04.02.131:02 PM ET

Jodi Arias: A Victim of Abuse?

Domestic-violence expert testifies murder is a case of battered-woman syndrome.

Jodi Arias has been called many things over the course of her 13-week trial, but suffering from battered-woman syndrome may be the one that could set her free. Domestic-violence expert Alyce LaViolette resumed her testimony Tuesday about previously undisclosed emails from Travis Alexander that indicate he may have been abusive—and Arias’s lawyers last week gave testimony that she had been abused as a child. Arias is on trial for murdering Alexander, who she stabbed more than 20 times and shot during an altercation. Her attorneys claim she acted in self-defense and suffers from battered-woman syndrome, and has introduced emails showing that Alexander called himself a “sociopath” and that Arias is “just another girl he’s playing.”