One D.C. psychologist explains two solutions to prevent women from choosing between their children and their careers.


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    Chicken or Egg

    Career + Family = Solved?

    Egg freezing seems to offer the possibility of having it all, but the odds are still only one in five.

    Baby Blues

    Antidepressant-Autism Link

    New research shows SSRI use during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, may elevate the risk of autism spectrum disorders. But mothers-to-be shouldn’t panic just yet.


    Boko Haram’s Sick Hatred of Girls

    The abduction of 200 female students from northern Nigeria was not the first attack on girls’ education by the al Qaeda-linked group—and it won’t be the last.

    Time Out

    TV Anchor: 'Why I Called Foul'

    When Bloomberg anchor Stephanie Ruhle was teased by a male guest, she called him out on live television. Here’s why.

    Shut Up

    Anti-Vaxxers’ Newest Scheme

    After years of alignment with anti-vaxxers, Jenny McCarthy says she’s not anti-vaccine—she’s pro ‘one poke per visit.’

    Pre-natal care

    Brazil to Promote Natural Route

    Eighty-two percent of Brazilian women are opting for C-Sections, many after hearing of the poor treatment received by women who had natural births.

    TOO FAR?

    Tennessee to Criminalize Pregnancy

    The state legislature has passed a bill that would allow police to investigate drug-taking mothers if their unborn children are harmed by their addiction.

    In Vitro Tourism

    Italy’s Baby-Making Troubles

    Ever-changing laws leave Italian couples mystified as the Catholic Church does battle with the fertility doctors.


    Win Women, Win the Midterms

    The female vote gave the House to Republicans in 2010 and to Democrats in 2006. No wonder we’re talking about pay equality six months before Election Day.



    Best ‘Scandal’ Episode Yet

    The ‘Scandal’ finale was a non-stop onslaught of twists and turns and utter insanity. It was also the show's most exciting, craziest episode to date. [WARNING: SPOILERS]


    A Prenup for Digital Privacy

    Celebrities and power couples are asking for digital protection in their pre- and post-nup marriage agreements, but having something to hide isn’t necessarily the reason.


    How to Be Popular, ’50s Style

    When 15-year-old Maya Van Wagenen had trouble fitting in at middle school, she looked to a popularity guide from 1951 for answers. Read an excerpt from her hilarious and brave journey.

    Cover Girls

    Who's on Top?

    Power lists that were short on women seem to compensate by putting one on the cover. How about putting more on the list?

    Meet the Creative

    The Glossy Mag Challenging Vogue

    When Net-a-Porter launched in 2000, the site changed the e-commerce business. Now it’s trying to revolutionize publishing with the launch of Porter, the ‘magazine of the future.’

    Moving On

    Royal Tour Moves On

    William, Kate and George will arrive in Sydney tomorrow afternoon


    Edie Falco on Jackie’s Relapse

    Can Jackie stay sober? Edie Falco talks about the heartbreaking season premiere of ‘Nurse Jackie,’ and why addiction is an issue she’s so passionate about.

    Rebel Nell

    Graffiti's Hidden Value

    Recognizing value in Detroit's resources, two partners are creating jewelry, jobs and revitalizing their city.

    Growing Up Absurd

    Giving It Up in H.G. Wells’s Home

    Angelica Garnett's memoir of growing up amid the weirdness of Bloomsbury features the usual literary suspects, including Virginia Woolf, and not a few surprises.

Call to Arms

    Dollars & Sense

    Who needs equality?

    The infamous women's "advocate" Phyllis Schlafly is once again standing against women.


    When I Grow Up

    What do you want to be when you grow up? This common question is rare for adolescent girls in eastern Congo—few had ever been asked. Through the Vision Not Victim Project, the International Rescue Committee and photographer Meredith Hutchison partnered to ask girls just that. Their visions were captured in this series of photographs and shared with their families and communities.

    Sex Selection

    A Not-So-Level Playing Field

    “Masculine” female athletes are forced to undergo sex testing – and treatment – if they wish to compete professionally.

    Whose Property?

    An Artist Confronts Sexual Harassment

    Tired of cat-calls, one Brooklyn-based artist decided to confront the practice with a public art project, “Stop Telling Women to Smile."

    Unique Roles

    The UN’s Female Peacekeepers

    Filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and others praise the three UN peacekeeping units composed entirely of women, including one all-Muslim unit, that function on the ground and in peace negotiations.


    Day One Response Performs Alchemy

    Addressing one of the most-pressing issues of disaster relief, Day One Response gets clean water to victims.

    Mothers at Risk

    Fighting Maternal Mortality

    Midwives and other medical experts speak out on how to end the staggering loss of life occurring in the act of giving birth.


    Making a Difference in Hell

    Neema Namadamu is an advocate for change in Congo. Erin Cunningham reports from the Women In the World Summit.