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04.01.133:31 PM ET

Martha’s Latest Deal

The domestic goddess rolls out a new media package.

Fresh off her Macy’s–J.C. Penney kerfuffle, Martha Stewart has struck up a new corporate courtship. KitchenAid has secured exclusive sponsorship of Martha Bakes, a 2011 Hallmark series that will appear in reruns on PBS back-to-back with the second season of her Cooking School program. The latter show teaches the how-to of savory dishes, while Bakes focuses on sweets. The packaged instructional videos are set to debut this month, in the wake of a first season of Cooking School that reached 1 million viewers per week. “Home cooking is truly one of life’s greatest pleasures,” said Stewart in a statement, “and it’s wonderful to see that more and more, people are enjoying meals cooked in their own kitchens.”