04.03.1311:44 AM ET

‘A Tipping Point for Women’

Melanne Verveer and Tina Brown talk upcoming Women in the World Summit and the momentum behind global women's rights.

The New York Times previews the upcoming Women in the World Summit today, calling the event, which will take place on Thursday and Friday at Lincoln Center, one that has “leaped to the forefront of the scene, drawing thousands of chief executives, world leaders, artists, and activists.”

Summit co-hosts Melanne Verveer, former Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues, and Newsweek and The Daily Beast executive editor Tina Brown noted that this year’s conference comes at a moment of both great progress and great challenge for women’s rights worldwide. On the one hand, Verveer said, “there’s been a great deal of progress in government policies, education, civil society, and in the private sector ... We’re moving in a way we’ve not seen before.” At the same time, she said, “I feel heartened by the progress, but aware that many challenges remain.”

Among those challenges: stemming the epidemic of violence against women. In the past few months alone, several high-profile femicides and gang rapes have dominated headlines, from India to South Africa to Brazil. However, Brown said, the outcry that these cases have provoked indicates that we’re at a “tipping point for women.”

“We talk a lot in America about a lot of issues about getting to the corner office,” Brown told the Times, “but these women are fighting for basic rights, and I want to bring the spotlight to them.”