Bangladeshi madams are using black market steroids, intended for cows and purchased for less than a cup of tea, to mask the real age of young girls working for sex in brothels.


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    Pushing Back

    Hillary’s Outside Enforcers

    She’s ostensibly not in campaign mode, but a staff of 20 at the outside group Correct the Record is busily working to defend the former secretary of state against right-wing attacks.


    Millennials Hate Boomer Partisans

    The future is up for grabs, but neither party has an agenda that can truly excite young voters.

    Media Pioneer

    Jill Abramson Talks Secrecy and Firing

    Two months after her abrupt exit from the Gray Lady, the former executive editor delivered a speech about how different Obama is from Bush—and why she was dismissed from her post.


    40% of Colleges Don’t Investigate Rape

    A stunning new Senate report shows nearly half of schools haven’t looked at a single case of rape and 20 percent don’t investigate all the incidents they report to the feds.

    On Trial

    The Jihadi Wore Lingerie

    London-born Nawal Msaad is on trial at the Old Bailey after being arrested at Heathrow with rolled-up 500-euro notes worth $27,000 in her panties—allegedly for jihadi fighters in Syria.

    Malala Day

    Tweet In Honor Of Malala Day

    In a brand-new video, Malala's calling on everyone to stand up and share the fight for education.

    Fox and Fierce

    Getting to Know the ‘Beyoncé Voter’

    Yes, Fox News. When we’re not doing rails of ground-up contraceptives and waiting for the federal government to text, here’s what this nation of All the Single Ladies is really up to.

    Fact Check

    No Rapes On Campus? No Way.

    The problem with the latest federal data on campus rapes? Schools with the lowest rates may actually be the ones doing the least to combat the issue.

    Bold Stroke

    Hill’s Golden Ticket: Paid Family Leave

    Forget about liberals—by pushing the issue in a 2016 presidential campaign, Clinton can galvanize women and show everyone she has guts.


    A Model Career

    Eileen Ford, Head of Ford Models, Has Died at 92

    As the head of Ford Models, Eileen Ford and her husband elevated the profession of modeling. She was known for protecting her models, while also holding to particular beauty ideals.


    Laverne Cox, Emmy Trailblazer

    Laverne Cox has become the first out transgender actress to be nominated for an Emmy. The lesson for the entertainment industry is to employ more transgender actors.


    The Bridge’s Striking Heroine

    The striking German actress on the drama’s improved Season 2 and whether she’s ever seen her partner Joshua Jackson’s ‘Dawson’s Creek.’ [Warning: Some spoilers.]

    Horribly Good

    The Queen of Creepy Cookies

    For next to no money, the photographer Christine McConnell makes cakes and cookies that are their own miniature horror movies. She’s Tim Burton—with a cake whisk.


    Paris’s Secret Fashion Week Haunts

    Couture Week in Paris is all about finding the perfect location for your show, with designers like Céline and St. Laurent racing to find not just the edgiest place to show off their threads, but also the most antiquated, including a sixth-century abbey.

    The Cake Is a Lie

    Sexism Is a Boss Gamer Girls Can’t Beat

    Feminist gamers should have the ability to imagine themselves as traditional sexualized kicking experts and complex pixelated heroes. Vanquishing misogyny won’t always save the world.

    Baby Blues

    ‘Designer’ Babies Are Only for the Rich

    Thanks to science, nearly every aspect of your future child can be controlled—that is, if you have the money. Will healthy children soon be a marker of wealth?

    Falling Out of Love

    The Romantic Comedy Is Dead

    ‘They Came Together’ is a compendium of every romcom cliché known to man. Unfortunately, the movies referenced are at least 15 years old. How in the name of Meg Ryan did this happen?

    Trials of Tammy

    Stop Policing Melissa McCarthy’s Body

    The distress of the actress’s fans has very little to do with women’s roles, and everything to do with distaste for working-class women and their bodies.

Call to Arms


    Blame Guns for Domestic Murder Epidemic

    The latest massacre of a family—this time in the Houston suburbs—is another brutal reminder that guns in the home leave a trail of devastation. Women and children must be protected.


    Crowdsourcing Human Rights

    A new internet tool seeks to put activists in closed societies in touch with skilled people in the free world who can help them. It’s crowdsourcing for human rights.


    Hobby Lobby Backlash Hits Whole Foods

    A movement is underway to tell the grocer to drop Eden Foods, which seeks to quit covering all birth control and preventative services for its employees.


    Meet the Professor of Hairy Studies

    At Arizona State, Professor Breanne Fahs is encouraging—with the prize of bonus credits—female students to grow their body hair, and men to shave theirs. Is it really, as the prof intends, a radical challenge to gender norms?


    Border Bigots Are Beating Obama

    Yes, Rick Perry is awful for not shaking his hand, but the president needs a Pope Francis-like moment with the border kids to signal America is more than racists.

    A Broken System

    Deported Parents Have Children, Too

    Some immigrant parents find that arranging an American guardian for their children is the safest way to protect their child’s citizenship.

    Taking on the NRA

    How Pro-Gun Control Is Your Candidate?

    A post-Sandy Hook moms’ gun-control group has put out a new NRA-style questionnaire to gauge politicians’ commitment to gun-safety measures.

    Death Spiral

    Israel: Murdered Teenagers, Dying Hopes

    As Israel mourns its politicians vow retribution. Hamas threatens to “open the gates of hell.” Could U.S. diplomacy have prevented the tragedy? The sad fact: it didn’t.


    Meet the Next 82 Hobby Lobbys

    From Notre Dame to manufacturers, dozens of companies were waiting for the Supreme Court’s decision so they could drop contraception coverage.