04.03.133:11 PM ET

Will Caroline Kennedy Close Japan's Gender Gap?

As first female ambassador, could be a role model for Japanese women.

While it’s not official yet, it looks like Caroline Kennedy will be America's new ambassador to Japan. It would make her the first woman to hold the position. Known for her early support of Barack Obama’s 2008 bid to become president (as well as for her famous father, JFK), Kennedy would be taking on a powerful role in a  a country not known for women’s equality. In fact, the 2012 Global Gender Gap Report from the World Economic Forum lists Japan as number 101 out of more than 130 nations. If Kennedy were the U.S. ambassador, it would “be motivating for Japanese women to have such a well-known woman active in Japan,” says one female Japanese politician. Regardless of Kennedy's gender, Japan--a close economic and military ally--like having an ambassador with close political connections to the President. Kennedy, if she is officially nominated, would still need to be confirmed by the Senate before taking the post.