04.01.137:49 AM ET

Danny Boyle: Actresses Get Shafted

Irish director says women aren't getting great roles--even in his own movies.

Irish director Danny Boyle, whose 2008 film Slumdog Millionaire took home the Oscar for Best Picture, said women aren’t getting enough good roles in films—even if they are the lead. “They play an apparent lead in a film but when you look at the part, it’s not that great, they’re like a figurehead,” Boyle said. In his latest film, Boyle cast Rosario Dawson—who he dated at the time of filming but they are rumored to have split—as a hypnotherapist, a role he says allows Dawson to be fully exploited on screen. “It’s nice to give them a role that puts them in the engine room of the film. I’ve been guilty of that,” Doyle said.