04.02.139:28 AM ET

Anti-Abortion Activist Nominee Pulled

To sit on the Board of Health

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant on Monday said he would withdraw Terri Herring, an anti-abortion activist, as a nominee for the state Board of Health. Herring is from central Mississippi, where there are already three members of the Board of Health—and state law specifies that eight of the 11 members must hail from different parts of the state. Herring, 54, is the president of Pro-Life America Network and has been working toward stricter abortion laws since the mid-1980s. At least one member of the state legislature said he planned on voting against her nomination since gynecologists have been opposed. Herring successfully lobbied for a state law in 2012 that would require anyone performing an abortion in Mississippi to also have the ability to admit women to hospitals, and the state’s lone abortion clinic has been unable to obtain privileges for its out-of-state physicians and will undergo a hearing on April 18th to determine if it can remain open.