In excerpts from their new book, Lynn Roseberry and Johan Roos argue that the gender gap exists because people don’t believe they can change it. They address those myths and provide solutions.


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    Scare Tactics

    Duggar Mom Makes Transphobic Calls

    The “19 Kids and Counting” star and religious conservative is fear-mongering to block an ordinance that would allow transgendered individuals to use gender-specific bathrooms.


    Junk Science: PMS Ruins Your Marriage

    A recent paper said PMS can drive spouses apart. But that paper is based on bad science and flat-out lies.

    Kangaroo Courts

    Is UMass Biased Against Male Students?

    Two new lawsuits say the University of Massachusetts at Amherst is overzealous in its prosecution and punishment of male students in Title IX assault hearings.

    ‘Teen Mom’ Effect?

    Unwed Women Are Having Fewer Babies

    Hear that, family values warriors? The upward trend in the birth rate for unmarried mothers has reversed—dropping 14 percent, according to a new CDC report.

    Workplace Parity

    Who’s the Boss?

    She’s not. And it’s still less likely that she wants to be.


    Cinema’s Diversity Problem

    A new study shows just how much Hollywood lags behind when it comes to representing race and ethnicity.


    When ‘Tantric’ Is Code for Rape

    A ‘tantric healer’ in northern India who forced himself on a teen girl has been castrated by his victim—and it appears he’s part of a subculture of sexual predators purporting to heal.

    Culture War

    Oops: Ukrainian Star Takes Kremlin Award

    Street protests and clashes with police mark a Ukrainian singer’s performance after she accepts Russian culture award.

    Keeping Tradition

    The Despicable Persistence of the Dowry

    Washing machines, cars, money and jewelry: These are the costs to women’s families to marry them to 'suitable' men.


    Congress Finally Moves on Sex Assault

    One in five women who attend college are sexually assaulted—and a bipartisan group of senators is launching a new bill to change that.


    Emmys 2014

    Kate McKinnon: SNL’s New Superstar

    The ‘SNL’ scene-stealer nabbed an Emmy nod for singing about penises and her impression of Angela Merkel. Now she’s on the hit Hulu series ‘The Awesomes.’

    She Knew the Score

    Lauren Bacall Was a Great Liberal

    Of course we know Bacall, who died Tuesday at 89, for her wonderful acting. But we should remember her also as a smart and sharp liberal and anti-communist.


    Idris Elba’s Battle of the Bulge

    A photo of the studly actor Idris Elba sporting what appeared to be a huge bulge in his pants recently went viral. But men don’t deserve to be reduced to their sex organs, either.

    See It, Be It

    Meet Miss Possible

    Barbie can put on a lab coat, but Mattel doesn't let her think like a scientist. Two University of Illinois grads want to give girls a different kind of doll.

    Teen Spirit

    Good for American Apparel’s Smutty Ads

    The retailer has been criticized for a photograph of a skirt hitching up to reveal a young woman’s buttocks. The real problem is a society insisting its youth grow up too soon.

    Emmys 2014

    Kerry’s Favorite ‘Scandal’ Moments

    The Emmy-nominated star of ABC’s smash-hit drama tells the stories behind Olivia Pope’s wildest, craziest, and most scandalous moments from the show’s third season.

    Sorry, Sari Fans

    India. It's Not Just a Fashion Statement.

    Indian apparel is not just a pretty costume, Aleyamma Mathew argues. It's a custom and a cultural legacy with heavy political significance.​

    Not Past Tense

    Anna Paquin’s Bisexuality for Dummies

    Veteran TV host Larry King made a fool of himself recently when he repeatedly prodded the ‘True Blood’ actress about being bisexual while also being married to a man.

    Oysters? No, Thanks!

    Brits Are Very Fussy Eaters

    Maybe there’s a reason England isn’t known for its food. Turns out, Brits are seriously picky eaters.

Call to Arms


    Announcing Women in the World Texas!

    Tina Brown’s Women in the World Texas to feature Gloria Steinem, Diane von Furstenberg, Eva Longoria, Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe from Uganda and documentary filmmaker Deeyah Khan.

    Keeping It Real

    Anne Archer: Hollywood Women Are Doomed

    While the Oscar-nominated actress is starring as Jane Fonda, the most outspoken woman’s rights campaigner in Hollywood history, she says the film industry will never change.

    Victim Shaming

    Stop Blaming Christy Mack

    A few days after the adult film actress allegedly suffered a brutal beating at the hands of her MMA fighter ex-boyfriend, the victim blaming has already begun.


    Democrats Pay Black Staffers 30% Less

    Campaign staffers who are people of color routinely get paid less than their white counterparts, and are often given less glamorous jobs. How an antiquated understanding of race relations results in minority staffers getting the short shrift.


    Mississippi Is Hell for These Lesbians

    What’s most shocking about Showtime’s chilling documentary ‘L Word Mississippi’ is that these lesbians see themselves—as the rest of the Bible Belt does—as sinners.


    My Postpartum Patient’s Suicide

    The pressure—from family, friends, society, doctors—to be a ‘perfect’ parent can be overwhelming. When a new mother suffers from postpartum depression, that pressure can be fatal.


    Domestic Violence + Guns = Deadly Duo

    Everytown for Gun Safety points out a dangerous loop-hole that allows non-married abusers and convicted stalkers to access guns. Congress has the ability to close it.

    DRC Survivors

    Congo's Women Deserve Action

    Dr. Denis Mukwege is a Nobel Peace Prize-nominated physician and Congolese national hero. Whitney Williams is a co-founder of Eastern Congo Initiative with Ben Affleck. Both joined Dr. Jill Biden during her recent visit to Dr. Mukwege’s world-renowned Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, DRC.


    The Death Penalty Is a Disaster

    The recent botched executions are just the tip of the iceberg. The death penalty is and always has been a financial and moral disaster.