04.04.139:58 AM ET

Hillary Clinton to Write New Book

It will detail world events during her time at the State Department.

You can’t be a candidate for president these days if you don’t have at least one book—and Hillary Clinton is upping that ante by writing a new one. The former secretary of State will be writing a book about her time at the State Department, publisher Simon & Schuster announced Thursday. It is scheduled to be released in June 2014. Simon & Schuster president and publisher Jonathan Karp called the book “the ultimate book for anyone interested in world affairs and America’s place in the world.” It will cover some of the major world events during her tenure, including the Arab Spring, the killing of Osama bin Laden, climate change, and more—although it’s unclear whether she will address the controversy surrounding the death of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others last year in Benghazi, Libya. The amount of her advance was not reported, but it’s likely to be pretty hefty—she received $8 million in 2003 for her memoir Living History.