Little Lost Fish

04.04.131:15 PM ET

Finding Nemo? Finding Dory!

Ellen DeGeneres to star in Pixar sequel out in 2015.

Everyone's favorite animated clownfish and his flightly blue friend are back! Ellen Degeneres--who voiced the cheerful regal blue tang fish who helped Nemo's father find his wayward son in Pixar's hit animated film "Finding Nemo"--dished on news of a sequel in the works for 2015. "The script is fantastic," she said. "It has everything I loved about the first one: a lot of heart, it's really funny, and the best part is it's got a lot more Dory."

Indeed, while details of the new flick are scarce, the title--"Finding Dory"--indicates that Degeneres's merry, scatterbrained character with a short-term memory problem will take front-and-center.(The original voice for Nemo, Alexander Gould, is "devastated" that his vocals are now too low to play the role.) Here's hoping the little turtle Squirt and the vegetarian sharks make a cameo.