winter moved out. Either way, Winter and Bieber could make a great couple—and who wouldn’t love to see Bieber guest-star on Modern Family?

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Carly Rae Jepsen

Where you think you’re going, baby? The singer and Bieber go way back: they share a manager, and he’s already appeared in a duet on her album. (And is it fate that the song, “Beautiful," is on an album titled Kiss?) Plus, they’re both Canadian. Call us crazy, but we think they would make “beautiful” music together.

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Demi Lovato

Give your heart a break, Demi—maybe Justin has a thing for former Disney starlets. Bieber and Gomez may have split because they didn’t have enough time for each other, but his recent gig on The X Factor has put him near show judge Lovato, who insisted recently that she is single and not dating One Direction’s Niall Horan. The 20-year-old says she “in a place right now where I really need to focus on myself,” but we all know Bieber wants to make sure the world has one less lonely girl—if she lets him inside his world, that is.

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Dakota Fanning

It’s not only older girls for Justin. Given Dakota Fanning’s turn last year as a Marc Jacobs model, it’s easy to forget the former child star is only 18—she’s only seven days older than Bieber. What do they have in common? For starters, they both want to cast off a kiddie image as quickly as possible. Fanning’s modeling career aside, she took on a punk image in 2011’s Runaways, and Bieber celebrated his 18th birthday by reassuring cougars that he’s now legal. Who knows, maybe the pair could ring in their 20s together without a case of FOMO.

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner

If the Kardashian family can welcome Kanye West, why not another singer? Take your pick, Justin, of the Jenner sisters: Kendall, 17, or Kylie, 15, are both models and single. Kendall confirmed last year to Ryan Seacrest that there “no real rule” when comes to dating the Jenner household. One complication to dating Kendall: after telling Seacrest there were no rules, she accepted a date with Bieber’s friend Julian Swirsky and agreed to a double date with Bieber and Gomez. Awkward.

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Maude Apatow

At 14, Judd Apatow's daughter Maude might be on the young side, but if she and Bieber were to date it would create a social-media powerhouse unlike any ever seen by this world. One of the stars of the upcoming This Is 40, Maude already has 62,000 Twitter followers despite her age, including One Direction star Harry Styles and young-adult author Judy Blume. Combine her Twitter following with Bieber's 30 million, and the pair might be the social-media behemoth that could explode the Internet.

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Katy Perry

We know it’s a long shot, but it’s hard to argue that this wouldn’t be a match made in bubblegum-pop heaven. Two years ago, before he was even legal (!), Perry was caught on camera planting a smooch on Bieber’s cheek, and just last month she declared herself to be a Belieber. Get ready for some teenage dreams, Katy.

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He might be young enough to be her son, but that hasn’t stopped Madonna before. The first pop queen has expressed her love of Bieber in the past—earlier this year, she published a tweet inviting him to join her onstage next time they were touring in the same city. Friendly behavior, or flirtation? Probably the former, but that’s less fun. Plus, she has said, “I love it when he raps.” If that’s not an indication of unconditional love, we don’t know what is.

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Katie Holmes

This has been the year that Katie Holmes has tried new things—from leaving Scientology to taking the subway in New York—so why not a rebound romance with Justin? The 33-year-old actress is has been with Tom Cruise since she was just 25, maybe it’s time she enjoyed a second youth with Bieber. And Bieber’s friendships with the Disney Channel’s entire tween outfit would certainly get him in good with Suri. And we all know Suri’s opinion is what matters.

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Condoleezza Rice

Admittedly, it’s a long shot. But from what we can tell, Bieber is fairly conservative for a Canadian. He’s anti-Communist—“whatever they have in Korea, that’s bad”—and has gone on the record as decidedly pro-life. If you ignore the age difference, this pairing might just pass GOP muster. And there’s always the shared love of music: Rice, an accomplished pianist, shared the stage with Aretha Franklin in 2010 a concert for charity. Think about the duets these two could perform.

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Liam Payne

Unfortunately, this coupling will probably only happen in our dreams. But if the thought of a One Direction–Justin Bieber tour would send fangirls rioting, imagine how crazy a Liam Payne–Bieber pairing could make their fans. Payne said in October that he “pities” Bieber for the wild rumors about his life—and because he is a solo act. Sounds like the beginning of a romantic comedy, no? Gay One Direction fan fiction is already a weirdly popular subgenre—it’s not the craziest thing to suggest it could occur in real life.