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04.04.132:31 PM ET

British Journo: Female Bosses Find Me Irresistible

Writing in the Daily Mail, Dominic Utton says that lady bosses are best because they go easier on men, like to flirt.

While women have alternately been accused of, or encouraged to, use their sexuality to get ahead in a cut-throat career field, the tables seem to have turned for British magazine journalist Dominic Utton, who says that he, and other men like him, have gotten away with much laziness in his work life because he's able to charm his female bosses.

Writing in the U.K. tabloid The Daily Mail--"Women DO Make the best bosses...because they find men like me irrisistible!"--Utton nods to a recent study that found women make better managers due to their collaborative natures. Maybe, he says--but he really likes working where ladies rule because "I can flirt with them and get away with far more than I ever could under a man":

Have the firms I’ve worked for benefited from the female touch? Who cares? I’m not a board member, I’m just paid to do my job. And that job has often been made far easier thanks to the fact I’m working for women who cannot help but be seduced by my cheeky-chappy charms. It should be said that I’m not the best-looking man in the world. But I’ve been known to turn on the charm. And no matter how powerful or brilliant my woman bosses have been (and most have been brilliant), being a man has almost always helped me get on with them.

Among the editrixes allegedly tickled by Utton's lothario skills: a boss who fashioned herself as a mother figure, a married boss who liked forbidden flirtations, and a raft of managers willing to overlook his hangovers as soon as he signs "xx" to the end of his emails.

Commenters on the article tended to be alternatively offended and bemused. "A silly, sexist article written by someone with zero talent," wrote one. Others slammed Utton's "pathetic face" and "puppy-dog eyes." Another merely commented, "He could sleep his way to the top with me. Yum."