04.04.1311:35 AM ET

‘Lean In’ Good for the Economy

Just look at how much the U.S. has grown since 1960, when men dominated the workforce.

“Leaning in” is not just good for women personally, it’s also good for the economy, writes David Wessel in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal. Economists point to the difference in the economy since 1960, when 95 percent of doctors and lawyers were white men. Compare that with the present, when white men’s dominance has dropped to two thirds: output and productivity increased 15 to 20 percent in those 40 years. And if women and minorities who have been prevented from entering the workforce start “leaning in,” to use Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg’s phrase, that number will increase even more. In her memoir-manifesto, Sandberg urges women to sit at the table and to not leave their careers when they have children. “It’s time for us to face the fact that our revolution has stalled,” Sandberg writes. Economist Chad Jones said women and minorities entering the workforce has been “all for the good,” but as a country, “we are a little over halfway there,” and men are still holding jobs that women could do better.