03.28.139:09 PM ET

Outrage: Child Bride's Sis Forced To Marry

And she says father squandered book deal cash.

The Yemeni child bride whose triumphant escape from an abusive marriage gained worldwide attention—spawning a best-selling book, I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced, which garnered praise from the likes of Hillary Clinton—is now claiming her father has squandered the proceeds from her book deal. When Ali was just nine years old, her father married her off to a much-older man, who abused her sexually and physically. The girl eventually ran away and—in a landmark case in Yemen—asked the court to grant a divorce. Ali’s father, who was jailed briefly after working with her ex-husband to lie about Ali’s age to the court, was getting paid $1,000 a month by the publishers to support Ali’s education. But the girl told the British press that her father has instead used the money to get married again twice—and has now betrothed Ali’s younger sister to an older man. “I won’t let it happen to her,” Ali said. ‘I will speak to as many journalists and lawyers as possible about this. It is illegal.”