After growing up witnessing her father, James Brown, violently abuse her mother, Yamma left her abusive husband just days after her father died in 2006—and was arrested for defending herself.


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    Male Birth Control—Without Condoms

    A reversible polymer that blocks sperm is about to enter human trials and will be available by 2017. How will rhetoric change when male bodies are responsible for birth control?

    Female Troubles

    What Do Women Want? Not the GOP

    It may be a good November for Republicans, but it could have been a lot better if the party had any idea how to talk to women voters.


    AT&T Gives $1 Million to Girls Who Code

    At a small graduation ceremony last week, AT&T made a million-dollar contribution to the nonprofit Girls Who Code. Here's why more tech companies should do the same.

    Scare Tactics

    Duggar Mom Makes Transphobic Calls

    The “19 Kids and Counting” star and religious conservative is fear-mongering to block an ordinance that would allow transgendered individuals to use gender-specific bathrooms.


    Junk Science: PMS Ruins Your Marriage

    A recent paper said PMS can drive spouses apart. But that paper is based on bad science and flat-out lies.

    Kangaroo Courts

    Is UMass Biased Against Male Students?

    Two new lawsuits say the University of Massachusetts at Amherst is overzealous in its prosecution and punishment of male students in Title IX assault hearings.

    ‘Teen Mom’ Effect?

    Unwed Women Are Having Fewer Babies

    Hear that, family values warriors? The upward trend in the birth rate for unmarried mothers has reversed—dropping 14 percent, according to a new CDC report.

    Workplace Parity

    Who’s the Boss?

    She’s not. And it’s still less likely that she wants to be.


    Cinema’s Diversity Problem

    A new study shows just how much Hollywood lags behind when it comes to representing race and ethnicity.


    When ‘Tantric’ Is Code for Rape

    A ‘tantric healer’ in northern India who forced himself on a teen girl has been castrated by his victim—and it appears he’s part of a subculture of sexual predators purporting to heal.



    Laurie Penny’s In-Your-Face Feminism

    Riding a new wave of feminism driven by an unlikely mix of commerce and online discourse, the British feminist doesn’t give a damn if you like her politics. She does want to make you think.


    (Miss) American Values

    After being crowned Miss America, the extremely accomplished Kira Kazantsev was heavily criticized by some on social media for her volunteer work with Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood points out that public supports her efforts — and their mission.

    Hubba Hubba

    Clooney to Do ‘Downton Abbey’

    Clooney’s appearance comes after he became friends with Hugh Bonneville, who plays Lord Robert Grantham, during the filming of the movie ‘The Monuments Men.’

    In The Flesh

    Women, It’s Time to Reclaim Our Breasts

    Women, so long the focus of male sexual objectification, are keen to recast the standards, significance, and sexist humor about their chests.


    When Lightning Strikes

    Best known for her photograph “Migrant Mother,” Dorothea Lange is the subject of the new documentary “Grab A Hunk of Lightning.”

    Looking Back

    Gail Sheehy Books Passage to the Past

    The legendary journalist and ‘Passages’ author talks about her new memoir, the glory days of the new journalism, and the denizens of Grey Gardens.

    Last Stand

    Serena & the Decline of American Tennis

    With no obvious successor in place, 32-year-old Serena Williams, the oldest woman to ever hold the No. 1 world ranking, is one of the lone links to America's past dominance.


    Beyoncé Is Our Indigo Girl

    The R&B diva’s ‘feminist’ proclamation at the VMAs recalls feminism’s all-important ’90s—a decade filled with strong, outspoken female musicians.


    Women’s Sports Are Getting Less Airtime

    Thanks to Title IX, more American women are playing sports than ever before—so why is coverage of women’s sports actually declining?

Call to Arms


    Tickets on Sale Now For WITW Texas

    Tina Brown’s Women in the World Texas to feature Gloria Steinem, Diane von Furstenberg, Eva Longoria, Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe and Ayaan Hirsi Ali


    The Disturbing Prison Rape Spike

    While the U.K. government says sexual assault happens to fewer than 200 prisoners each year, a new report shows that figure is actually in the thousands.


    I Was Pregnant, He Hit Me. Why I Stayed.

    Social media is ablaze over the Ray Rice video, wondering why his future wife stayed. For me, like thousands of other abused women, that answer isn’t an easy one.

    It’s Complicated

    The Christian Case for Abortion

    Wendy Davis’ abortion revelations raise the question: Can abortion be the most compassionate choice? Some religious leaders say yes.

    The Emmys

    We Must #AskHerMore on the Red Carpet

    Jennifer Siebel Newsom, CEO of The Representation Project, points out how the Emmys – and the red carpet media – treated women like bodies, not artists. They deserved more.


    A Continuing Struggle for Working Moms

    Psychologist and mother Dr. Monique Moore argues that, if women hope to achieve true equality, the time has come to unapologetically call for: extended paid maternity leave, more part-time work options (especially for mothers with children under school-age), flexible schedules and greater access to affordable, high-quality childcare.

    Deep Pockets

    NRA Pissed Off the Wrong Nerd Genius

    Billionaire Michael Bloomberg already had the gun lobby in his sights. Now Bill Gates is donating $1 million for universal background checks—and there’s more where that came from.

    Beyond Sex

    An Equal Rights Amendment for Our Time

    Since the United States is hitting a "transgender tipping point," the existing Equal Rights Amendment must expand its protections to include gender--with two simple words.

    Religious Evolution

    Can Women in Iran be Equal?

    Modern theologians are offering new interpretations of the Koran, hoping to win equal rights for Iranian women.


    500 Days and Counting

    The millennium development goals expire in 500 days. Equality Now asks what still needs be achieved when it comes to gender equality.